Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Piece of Me.. For Valentine and CNY! ^^

featured_valentine2 Oh my gosh.. I can’t believe I’m a week late for this.. I’m very sorry there, Shirley.. I promise I’ll be more diligent next month!

I just got back from Singapore and life has been so hectic, phew! Really really sorry..

Without no further due, here we go! ^^

1. I like: that Valentine and Chinese New Year is all in one day this year.. More celebration, more happiness, the better! Hahaha.. ^^

2. I don’t like: that I’m going solo (again) for this year’s Valentine.. *sigh* Oh well, I still have my friends and family with me, so it’s still fine with me.. I’ll just give the chocolate to my Bro and Dad, haha.. ^^v

3. I want you to know: that I’m already in my 6th Semester now! Just 2 more to go and I’ll be graduated soon!! Woohoo.. ^^ Everybody says that this is the crucial time.. You will start your intern, choosing what your thesis will be.. Oh dear, what am I gonna write in my thesis anyway??? Still got no clue.. Any thoughts, anyone?? :P

4. I’ve planned: to go to HK again for my birthday!! ^^ Yay! If God allows, I will go to HK to celebrate my special day this HK Disneyland!! It’s my dream for my bday this year.. Everybody pray for me ya..hehe.. :)

5. I want to say to someone special: oh wait, because this occasion is so special, I want to say to everybody who reads my blog..

Happy Valentine and Happy Chinese New Year to you all!!!

You all are so special to me, I feel so blessed and I’m so grateful for that..

Here is the scanned picture of the postcard that I bought in Singapore.. I love Cherry Blossoms so much and I think it’s perfect this Valentine-CNY special duo, hehe.. It’s pink! ^^

gong xi

Isn’t it pretty?? ^^ I’m sending this postcard to all of you.. To replace the angpao, wuahahaha.. *wink wink* ^_~

Happy happy happy day to everyone!!

May you all have a happy and prosperous year!

“Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni!”


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