Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My 1st Blogoversary Giveaway with Eye Rockz! ^^

Well, you know what people said, time flies so quickly.. :)

My blog is nearing its 1st Anniversary already! ^^ So, to celebrate it, I decided to have a giveaway!

DSC04080_resize_¸±±¾ YAY!! ^^

And.. with Eye Rockz Mineral Eyeshadow as the sponsor, you can choose your own eyeshadow colors to be your prize! How cool is that? ^^


Plus, I will also add my own “secret” beauty package that I handpicked myself to be your prize! Goodies goodies.. :D


Here’s the rundown..


1. 4  (FOUR) Jars of Eye Rockz Mineral Eyeshadow by your own choice! ^^

2. A “SECRET” Package from me that I will reveal at the end of my giveaway, which is on ‘June 4th’.. Exciting, right? It’s a surprise! :D



1. Have to be a follower of my blog.

2. Go to the Eye Rockz website to browse the color collection, you can choose 4 (FOUR) colors, so go ahead and have fun! ^^ Comment in this post which colors do you want..

3.  Be a fan of Eye Rockz Fan Page here (there’s the link on Eye Rockz website too) or if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can subscribe to the Eye Rockz website instead.

4. Spread the words of my giveaway, the more the merrier! You can post it in your blog sidebar, Twitter, or Facebook. EXTRA 1 entry! ^^

Easy, right? ^^ You still have more than 2 weeks left until June 4th to enter this giveaway, so hurry up and join the fun! ^^ The winner will be picked by using random.org


You know what, sometimes I can’t even believe myself that I have reached this point, 1 year of blogging is not easy.. I got lazy so many times, I know.. T__T”” When I caught on my hectic life, I neglected my blog.. Not good, yeah..

But I’m so grateful that I have so many great blogger friends and followers who keep supporting me no matter what.. Someone once told me, “Friendship is something that you must cherish more than anything else". A huge thank you and applause for all of you! 0(^_^)o


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