Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Piece of Me.. For New Year! ^^

Hallo hallo there..

This is my second entry for Shirley’s game right here.. If you haven’t joined it, come on and join fast! ^^

OK, here goes..


1. I like: Light Blue and Purple eyeshadow!!

I’m so into blue and purple eyeshadow for this Spring/Summer 2010.. I recently purchased the NYX eyeshadow in Light Blue and I love it!

Gosh, I’ve had this beauty intuition for years and now I just realized it! You see, when it’s still December, I thought, wow, light blue and purple are gonna be so perfect for 2010’s Spring and Summer makeup.. Light blue is for the day makeup, while sexy purple is for the night makeup.

And when I see the beauty trend report in FTV, it’s true.. XD

Maybe the saying “You determine the trend” is true after all.. LOL..

BTW, what is your fave eyeshadow color for this Spring/Summer?? Tell me about it! Maybe we share the same thought! ^^


2. I don’t like: The Holiday is over.. T_T

Why the holiday has to be over so soon, eh?? But I have so much fun during this holiday, so I think it’s worth it.. And so memorable, of course! ^^


3. I want you to know: my 2010 resolution is to accept myself as who I am..
I realized I was so-low-confidence in 2009 (yeah, I really do..), so I decided, I HAVE TO HAVE MORE SELF-CONFIDENCE! Yay!

First action, take more pics of me smiling.. ^v^ and second: Smile when I look at my photos, stop complaining (&whining)!

Okay, this is my first attempt..

me and josh

but I know the reason why you’re smiling right now cause my bro looks so cute in this pic! haha.. ^^  Peaceee..

(this photo is taken while we’re having our Xmas breakfast.. this is my Xmads’ FOTD!)


4. I’ve planned: To Go to HongKong!! ^^

Ooooohh… I’m so excited about it.. ^^

My mom and I are planning to go to HK this 15-17th January.. Which means.. It’s another 2 weeks before I can smell the air of HK!

If you’re a HK blogger or living in HK, I would love to meet you there! Besides, it’s my 1st time going to HK, maybe you can show me around..

We’re gonna stay in Crowne Plaza Hotel in Leighton Road, near Causeway Bay.. Yes, I’m gonna shop in Times Square till I drop, LOL.. ^^

HongKong.. here we come! XD


5. I want to say to someone special: It doesn’t matter where you are.. wo yi zhi you ni zai wo de xin li.. ^^

Ehm.. If you need the translation, please contact me, hehe.. =P


Well then, this is my entry for this month, hope you all enjoyed it..

See you at the next post!


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