Friday, January 22, 2010

Who wants Diamonds??? *wink wink* ^^


Hi hi hi!! ^^

Oooohhh.. I’m so excited when I’m writing this post..cause I know there’s something BIG coming right at y’all!

Just look at the title above.. Who doesn’t want diamonds for free, eh?? Me wanna too!

It’s getting closer to Valentine’s Day, and I surely would love to have those precious diamonds as a gift! Wouldn’t you too? ^^

Well, this post is coming just at the perfect time, because Sarah from Lushae’s Jewelry is having a huge $5000 Jewelry Sweepstakes! Waaa… *screaming in happiness* “Did I read just right? $5000 worth of sweepstakes??” Yup.. It’s TRUE… ^^

All you have to do is go to the website, HERE and follow the instructions..

First, put the banner in your blog, you can choose whichever you want, many options there.. But these banners are my fave! ^^

promise ringsLove the deep blue color.. So elegant! ^^


So cute la! I <3 Jewelry too.. ^^


I guess I should add Warning: This Blog(ger) is Totally Awesome muahahahaha.. *wink wink* ;P

And then, all you have to do is fill the blanks there with your name, email, and blog/website! Done! Easy peasy, eh?? ^^

Oh wait, another good news: this giveaway is Open Internationally and there’s also a Monthly Giveaway worth $200 that will be drawn randomly every month.. you know you wouldn’t want to miss this.. :)

Also, if you enter this giveaway now, there’ll be 15% OFF for your future purchase in Lushae’s Jewelry! Very great offer! ;)

Personally, if you ask me, I really like Lushae’s Jewelry design very much, I found them so cute and adorable la! These are my TOP Fave.. ^^

upload picturesLove the heart and butterflies, so cute to the max! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

upload picturesMy fave rings are the Crown and the Snowflakes.. Very Korean Drama like, haha..

Enough said for me.. Go to Lushae’s Jewelry Website right now and join!!! ^^

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