Monday, March 8, 2010

A Piece of Me.. March 2010! + Ezzie’s Jewelry!

Yuhuuuu… I’m back!! It’s March already! ^^ Time for A Piece of Me game by Shirley!

I like: the breeze on the beach and watching sunset.. want to know why?? Keep reading.. haha.. XD

I don’t like: hectic campus life! Haih.. >_<

I want you to know: the reason why I’ve been MIA lately is because..  I went to Bali for a short holiday!!! I have so many pictures and stories to tell.. Can’t wait to write it all down! v(^_^)v

I’ve planned: to do my intern job on June or July this year.. maybe in the magazine company.. in the beauty department, of course.. haha! You know me, hehe.. :)

I want to say to someone’s special: hmm.. since this someone’s special is a goner, well, I just want to say this to my BFFs and my blogger friends who have been so good to me, throughout this year: Thank you for always cheering me up when I’m down.. Love you all! ^^

Oh, wait a minute! There’s something special too! :) Look what came to my mail recently! ^^

It’s my necklace from Ezzie!

Ezzie is a wonderful friend of mine, I knew her from bloggerverse and we remain as friends ever since.. She’s so sweet! And the jewelries are so unique.. She called it her “SIGNATURE”

Visit her blog, here. ezzie letter Wuah.. So cute! Especially the cat, hehe.. ^^ That is so sweet of you, Ezzie.. Thank you.. :)

ezzie jewelry


wearing jewelry

Me wearing Ezzie’s “Dream A Little Dream” necklace in Purple! ^^

ceeci with ezzie jewelry


I was wearing green top that day, I think it matched pretty well with the necklace! Green and Purple really look great together!

What do you think about the necklace?? (and the FOTD *ahem* hehe..)


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