Thursday, May 27, 2010

Going All Out Purple! ^^

I deciced to do the All Out Purple Look, using the newly arrived stuff from my fave seller, Lina! Here they are:

Zamian Magic Cacao Whitening BB Cream



Benefits :
1) Shrink pores.
2) Restore skin elasticity.
3) Heal acne skin.
4) Brighten dull looking skin (whitening).
5) Controls excessive oil formation.
6) Firmer and supple (soft) complexion.
7) Soothe and maintains PH level of skin.
8) Anti-ageing.
9) Moisture, repair & regenerate new skin.
9) Suitable for all skin types especially acne, pimple, dull looking & stressful skin. This applies to all ages and gender.


The color is light brown with a bit greyish shade, kinda like Dr. Jart’s BB Cream.. The only difference with Dr. Jart is that the Zamian one has a sheerer finish and more blendable to your skin.. ^^

DSC04042_resizeThe texture is very runny and light, but it’s very easy to blend.. ^^


Voila! It gives me a dewy look.. Kinda you-just-got-up-from-bed-look, very fresh and glowy.. The coverage is medium, but it’s buildable.. The Zamian BB Cream is specially made for oily-acne prone skin, so I don’t have many complaints about it, except it’s kinda hard to cover my hot red blemishes.. >_< (due to hormonal acne, what can I do??)

The scent is soft floral, not like chocolate at all.. Too bad cause I was hoping it would smell like a dark chocolate.. (the Zamian mask smells like chocolate, see the review here)

For the whitening property, I can say that it does whiten my face 1 shade lighter (maybe because I’m fair already so I can’t tell), but it’s really brightening! Like there’s a light coming out of my face, muahahahahaha.. :P

Have any of you tried this BB Cream out? Tell me! \(^_^)/


NEXT! ^^


It’s an Eyelash Curler! Yay! I’ve been wanting for a long time.. :) It’s electric so it’ll need 2 AAA batteries (sold separately).. And it’s PINK! ^^DSC04055_resize OK, a closer look.. See that pink rubber to curl the eyelashes? After it’s hot, it will turn into white, took about a minute or so to do that.. Reminding me of a hair curler, also uses heat to make the hair curl.. Same theory la.. :)

Time to test it out! ^^DSC04115 It’s turning to white, see?

purpleeye You can’t really tell from the picture, but it really curl my lashes! Bad angle, sorry.. :( Because it’s using heat so the curl really lasts and really easy to apply mascara on.. Personally I’m happy with this eyelash curler and really save my time, not to mention so practical! ^^


My makeup squad:


Eye Makeup: VOV Skin Control Base in Green, Eye Rockz Shimmer Mineral Eyeshadow in Disco Night, Suki Gel Eyeliner, Maybelline Mascara, Lavhusca Eyeshadow

To create this purple look, I’m focusing on the eye makeup and make it brighter! ^^DSC04158

Lip Makeup using: The Body Shop Strawberry LipBalm, Shiseido Maquillage Lipstick, The Body Shop Lipgloss

Face Makeup: Zamian Magic Cacao Whitening BB Cream, Palgantong Makeup Theatrical Powder, Bourjois Blush On, TBS and Sasa Face Brush


Don’t forget the nails too! :D

Using VOV Super Sparkling Nail Cone 1367, my nail is turning into purple lavender color! Very glossy! ^^


Finished look! ^^


A closer look on  my cute earrings that I bought in HK, love it so much! ^^

(You can see I still have some of my red blemishes in this photo… boohoo.. T__T )


And yes, as a tribute to my country, Indonesia, I’m wearing BATIK (a traditional clothes from Indonesia) and I got it in purple! ^^ My fave.. :) Hey, I said, I’m going all out purple, right? Hahaha.. :P 

I’ll see you at the next post! Don’t forget to join my Blogoversary Giveaway with Eye Rockz, it’s going to end on June 4th! Click here.

I’m off to Jakarta, see you all later!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My 1st Blogoversary Giveaway with Eye Rockz! ^^

Well, you know what people said, time flies so quickly.. :)

My blog is nearing its 1st Anniversary already! ^^ So, to celebrate it, I decided to have a giveaway!

DSC04080_resize_¸±±¾ YAY!! ^^

And.. with Eye Rockz Mineral Eyeshadow as the sponsor, you can choose your own eyeshadow colors to be your prize! How cool is that? ^^


Plus, I will also add my own “secret” beauty package that I handpicked myself to be your prize! Goodies goodies.. :D


Here’s the rundown..


1. 4  (FOUR) Jars of Eye Rockz Mineral Eyeshadow by your own choice! ^^

2. A “SECRET” Package from me that I will reveal at the end of my giveaway, which is on ‘June 4th’.. Exciting, right? It’s a surprise! :D



1. Have to be a follower of my blog.

2. Go to the Eye Rockz website to browse the color collection, you can choose 4 (FOUR) colors, so go ahead and have fun! ^^ Comment in this post which colors do you want..

3.  Be a fan of Eye Rockz Fan Page here (there’s the link on Eye Rockz website too) or if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can subscribe to the Eye Rockz website instead.

4. Spread the words of my giveaway, the more the merrier! You can post it in your blog sidebar, Twitter, or Facebook. EXTRA 1 entry! ^^

Easy, right? ^^ You still have more than 2 weeks left until June 4th to enter this giveaway, so hurry up and join the fun! ^^ The winner will be picked by using


You know what, sometimes I can’t even believe myself that I have reached this point, 1 year of blogging is not easy.. I got lazy so many times, I know.. T__T”” When I caught on my hectic life, I neglected my blog.. Not good, yeah..

But I’m so grateful that I have so many great blogger friends and followers who keep supporting me no matter what.. Someone once told me, “Friendship is something that you must cherish more than anything else". A huge thank you and applause for all of you! 0(^_^)o


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eye Rockz Review! ^^

Hello hello hello..

It’s been a while, right? Well, it’s time for a review! ^^
2 weeks ago, Vaun, the creator of Eye Rockz which is based in Singapore, offered me to test and do a review of the eyeshadows.. After waiting for a while, I got the package about a week ago, so here is the review! ^^

Introduction for Eye Rockz: (taken from the website, here)

Eye Rockz is all about mineral eyeshadow which is all natural, preservative free hence is gentle on our eyelids and it suits all skin type including sensitive. Eye Rockz mineral eyeshadow is all natural and handmade. Ingredients are specially flown in from the United States and are all Federal Food, drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDA) approved for use in products for the face, eyes, lips and nails. In order to keep the products fresh, eyeshadow are made only upon receiving an order. Eye Rockz mineral eyeshadow is non-comedogenic, soothing and healing for skin troubled with acne or environmentally sensitized.”

Sounds promising, right? Well, let’s take a look.. ^^

I chose 3 different colors: Sunshine (orange peach), Aquarium (fresh blue coral), and Disco Night (deep purple). It comes in a very cute packaging! eyerockz_¸±±¾

Cute organza pouch! All the little details made it so special.. :)


If you’re noticing there’s something different with the pictures, hehe.. Yes, I edited it with Meitu Xiuxiu, I decided to bring more colors to my post la! Besides, we’re playing with colors here, right? I’m in the mood for something colorful and bright.. :)

DSC03946_resize_¸±±¾OK, let’s try the Sunshine..  Ooooohhh… I can hear you all saying.. “Very orange!” Yup, that’s exactly what I’m thinking too, hehe.. Let’s see after I swatched it on my hand. DSC03991_resize_¸±±¾ Very pigmented and shimmery.. I’ve never had eyeshadow in this color, usually I picked pink (obviously), brown, or purple bluish.. So this is totally new to me..  :) The only cons for me is that I’m affraid I might spill the powder off, since it’s my first time using mineral eyeshadow.. I have to be very careful with it, hehe..

First, eyeshadow base.. I’m using this one.. DSC03961_resize_¸±±¾ This is actually a makeup base, but now I use it mainly as eyeshadow base. It’s green and helps brightening up my eye area a lot! Since I can’t afford the UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) yet, I’ll stick with this for a while, haha.. :P

eye primer Apply primer to the eyelid..and then..

OK Done! DSC03949_resize_¸±±¾ The color blends into my skin very well, this is my fave color so far, I’ve used this for daily campus look, and I love it! ^^ The color seems to make my eyes brighter without overpowering it.. :)  To create this au naturale look, I blend it using my fingers.. I can feel the eyeshadow powder is very soft, (of course la it’s mineral) and very easy to blend.. You can see for yourself.. ^^DSC03951_resize_¸±±¾  I must say, the lasting power is superb! I’ve used it all day, and I mean all day, from 8 am to 7 pm (that’s what I called a regular day on the road for me), and the color stayed put nicely! No creasing at all! Even after sweating, it stayed on! ^^


Moving on to the next color, Aquarium..DSC03977_resize_¸±±¾

It’s very sparkly! Although it’s not glittery, but it still has a beautiful glow.. :) DSC03986_resize_¸±±¾ It’s a mix between blue and green..  Bright and fun! I’ve been looking for a color like this, a bit turquoise.. :) For me, it resembles the color of the sea.water.. (although water is supposed to be transparent, haha) But it has a very summer-feeling, so I like it.. ^^aqua

On my eyes.. Cute, eh? ^^ Matches my blue contact perfectly! ^o^


NEXT, It’s time for the Disco Night! DSC03972_resize_¸±±¾ The color purple is so deep.. Me likey! ^^ One of theEye Rockz bestseller for purple is the “Sweet Lilac”, a soft lavender color, but I didn’t choose that since I wanted something for the night. Well, maybe next time, hehe..


Swatched on my hand.. I looooove the color.. :)

Oh, almost forgot, I was using my NYX Eyeshadow Brush to create this look.. You have to tap the excess powder to control the intensity of the color, a little bit goes along the way..

DSC03995_resize_¸±±¾ Voila! ^^purple1

Tested on my eyes, using the blue contact lens.. Perfect for night events! ^^ Really glamorous and mysterious.. On  a side note, my mother loves this color too.. She has a soft spot for purple, hehe.. ^^

And here is the picture for comparison.. 


Which one do you think is best for my blue eyes? Aquarium or Disco Night?? Hmmm.. For me, it’s hard to choose ya, hehe.. comparison2_¸±±¾My mom said the Aquarium matches my eyes better with the blue contact lens, the colors seem very similar.. ^^

Alright then, that’s it for the review! Hope you all have fun seeing all the colors and cuteness! Special thanks to Vaun who has entrusted me to review these.. ^^

So, what do you think about it? Share me your opinion! \(^_^)/

Don’t forget there’s a Promotion Code for all my readers! Get 10% off by entering: CEEROCKZ10

*The photos are edited with MeituXiuXiu

**For more information about Eye Rockz, go to

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hada Riki and Hada Labo Review! ^^

Hallo Everyone! ^^ It’s time to review 2 of my Sasa purchases, the Hada Riki Arbutin Essence and Hada Labo Shirojyun Whitening Lotion. But first, let me start with the essence.. :) DSC03886_resizeDescription from

HADA RIKI Arbutin Essence is blended with arbutin extract and APPS (Vitamin C derivatives), providing skin with ample moisture while fighting against the production of melanin. Using it as over-night skincare can effectively brighten up skin tone, repair skin with pigment and freckles and avoid further pigment formation. Your skin will look supple and radiant with a translucent, even complexion.”  DSC03887_resize

It has a pump-bottle, so it’s easy to use. DSC03897_resize On my hand.. the texture is like water.. But it has a bit white-ish color..

DSC03895_resizeSpread on my hand.


This is my first encounter with Japanese whitening essence, so I have a very high expectation for it. From the ingredient you can see it contains Arbutin, which I love so much.. ^^ You know, since I started beauty blogging, I’ve become aware on what ingredient works for me best. For example, to make my skin brighter, licorice and Vit C work wonder for me; to combat acne, my skin accepts Salicylic Acid and tea tree oil; while for whitening, the winner will be Arbutin. Maybe some of you are familiar with these already.. ^^ Arbutin itself comes from the extract of Bearberry plant and has been used as a natural double action whitening agent for skin de-pigmentation and whitening, also protects the skin against damage caused by free radicals, wow! Good stuff! ^^ (Source: here.)

This essence has watery-like texture, not oily at all and very light, really easy to absorb in my skin. I have tried this for almost 2 weeks, only at night because I other serum for day (I’ll tell you more about it later) and I can see the result already.. \(^_^)/

For the first 5 days, I can see my face became a little bit paler.. I also feel the same when I used Dr. Jart’s BB Cream (also contains Arbutin), that’s why people were saying when they use that BB Cream, their face will turn into ghastly white.. But no worries, I’ve figured it all out right here

And then, when it’s almost 2 weeks, my face has turned more even with my neck. Quite a result, actually. I didn’t think the result would be that fast, hehe.. :) When I visited The Face Shop counter last week, I asked for acne spot eraser serum and guess what? The serum actually has Arbutin in it.. I didn’t get to buy it, of course, since I have this already.. (but I got the sample, hoho..) So I think this may also make my blemishes fade away.. Yayey! \(^_^)/   I’ll give you the update on how this serum’s effect, maybe another 2 weeks.. :)


DSC03892_resize description from

“HadaLabo SHIROJYUN Arbutin Whitening Lotion contains the effective whitening & anti-ageing ingredient -arbutin- which penetrates deep into skin and effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, dark spots, and freckles, leaving you a bright skin tone with high translucency. The vitamin C derivatives help improve uneven skin tone, and effectively improve the skin dullness. Essence and lotion are more easier to be absorbed. Weak acid, no fragrance, no alcohol and no oil. Suitable for sensitive skin use.

Hyaluronic Acid helps improve the moisture retention of skin. For 1g of Hyaluronic Acid, it could hold 6L of liquid. With high degree of pure whitening factor "Arbutin" and vitamin C derivatives, Shirojyun skincare products give you the optimal result of whitening and balanced skin tone.”

for more details, go to Hada Labo’s website, here. DSC03894_resize


When I first got it, I thought they ( sent me the wrong product. When you read the name of the product, Whitening Lotion, a term of “lotion” would mean something more thicker than fluid like that, right? Apparently, I was wrong, hehe.. Because  for Japanese, the term “lotion” would mean ‘toner’ for us. Ha! :P

First trial on the morning, I put it in my face and massage it. But it feels sticky. I let it dry for a while, still sticky to me. Hmm.. OK, no luck, I decided to try it again at night. Although it’s very hidrating, but it’s still sticky and it won’t dry fast. Definitely worth to google the answer, hehe.. :P   After I google it, I discover that the right way to do it was to pour two-three drops on your palm and then, pat it on your face until it’s completely absorbed. Here’s my reference from

After I pat it on my face for almost a minute, I can feel the difference on my face. It’s finally fully absorbed and my skin felt bouncy and fluffy.. (okay, fluffy?? haha..) ^o^  Like there’s an injection of pure water to your face, really hydrated and fresh.. ^^

After thinking about it for a while, I think I know now, why it’s not so easily absorbed on me at the first place. Yup, if you’ve guessed too, it’s my oily skin.  Unlike my mom with her very dry skin, any lotion or cream will be absorbed fast. So when it’s on my oily skin, I have to pat it so the lotion will be ‘pushed’ under my skin. Quite a trick, haha! ^^

The result after using it for two weeks combined with the Arbutin essence is incredible! My skin feels better than ever before, and I’m glad that I decided to buy them. For my next purchase at Sasa, I’ll buy something more from Hada Labo, cause I think the formula really suits my skin. ^^ I’m eyeing for the Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion, it’s so popular in Japan, 1 bottle is sold every 4 seconds! WOW! Now that is something really worth to buy, hehe.. ^^

This is the video, take a look on how to apply it to your face. Pat pat pat! ^^


That’s it for my review then, any questions? Have you ever tried these products before? Tell me your opinions! ^^

And I’ll see you all at the next post.. ^^

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Piece of Me.. Pudding! ^^

Hello there everyone.. Yes, I am sorry for my absence lately.. :( It seems everything is catching up on me too much and too fast.. But never mind la, it’s for A Piece of Me (I know it’s late, again) post! To join, go to Shirley’s blog..

I like: Pudding! You know, the reason why I named this post as Pudding is because I recently attended a pudding making contest in my church! And it’s pudding heaven, let me tell ya! hahaha… ^o^

contest I managed to take some pictures.. This is where the pudding contest is held, so crowded with people! ^^ And the best of all is that we can taste all the pudding! Waaaa… :D After the contest is over, the pudding goes for auction. The money is given for the church, of course.. :) me pudding

This is the pudding that I won from the auction, hehe.. Looks yummy isn’t it? It’s avocado pudding with strawberry! Nomnomnom… :d


  And then.. Numero Uno Pudding.. Look at that! Pretty, right? ^^ This is the pudding that won the 1st prize.. People were buzzing over this gorgeous right here..  :)

I don’t like: this internship process is making me anxious! But I have to have faith! *fingers crossed*

I want you to know: I think my healthy lifestyle is working! I can fit into my old high school jeans again! Woohoo… *jumping with joy*

I’ve planned: to be a better person everyday! Yup, that’s my daily goal, hehe.. :)

I want to say to someone’s special: my 2 friends are having their birthday earlier this month, so I just wanna say Happy Birthday to Hernadi and Sarah!!! Wishing you two all the best ya… ^^  My friends are very important to me, You can never live your life without friends, true?  ^_~


There will be review post tomorrow! Stay tune! ^_^