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Eye Rockz Review! ^^

Hello hello hello..

It’s been a while, right? Well, it’s time for a review! ^^
2 weeks ago, Vaun, the creator of Eye Rockz which is based in Singapore, offered me to test and do a review of the eyeshadows.. After waiting for a while, I got the package about a week ago, so here is the review! ^^

Introduction for Eye Rockz: (taken from the website, here)

Eye Rockz is all about mineral eyeshadow which is all natural, preservative free hence is gentle on our eyelids and it suits all skin type including sensitive. Eye Rockz mineral eyeshadow is all natural and handmade. Ingredients are specially flown in from the United States and are all Federal Food, drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDA) approved for use in products for the face, eyes, lips and nails. In order to keep the products fresh, eyeshadow are made only upon receiving an order. Eye Rockz mineral eyeshadow is non-comedogenic, soothing and healing for skin troubled with acne or environmentally sensitized.”

Sounds promising, right? Well, let’s take a look.. ^^

I chose 3 different colors: Sunshine (orange peach), Aquarium (fresh blue coral), and Disco Night (deep purple). It comes in a very cute packaging! eyerockz_¸±±¾

Cute organza pouch! All the little details made it so special.. :)


If you’re noticing there’s something different with the pictures, hehe.. Yes, I edited it with Meitu Xiuxiu, I decided to bring more colors to my post la! Besides, we’re playing with colors here, right? I’m in the mood for something colorful and bright.. :)

DSC03946_resize_¸±±¾OK, let’s try the Sunshine..  Ooooohhh… I can hear you all saying.. “Very orange!” Yup, that’s exactly what I’m thinking too, hehe.. Let’s see after I swatched it on my hand. DSC03991_resize_¸±±¾ Very pigmented and shimmery.. I’ve never had eyeshadow in this color, usually I picked pink (obviously), brown, or purple bluish.. So this is totally new to me..  :) The only cons for me is that I’m affraid I might spill the powder off, since it’s my first time using mineral eyeshadow.. I have to be very careful with it, hehe..

First, eyeshadow base.. I’m using this one.. DSC03961_resize_¸±±¾ This is actually a makeup base, but now I use it mainly as eyeshadow base. It’s green and helps brightening up my eye area a lot! Since I can’t afford the UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) yet, I’ll stick with this for a while, haha.. :P

eye primer Apply primer to the eyelid..and then..

OK Done! DSC03949_resize_¸±±¾ The color blends into my skin very well, this is my fave color so far, I’ve used this for daily campus look, and I love it! ^^ The color seems to make my eyes brighter without overpowering it.. :)  To create this au naturale look, I blend it using my fingers.. I can feel the eyeshadow powder is very soft, (of course la it’s mineral) and very easy to blend.. You can see for yourself.. ^^DSC03951_resize_¸±±¾  I must say, the lasting power is superb! I’ve used it all day, and I mean all day, from 8 am to 7 pm (that’s what I called a regular day on the road for me), and the color stayed put nicely! No creasing at all! Even after sweating, it stayed on! ^^


Moving on to the next color, Aquarium..DSC03977_resize_¸±±¾

It’s very sparkly! Although it’s not glittery, but it still has a beautiful glow.. :) DSC03986_resize_¸±±¾ It’s a mix between blue and green..  Bright and fun! I’ve been looking for a color like this, a bit turquoise.. :) For me, it resembles the color of the sea.water.. (although water is supposed to be transparent, haha) But it has a very summer-feeling, so I like it.. ^^aqua

On my eyes.. Cute, eh? ^^ Matches my blue contact perfectly! ^o^


NEXT, It’s time for the Disco Night! DSC03972_resize_¸±±¾ The color purple is so deep.. Me likey! ^^ One of theEye Rockz bestseller for purple is the “Sweet Lilac”, a soft lavender color, but I didn’t choose that since I wanted something for the night. Well, maybe next time, hehe..


Swatched on my hand.. I looooove the color.. :)

Oh, almost forgot, I was using my NYX Eyeshadow Brush to create this look.. You have to tap the excess powder to control the intensity of the color, a little bit goes along the way..

DSC03995_resize_¸±±¾ Voila! ^^purple1

Tested on my eyes, using the blue contact lens.. Perfect for night events! ^^ Really glamorous and mysterious.. On  a side note, my mother loves this color too.. She has a soft spot for purple, hehe.. ^^

And here is the picture for comparison.. 


Which one do you think is best for my blue eyes? Aquarium or Disco Night?? Hmmm.. For me, it’s hard to choose ya, hehe.. comparison2_¸±±¾My mom said the Aquarium matches my eyes better with the blue contact lens, the colors seem very similar.. ^^

Alright then, that’s it for the review! Hope you all have fun seeing all the colors and cuteness! Special thanks to Vaun who has entrusted me to review these.. ^^

So, what do you think about it? Share me your opinion! \(^_^)/

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*The photos are edited with MeituXiuXiu

**For more information about Eye Rockz, go to

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