Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello Singapore (part 1)!! + Project Barbie v(^_^)v

I have so  many things to tell, I don’t know where to start! haha.. Ok la, start from the beginning..

Ehm, First of all, I have to be honest with you all, one of the reason why I decided to go with my mom to Singapore was none other than this one thing: I was brokenhearted..

Yup, that was my reason.. If you follow me on Twitter, you might know this.. I feel so sad I want to cry all the times.. And uh, I was finding a way to cure my broken heart, so I thought, why I have to be this way?? Sad sad sad is not my thing.. Ceecile must be cheerful as always!

I was holding this post for a couple days, thinking whether I would tell you all or not, but I think: Ah, it’s over anyway.. Time for a new start! ^^

Alright then.. Let’s move on to the pictures!! ^^v

c at soekarno hatta

Me camwhoring while waiting for departure time in Soekarno-Hatta Airport.. I’m wearing the “Fu” necklace from HK! ^^

OK la, fast forward for another 1 and a half hour later..haha..

outside changi

Arrived at Singapore at last!! This view outside Changi Airport is my first picture in Singapore, haha.. 

Don’t you just love all the pink colors?? ^^


View from inside the taxi.. tall buildings   So many tall buildings! Woah.. :)

After we put our things in the hotel, we quickly explore the Orchard Road.. Yes, we didn’t go anywhere beside Orchard Road, we just wanna enjoy our weekend to the fullest.. So we were walking around on foot.. After all, I’m coming here not on a tourist mission, but it’s to cure my..  (you know la..) Enough sad sad.. Move on! ^^m halte It was actually raining when we took this picture.. but it turned out good, right? ^^

singapore streetHaha.. We didn’t bring umbrella so we have to buy that white umbrella from 7 Eleven..

orchard central The view

orchard central2 More pictures of the surroundings

forever21 That is the Forever 21 store.. So big! It’s a 3 floors store, can you imagine that?? Heaven! ^^

c sitting

Wuah.. so tired of walking.. Gotta stop for a while..hehe..

me coffee club We got hungry and went to eat at the Coffee Club.. Really delicious! You can see the people walking by the streets from here..

orchard road People waiting for crossing the road..

coffee club2 Food porn time! Beef sandwich for my mom..Yum..

c coffee I ordered the Duck Salad, delicious!

coffee club Wuah! My mom was eating my food, help! Hahaha.. :P

The food there was so yummy and the service was great, the waiters were very polite and kind!

I’d love to go there again when I go to Singapore for my bro’s school holiday this semester! I think I’ll have to order the pasta, I saw so many people ordered that.. ^^

After that off we go to walk again.. We sure are restless, haha.. :)

takashimaya Walking toward Takashimaya.. My mom told me she remembered  she visited this mall on 1986, and there it is still standing until now.. My mom is having her nostalgic moment, hehe..

takashimaya2 Posing in front of the door.. We didn’t go in there, though.. We did it on day two! ^^

mandarin gallery In front of Mandarin Gallery.. See that gold coin on the pillars?

gold coin Here is the enlarged photos.. Cute, eh?? Gong Xi Gong Xi! ^^

tiger It’s the Year of The Tiger.. Rawrrrr… ^^

fountain ngee ann The fountain outside Ngee Ann City is so beautiful!

singapore spring

Singapore in Spring tourism ads.. Love the pink cheongsam! ^^

lumpia Late night snack! We bought that in Old ChangKee.. It’s the “lumpia”

chicken curry Me, I had the pastel.. Yum yum yum! ^^

Alright then, move on to…


Day 2

day twoDay Two’s outfit..

I may not be in size 2, but I sure rockin’ that mini short! Yeah!

See, just embrace your body as the way it is.. Self confidence is a must! ^^

We ate our breakfast on the food court outside the hotel, I decided to call it as the “Crow Food Court” why? Cause there are so many crows on the ceilings of the food stalls.. But they don’t harm us, no.. I think it’s so unique, and the food was absolutely delish! ^^

m hainam We decided to eat the Hainanese Rice, since it’s still morning..

hainam c Ready to eat! ^^

drink orange Posing first! ^^

If you wanna go there and test it out, here is the picture of the hainanese rice seller.. hainam food court

I saw there’s a mini bakpau (baozi/dumpling) on the the stall next to it, so I decided to have a taste, haha..

bakpau It’s the chicken bakpau, small yet delish! ^^

nyam baozi

Yum.. Ok then, the stomach’s full, off we go to walk again!

souvenir store We stopped at the souvenir store to buy some gifts for our friends and family..

mandarinIn front of the Mandarin Gallery performer A street performer.. c park Resting for a while.. This mini pants make my legs look looooongg…haha.. 

cleaning machine Woaw! It’s the mobile cleaning machine-car! Thank goodness I was holding my camera when he passed us by..

And he was looking at me too! haha.. Hi.. Say cheese to the camera! ^^ orchard road2 We went to the back of Takashimaya.. Everything was so green.. Love it! ^^

back tkThe view reminded me with the view from K-Drama, hehe.. So peaceful! ^^  m at ngee ann cityWait, here is me posing again, hehe..

tiger statue orange tree  The orange tree with many angpau in it ! Quick, grab it! haha.. ^^


Resting for a while..

c park2 Sitting again.. I didn’t mean to pose like this, hehe..

See that birds behind me?

bird Here is the closer look.. So cute la! ^^

the road The big Orchard Road..

road lucky People passing by on the breezy day..

posing together The unstoppable mother-daughter duo! Yeah! ^^

When we were sitting and taking pictures there, something unique and interesting passed by..

cleaning service What’s that? I’ve never seen anything like that, at first I thought she was selling something, like a street seller, haha.. But..

cleaning service2 She was there for taking out the garbage from the public trash cans! Wow!

Call me whatever you like but I never seen like it in Indonesia.. They are very organized and neat, right? The Singapore’s government must be very concerned about the trash problem and a clean public space. No wonder the streets are very clean! No littering, please! ^^


Time up for #ProjectBarbie! c pink dress

Here I put some of my entries for the Project Barbie, it’s all watermarked to make it easier.. For more info, see here..

I bought this pink dress while I was in Singapore especially for this occasion, it’s so pretty! It’s made of cotton and very stretchy.. After we bought it, we hurried back to the hotel and changed. It’s already evening so we have to adjust our outfit into something more comfy.. ^^

white umbrella Inside the hotel room..

hotel room

hotel room2 Our room was a bit messy, hehe.. cebu mango We bought this dried mangoes at Lucky Plaza, it’s made in The Philippines..

I remember when I was little, my dad’s boss who was originally from The Philippines used to bring this as a souvenir.. hehe..

The taste is still the same.. Love it! ^^

We went to dinner to the “Crow Food Court” ya, again, hehe..

But the view was great at night! ^^

nite food So crowded at night..

nite blue lite Dinner with blue lite.. ^^ Romantic!

cab3 Colorful taxi, hehe.. cab2

It’s so cute! ^^

dinner Dinner time! ^^

After dinner we went to explore some more.. :)

orchard central3 Behold.. Orchard Central.. They say it’s the tallest vertical store in Singapore.. Time to check it out!

huge lcd2Huge LCD on Orchard Central shopping mall.. Wow…stairIn we go.. Wow! It’s so high! ^^

stairs 22 Up up we go.. The lighting was so cool!

mall We’re here at the mall! ^^

sparkle Posing first..

pink lamp The pink lamps were so gorgeous! ^^mika kayashi

It’s Mika Hayashi, Japanese Retro Funk Store, it said..

mikaSome of Mika Hayashi’s clothes.. ^^ We didn’t go in there, though.. But there’s another post about this store, here.

escalator  On the escalator.. ^^

jactus2 It’s the Jactus store.. The stuff here is so cute! ^^ camera Cute cameras..haha..

c at orchard central The side door for Orchard Central..



To be continued to part 2! I don’t want to make this post too long, hehe..

I’ll see you on the next post! ^^

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