Monday, April 5, 2010

A Piece of Me.. Happy Easter! ^^ + New Hair

Hallo everyone! First of all, Happy Easter! ^^

I know.. I haven’t posted in this blog for such a long time.. Almost 3 weeks already.. Aiyo.. >_<

I’m so sorry.. Life has been so hectic lately and I’ve so caught up with everything..

So let me start this month’s entry with “A Piece of Me”! ^^ (To join this game, visit Shirley’s blog)


*I like: that this month I can finally laid back a bit.. No more busy work and all that anymore! But..

*I don’t like: I’ll have to face my upcoming thesis soon! Oh and my internship.. Oh gosh.. T_T

*I’ve planned: to have my internship on a TV station at Jakarta.. Let’s just hope that they’ll accept me.. Fingers crossed.. v(^_^)v

*I want you to know: that… I’ve changed my hair color!  Tadaaaa… ^_^garnier

Garnier no 253 Golden Mahogany Brown

The result was quite satisfying.. My hair is brown now, without reddish reflects as the ads were saying.. ^^ Maybe next time I’ll look for a more lighter brown color!

me salon

after the coloring process, as you all know, we’re not supposed to wash our hair for 3 days.. So after that I decided to go to the salon and gave my hair a little treatment.. ^^new hair  I did a hair mask, and the mask smells good! Like a fruity shampoo, hehe.. :) And the result after the blow-dry.. You can see from pretty hair right here.. ^^ Smooth and bouncy! (I’m starting to sound like a shampoo commercial, hahaha…)

new hair2 Okay another angle.. I wore minimum makeup that day, you can see my face is slowly recovering..  Thanks to the Zinc supplement.. (I saw it on Kalmo’s blog) and lots of prayers of course, hehe.. :) I’m trying to reduce the stress level this my naughty naughty acne will calm down.. ^^

*Last one, I want to say to someone special: “No matter what, I’ll always love you. That’s it.”

So, how do you think of my hair? Is it good? Do you think that the color paid off well? ^^ Tell me your opinion!
And I’ll see you all at the next post! ^^

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