Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Year Means New Nails! Fing’rs Nail Review!

I got a very lovely package last week.. :)


Wuah! So many.. I’m so happy! ^^


A representative from Fing’rs, Christine contacted me and asked me to review their products. I said yes, and she sent me this lovely products! Check out the website, here.

Let’s have a closer look, shall we? ^^

nail art

Flirt Nail Art, it can be used on your nail and toes.. Super cute! I like the pink flowers.. Kawaii.. ^^

nail grinder The Nail Grinder, it has 4 way nails file, my mom used it, and she thinks the quality is quite good! ^^

glue nail

Fing’rs Brush-On Nail Glue, the writing says: Superior Bonding for a good reason! It does have a very strong bonding power.. ^^

chic This is the Beverly Hills Chic, I think it has a really elegant and feminine look.. Perfect for night event! ^^


Santa Cruz Sparkle, while my mom like this one the best, I think this would be the perfect classic French manicure, but in my opinion,  it’s too plain for me. I like something more lively and stand out, I would like to add some more bling-bling on it! Yeah! ^^

sakura Ooh Laguna is my fave!! It has a hint of sparkle there and pink flower.. ^^ Have I told you I love pink? Oh well, maybe not for the thousand times, haha.. I’m gonna test this one out! ^^


Fing’rs Edge, the design is more edgy and rocker chick-style.. I never wear a pattern like this before on my nails, the last time I used black nail polish, I immediately removed it after 5 minutes. Black nail polish is not really my thing, but I think this one might stand a chance! It’s cute and have a combination of pink and black..  Just hit me with anything pink in it and I’m hooked, haha.. ^^


Alright then, just like what I tell you above, since the moment when I received it is right on time for Chinese New Year, I chose “Ooh Laguna”; a French Manicure set with flowery details and a hint of sparkle there.. It’s like cherry blossom! My fave, hehe.. ^^

Let’s see the inside..


In total it contains 24 false nails, 15 are at the bottom and 9 more are above the small pink gel glue bottle as you see up there.

The false nails are made of plastic, a very strong plastic, if I may say. The texture is almost close to the our actual nail, but it’s more lightweight and a bit thinner.

nail temp It also has the press-nail tabs application. It’s sort of a double tape sticker so that the false nail can stick to it.

fingrsThe back of the package

fingrs zoom Click to zoom. Everything else is explained there. Important: How to remove the glue-on nails: soak it up in acetone or nail polish remover.

I tested it and it worked! So easy.. ^^


OK, this is my natural nails. Kinda dull and boring, right?

The nail polish was all cleaned up, I washed my hand properly, so that there’s no germs attached whatsoever. Hygiene first! ^^

glue inside I’m using the Brush-On Nail Glue.. For convenient sake, thank you.. The glue’s texture is kinda like the base coat for nail polish. Clear and lightweight. The bottle is so cute, reminded me with my old tipe-ex bottle that I used in elementary school, haha! :P first attempt

I’m still new to this, so I tried to be as careful as I could, very sloooowly, hehe.. I think I managed to make it nicely attached there! ^^

Important note: find the perfect match false nails for you nails first, then apply the glue nail. This way the glue nails won’t get dry when you put the false nails. The glue nails dry up and bond so fast!


The result: Look pretty, yes? v(^_^)v But you can see there are still excess glue that I accidentally spread on the skin around my nails, hehe.. I got a little nervous when I tried to apply it, but I’ll try to be better next time!

Long Run Test: I’ve been testing this “Ooh Laguna” for approximately 6 days straight, from last Sunday, Feb 14th (CNY) till this Friday, Feb 19th. Let me start with the facts first: the nails stays very nicely on me, although on the 3rd day, the first false nail fell off. At that moment I was doing my own laundry, so I guess that makes sense, haha.. :) On the 5th day, the 1st rhinestone was missing when I try to wear my jeans. Lesson for me, try to be more careful when using false nails, hehe.. ^^ Other than that, it’s safe and sound. The nails stick firmly on me and didn’t chip. The length is just the right length for me, not too long, not too short. And speaking of long nails, if I see the Japanese gyaru girl in the magazines wearing their super long and sparkly nail, I often wonders, “Wow! The nails look so kawaii! But if I wear those, how am I gonna do the laundry and do the dishes then? haha..” So I guess this one works for me perfectly. New Year means New Nails indeed! ^^

Also after the CNY, when I went to campus and showcasing my new nails, my friends keep telling me: “Did you just get your nails done?” or “So cute!!” or “You just went from a beauty nail salon, right? Ooohh, that must be very expensive!” These statements are true and they really said it. Made me so.. blushing..hehe.. :)

I’m really excited with my nails so I asked my mom to join in the fun.. Come and see how her nails look with the Santa Cruz Sparkle! mom nail

So cute! It’s not too overpowering..subtle yet still very elegant.. ^^

pretty nail Also I tried the Beverly Hills Chic, the design is really sophisticated.. Love it!


Here are my pose with my new nails, hehe..


I’m trying for a more edgy and spooky kind-of look, haha.. But I guess it didn’t work, haha.. :P


Wearing one of my fave pink top.. Peaceee… v(^_^)

yuhuuu  Trying to look cute.. But I lost half of my left eye here, hehe.. ;P

I took all of this pictures myself so sometimes it doesn’t cover the whole face, haha.. ^^me2

Cheerful look! This is the look for a day after CNY, still in the festive mood! ^^me me

Huhuhu.. Check out my beautiful nails! I might be a very good nail model, huehehe.. ^^

PS: I want to say thank you to Christine, who has been so kind and patiently response to my mails when the package got stuck on the delivery process here. You’re the best, Christine! ^^


OK then, I think that sums up for my review.. I tried to be as thorough as I can.. ^^

How about you? Have you tried any false nails before? What colors and design that you like best?


I’ll see you at the next post! And it will be the Hello Singapore (part 2)! Stay tune! v(^_^)v