Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Update: Going to Singapore! ^^

Hello everyone! ^^

It’s been a week since my last post.. waa.. such a long absence..

I’ve been thinking what to write, but alas.. too much activities..really really sorry..

But now I have a great news! I’m going to Singapore!!! Yay yay yay! ^^

Ehm, so the story was simple..

After we got back from Hong Kong, my mom was super excited about the idea that we should go overseas more often..

And last week, she asked me to go to Singapore.. just for fun.. (just imagine having a mother like that?? What a blessing, haha..) Of course I agree la! ^^

OK, so the main idea, it’s all about my mom’s spontaneity..  ;)

We’re going to Singapore this Friday till Sunday, 3 days only.. and I promise I’ll blog about all the fun that we have there!! (I think I’ll have to apply as a travelling reporter when I graduated later, I’m getting good at this, mwahahaha..)

Alright then, I’ll have to go and prepare things to pack..but not so much things to pack anyway, haha.. I don’t like to carry too many things.. :) Some clothes, some makeup, my BB and I’m good to go! ^^


I’ll see you all again after I’m back from Singapore!!

Bye bye! ^^v

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