Friday, April 9, 2010

This week round-up! ^^

Hi! How are you all doing this week??
Me, I’m very happy cause this is the last day of my Mid Semester Test! Muahahaha.. :D

Now I can relax and blog with ease, hehe.. So let me show you some of my beauty purchases this week! DSC03802_resize

Sunsilk Straight and Sleek Texturizing Wax! I haven’t use this because I’ve been struggling with mid semester test this week, so my hair is the least of my concern.. The only thing in my head was study study study, ha! :D   But I bought this anyway.. I will try it later on and do a review.. ^^

herbal essences
Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Conditioner for Long Hair.. With a fusion of Red Raspberry and Satin.. Hmmm.. I wonder why they would choose the words “Long Term Relationship” as a name for a conditioner?? :D  Nevertheless, this conditioner smells lovely and fresh to me, I’ve been using it for a couple of times this week, and I’m thinking of buying another one.. The raspberry smell is so cute and fun!  Love it! ^^DSC03800_resize
And… this one is the local product that I bought, Sariayu Martha Tilaar Mukjizat Tolak Jerawat Sekar Sari (literally it means “Miracle of Anti Acne”) Since it’s skincare product, I’m still testing it and I’ll give a full review later.. :)

  DSC03830_resize This one is the Skin Control Base from VOV.. Yes, it’s green.. the review will have to wait cause my face is in treatment time, too many blemishes.. :(

But here is something cute to be reviewed! ^^ Hello to the newest addition of my eyeshadows! :DDSC03835_resize

It’s NYX Eyeshadow in HOT PINK! ^^
The inside..

but from the swatch here, you can see it’s not like Hot Pink after all, this pink shade is soft, more like Baby Pink to me, hehe.. ^_^ No shimmer, this is matte eyeshadow..

eyes pink2
A bit experiment.. Since I’m a shimmer addict, I HAVE to add some shimmer to my eyes, hehe.. I add some shimmer highlighter from my Lavhusca eyeshadows and some eyeliner to define the line.. :)

eyes pink3  Done! Well almost, haven’t add the mascara but I guess it looks OK already.. I think it’s subtle enough for everyday college look and hangout with friends, since I love pink so much, haha.. :D


This week is not only about college test for me, but it’s also about food! Since I’m feeling a bit nervous and lots of tension *cause of the test*, I tend to eat more sweets.. Shall we take a look on one of my favorites?? ^^sakura cake

I always wonder if sakura (cherry blossom) would be made into some kind of bread, what bread would it be?? Well, this is it! ^^ It’s from Breadtalk, one of my fave bakery! ^^ I forgot the exact name of the bread, it has something like, cherry blossom bread or something like that, haha.. I’m so terrible in remembering names.. :P 
There’s cheese filling inside, uniquely mixed with cherry blossom smells and flavor in the cream.. Sweet Heaven! ^^

DSC03819_resize The shape is cute, right?? It’s like a cherry blossom flower in their blooming time.. :) BTW, this time of the year on April is sakura’s blooming time!! Aww.. I do really want to go there.. T_T My fave Malaysian blogger, Ringo from is at Japan right now, enjoying the spring time, doing “hanami”.. Looking  from her blog there’s all the beautiful sakura’s flowers, waaa.. Made me really wanna go there too! ^^

How about you? Do you have a place where you want to go this time of the year? Or any sweets and snacks you’re loving right now?? Share with me! ^^

And I’ll see you all at the next post! :D

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