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Hello Singapore (part 2)! Wish it never ends..

Yuhuuuuu.. Hello Everyone!! ^^

This time I want to blog about Singapore! I know it’s so overdue, but it’s better late than never, right? Let’s continue the fun! You can check the first part of the post, here.


Remember the Orchard Central high-escalator?? This is the another one on the outside.. ^^

c centerpoint

Yeah, posing! It’s The Centre Point behind me.. ^^

forever 21

It’s the 3 floors Forever 21! HUGE!! I went there and bought some accessories for my girls.. I sent some to Tiara for her advanced bday present, Happy Bday Tiara!! ^^

visitor center Singapore Visitors Centre at night.. Love the lights! ^^


View on the streets..

street2 People queuing for crossing the road..


Love the “lampions”! ^^

mcd Outdoor McD! I like eating in open air, they seem very enjoying their time there! :)


Young people hanging out on the street..

old changkee Bought some late night snack again at Old Chang Kee.. Yummy! ^^


People were watching me when we shoot this, haha.. This is what tourists do when they come to your country! ^^

streetsign2 A great tip when you want to make a statement photo from my mom, find the road name, it will clearly emphasize where you are.. So cool! ^^ 


Youngsters crossing by.. They have such a cool style! ^^ The structure behind them is the place where you can actually cross the road, so it’s no longer using a zebra cross or a crossing bridge above, but it’s using like an underground tunnel.. Great concept! ^^

m standing My mom posing.. ^^


The Marriot Hotel.. Lots of foreigners there.. I don’t get why they like to drink beer so much on a such HOT weather?? While we were looking for some shaved ice, haha.. :)

m and ferrari

My mom in front of (i don’t know who has it) Ferrari! My mom was very excited when she saw it, she want to take picture in front of it. I was scared at first, I was afraid that she might turn on the alarm, Noooooo… :P After we took this pic, we ran as fast we can, hahaha.. (although nothing happened) Who knows that the owner might be nearby and call his heavy weight guards to catch us?? haha.. Okay, I watched too many action movies, hehe.. :P

It was a fun night that night, we had so much great memories walking the streets until almost 1 AM.. Snapping some pics and watched the night life in Singapore.. It was a blast! v(^_^)v

Too bad tomorrow we had to leave..

Day 3

croissant Had a beef sausage croissant and Pokka Green Tea Jasmine for breakfast at the hotel.. See its crispiness there? Yum yum.. :)’’   I bought them on 7/11, it’s amazing to see all the things they have there! ^^


As you all can guess, we ate lunch at the “Crow” Foodcourt, again, haha.. But his time we want to try the noodles! ^^noodles  Me ordering the noodles.. ^^


The noodles here! They look very ‘haochi’ delicious! ^^

noodles wah

I thought the noodles were spicy, but turned out, it’s not spicy! And the fish meatballs were HUGE and super yummy! I want to go there and eat them again.. *drooling* ;-D’’


After having lunch, we went back to the hotel and packed. We didn’t have the time to explore some more, but here are a few pics of the things that I bought.. :) 

pink Pink, pink, and more pink.. Can you believe that? I’m back to my childhood phase, back to Hello Kitty, Disney Princess and cats.. But I love them! ^^

new start I wrote them with a new spirit in my heart. YAY FOR “NEW START IN SINGAPORE”!!!! V(^_^)V

hansaplast This is my essential kit for travelling.. I’ll put them on my foot, because we usually walk on the city the whole day, my feet will get hurt and it’s painful! So, to prevent it, I use this! ^^

nivea wipes If you have read my blog post, here, you will know that I can’t be separated from wet wipes, so I used this one while in Singapore! ^^

esprique lipstick

Ehm, for beauty bloggers out there, can you believe that I only bought this one lipstick while I’m at Singapore, no powder, no foundation, not that I’m on a Makeup Diet, haha.. but I think at that time, I came here not for shopping, but for a refreshing, a time-off.. I have bought too many things while at HK (which was only 2 weeks before going to Singapore!) so I plan to finish them all first, then I’ll buy some more things later.. Shop wisely, people! ^^


The color is coral peach, with gold glitters. Texture is very creamy and moisturizing.. ^^


lipstick   It’s more peachy on real, but I love it! I need this color to balance my look if I want to do smokey eyes, so it won’t get too heavy..

Actually I bought quite a bunch of accessories and clothes there, especially at Forever 21, but so sorry cause I forgot to take pics and most of them now has already been given to my girls and friends here.. I’ll try to upload the rest of the accessories that I bought on a separate  post, probably pair them up in a FOTD! ^^




Speaking of which.. Time to go to the airport!

Sad to leave already.. ;-(

taxi We took the cab..

Here are some photos that I snapped while we were on the way to Changi Airport..


DSC03228_resize So many big buildings! ^^

DSC03229_resize I love this one, very peaceful.. :)

DSC03231_resize Seems like a historical building.. DSC03232_resize DSC03233_resize Green trees everywhere! What I like about Singapore is that although they have many concrete buildings but they also concern about green spaces. Love it! ^^

DSC03237_resize DSC03239_resize Looking through the back of the taxi, hehe..

DSC03240_resize Bugis Junction

DSC03241_resize DSC03242_resize What a magnificent building! So tall..

DSC03248_resize Victoria StreetDSC03250_resizeI think it’s a mall.. ;)

After 20 minutes on the road, we finally arrived at Changi Airport.. ^^

c at changi Snapping photo first! We’re flying Garuda Indonesia, it’s in Terminal 1..

c waiting changi

Waiting for boarding at the Trung Nguyen Cafe, a Vietnamese cafe.. It’s so cozy there! ^^

changi eat On the tray: my Earl Grey tea (as always) and Carrot Cake! The carrot cake was absolutely nyam-nyam! ;)’’’ It’s sweet and has exotic taste.. Made me wanna faint in happiness, haha.. ^^

While my mom ordered the Iced Chocolate with chicken mushroom pie, delish! ^^

changi eat2

Nyam-nyam.. ^^

eva air Looking through the window, I can see the Eva Air plane.. Suddenly I remember Nino and Lily! ^^ They have the most romantic love story of all bloggers.. (since I haven’t met my Prince Charming, haha..) I have followed their story until now, it makes me want to fly to Taiwan and meet them there! ^^

For finale.. the last pic for this post is..

air singapore The sky above Singapore..

Bye bye Singapore..

I’ll see you again, but next time I’ll bring my bro, Joshua!

Well, then, I hope you all enjoy this post.. Have you ever been to Singapore?? What are your impressions about Singapore when you see this post?? ^^


ps: My next destination: Bali! My mom and I went there a couple weeks ago for a family reunion.. Can’t wait to blog about it! ^^

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