Thursday, May 27, 2010

Going All Out Purple! ^^

I deciced to do the All Out Purple Look, using the newly arrived stuff from my fave seller, Lina! Here they are:

Zamian Magic Cacao Whitening BB Cream



Benefits :
1) Shrink pores.
2) Restore skin elasticity.
3) Heal acne skin.
4) Brighten dull looking skin (whitening).
5) Controls excessive oil formation.
6) Firmer and supple (soft) complexion.
7) Soothe and maintains PH level of skin.
8) Anti-ageing.
9) Moisture, repair & regenerate new skin.
9) Suitable for all skin types especially acne, pimple, dull looking & stressful skin. This applies to all ages and gender.


The color is light brown with a bit greyish shade, kinda like Dr. Jart’s BB Cream.. The only difference with Dr. Jart is that the Zamian one has a sheerer finish and more blendable to your skin.. ^^

DSC04042_resizeThe texture is very runny and light, but it’s very easy to blend.. ^^


Voila! It gives me a dewy look.. Kinda you-just-got-up-from-bed-look, very fresh and glowy.. The coverage is medium, but it’s buildable.. The Zamian BB Cream is specially made for oily-acne prone skin, so I don’t have many complaints about it, except it’s kinda hard to cover my hot red blemishes.. >_< (due to hormonal acne, what can I do??)

The scent is soft floral, not like chocolate at all.. Too bad cause I was hoping it would smell like a dark chocolate.. (the Zamian mask smells like chocolate, see the review here)

For the whitening property, I can say that it does whiten my face 1 shade lighter (maybe because I’m fair already so I can’t tell), but it’s really brightening! Like there’s a light coming out of my face, muahahahahaha.. :P

Have any of you tried this BB Cream out? Tell me! \(^_^)/


NEXT! ^^


It’s an Eyelash Curler! Yay! I’ve been wanting for a long time.. :) It’s electric so it’ll need 2 AAA batteries (sold separately).. And it’s PINK! ^^DSC04055_resize OK, a closer look.. See that pink rubber to curl the eyelashes? After it’s hot, it will turn into white, took about a minute or so to do that.. Reminding me of a hair curler, also uses heat to make the hair curl.. Same theory la.. :)

Time to test it out! ^^DSC04115 It’s turning to white, see?

purpleeye You can’t really tell from the picture, but it really curl my lashes! Bad angle, sorry.. :( Because it’s using heat so the curl really lasts and really easy to apply mascara on.. Personally I’m happy with this eyelash curler and really save my time, not to mention so practical! ^^


My makeup squad:


Eye Makeup: VOV Skin Control Base in Green, Eye Rockz Shimmer Mineral Eyeshadow in Disco Night, Suki Gel Eyeliner, Maybelline Mascara, Lavhusca Eyeshadow

To create this purple look, I’m focusing on the eye makeup and make it brighter! ^^DSC04158

Lip Makeup using: The Body Shop Strawberry LipBalm, Shiseido Maquillage Lipstick, The Body Shop Lipgloss

Face Makeup: Zamian Magic Cacao Whitening BB Cream, Palgantong Makeup Theatrical Powder, Bourjois Blush On, TBS and Sasa Face Brush


Don’t forget the nails too! :D

Using VOV Super Sparkling Nail Cone 1367, my nail is turning into purple lavender color! Very glossy! ^^


Finished look! ^^


A closer look on  my cute earrings that I bought in HK, love it so much! ^^

(You can see I still have some of my red blemishes in this photo… boohoo.. T__T )


And yes, as a tribute to my country, Indonesia, I’m wearing BATIK (a traditional clothes from Indonesia) and I got it in purple! ^^ My fave.. :) Hey, I said, I’m going all out purple, right? Hahaha.. :P 

I’ll see you at the next post! Don’t forget to join my Blogoversary Giveaway with Eye Rockz, it’s going to end on June 4th! Click here.

I’m off to Jakarta, see you all later!


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