Thursday, March 11, 2010

Barbie Eye Hyper Lens Adult Blue Review+ Alice in Wonderland EOTD! ^^

It was all started on Facebook..

When I saw this picture, I knew I just couldn’t resist.

(If you click on the photo, it will direct you to the FB page..)

So, I made the PO/ Pre-Order about 2 months ago, and it took so long to get it because it has to be custom-made since I’m cylinder(astigmatism)-minus. But! After the long wait, the time has finally come, haha.. I received my lens 2 days ago! ^^

lens package

What’s in there?? Yuhuuu.. Blue Penguin! ^^

barbie eye lens

It’s my soft lens! Freshly imported from South Korea! The land of Super Junior, BoA, TVXQ, 2NE1, oh and.. many more.. haha.. I just love K-Pop music! ^^

Ok la, let’s continue with the review.. :)

lens barbie

You can see the lens over there.. The blue color is not too dark, but not too light either.. The diameter is  14.2 mm and the water content is 42%.. It says it can make your eyes look bigger.. Let’s just see about that! ^^

fresh eye

For the refreshing solution.. I bought this one, and it’s also made in South Korea.. I think the formula is great, 6 in 1! Remove the protein, clean, soak, sterilize, kill germs and moist. No irritation so far. And it’s pretty cheap too! It’s Rp 30.000,- or $3 for 120+40 ml!

complete     And this is for the lens drops.. Really refreshing and cooling to my eyes! I use it once every hour, because I’m still new to contact lens, I try to care for my eyes better! ^^

When I tried to wear the lens, I was nervous. It’s my 1st time to try to really wear contact lens, so it’s kinda scaring me. I mean, what if my eyes become irritated or tearing all the time? What if I drop the lens? What if, what if, what if… haih.. >_<

But with all my strength and courage, I put the lens on. It took about 15 minutes until it’s finally placed safe and sound. Phew!   ~_~'

bigger eyes

And this is how it looks when I put it on.. What do you think? Yay or Nay?? 

me barbie Full face FOTD, Me with the blue eyes! ^^

On my face: Shiseido Maquillage foundation, Nars Orgasm blush .

Hmm.. I feel like an anime character on the Japanese manga (comic book), haha.. :P


*The soft lens review*

I think the lens is very pretty, I love the blue color.. Matches with my skin and makes my face more radiant. My eyes look bigger too! Many of my college friends wear contact lens too, but most of them wear the neutral brown color.. While me, the risk-taker and adventurer, I challenge myself to wear blue! And I think I succeed to rock this look, haha.. :)

But, there is one thing funny happened when I tried to wear it for the first time.

Well, when I put my RIGHT lens, my vision was clear, OK, no problem.. But when I put my LEFT lens, my vision was suddenly blur… What?? I tried to blink a few times, but still blur.. Hmm.. I thought, is something wrong ya? I checked the lens prescription, everything was right. So what could it be?

So, if you can guess it, what I did do next?

Yup, I googled it.. hehe..

And I found, this thing could have happened because of various reasons, but one of them, is because you placed them the backwards (flipped the wrong way). Haih.. My bad, I’m a newbie, hehe.. :P So I removed it, cleaned it one more time and put my lens the right way.. And my vision is clear.. Finally! v(^_^)v

It takes some time to adjust my eyes with the lens, but I read it also it’s normal to most people.. I can feel there’s something's in my eyes.. it’s not nagging me, but it did feel kinda awkward at first, haha.. It seems my eyes were saying: “Hey! What’s this strange thing hanging on me??” :P

After trying the lens for a half an hour, I can barely feel I’m wearing any lens, but I did miss the feeling wearing glasses on my face. When I wanted to fix my glasses, I realized, “Oh ya, I’m wearing soft lens now!” haha.. ^^

I’ve been wearing this lens for 2 days, and so far, I feel good! But the only thing bothering me is when I used the lens at night while I’m driving, I saw the car light and the road light look like flaming! My cylinder eyes are very sensitive with light.. *sigh* But it didn’t disturb my driving, thank goodness, I could still drive normally. So, I only wear it for daytime, and not too long, less then 8 hours per day. Also, I bring the lens drop in my bag, so I can use it as often as I can. The weather in Indonesia is hot and humid, I don’t want my lens and eyes get dry, yes??? ^^


Well, that’s it for the soft lens review.. But since I’m in such a good mood today, I will share another review and EOTD! The review is about one of my recent beauty purchase, based on what Sarah from recommended me for a highlighter powder, so I bought this! ^^


NYX Highlighter Mosaic Powder MPB 01

nyx mosaic

What a  lovely mosaic colors! ^^

swatches The swatches on my hand

(the brown and white colors seems alike, right?)

I must say, thank you Sarah for recommending me this, I love it! ^^

This highlighter gave me the ‘polished’ look and made my skin look fresh! The powder feels soft on my skin, not heavy.. And if you noticed, the purple and pink color hides my redness pretty well.. :) While the yellow, brown and white is good for highlighting effect. The price is affordable too, around $13. Happy wallet for me! ^^

makeup   L-R: Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara in Black, MAC Moon Reflection Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadow (what a poetic name!) for the lid, Lavhusca Eyeshadow PK-1 (used the top left one for shimmer highlighting) and Palgantong Eye Liner Pencil in Pearl White.

eyes zoom

The result

I’m so happy! My eyes look pretty with blue! Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.. (I wanna see the movie, too!) ^^

eyes closer

Closed eyes.. 

Can you see the highlighting effect on my nose and under eyes?? ^^

fotd Yay! More FOTDs!


Well then, that’s it for the review.. What do you all think? Have you tried wearing soft lens before? How is your experience? Share with me! ^^


ps: for disclaimer, I wasn’t paid to do this review, I bought this lens by my own will and did this review based on my honest opinion.. ^^