Thursday, January 21, 2010

Enjoying Hong Kong! *part 1- The Journey* ^^

Hallo everyone!!

I’m back after a fabulous holiday in Hong Kong.. ^^  It’s so much fun!

Everyone’s been asking about my holiday story, so here goes!


Well, this is actually my 1st time flying internationally.. so you can imagine how anxious I am about all the airport stuff, immigration, visa, customs.. I’m a total newbie.. (-_-“)

But! Nevertheless, me and my mom managed to arrive safely in HK, yay! ^^

airport hiway

the view bus

 hk street

We’re staying at Crowne Plaza Hotel at Leighton Road 8. It’s an amazing 5 stars hotel, if you want to shop, I mean, really2 want to shop, you gotta stay here. Times Square Mall is just 5 minutes away and the massive shopping area in Causeway Bay is your neighbor. Very convenient! Visit the website, here.

crowne plaza

hotel room

We arrived there in the evening because we took the afternoon flight with Cathay Pasific Airlines, then we went straight to the nearest mall, Times Square for dinner. We’re eating Korean noodles, really delicious! Too bad I didn’t take a picture of the noodle, hungry already! :P

This is the surrounding view of Times Square.. I LOVE IT THERE! There’re so many people walking, I think Cantonese people really do love walking!


The trees with the blue lights are so pretty! Oh and that Times Square logo is like a watch, hehe..

c at times me  holding the Sasa bag in front of Times Square.. ^^

yay hk Cheese!! I mean, Peaceee..  ^^

at times square It’s full with fashion and beauty shops, Sasa, Bonjour, Sogo.. You name it.. Shopping Paradise! ^^

causeway Yuhuuu… that’s Sasa on my back.. ^^


Believe it or not, I spent most of my money to buy beauty products. I did not buy any clothes, like tops, dress, jeans.. but I did buy a coat and a pair of boots, cause it’s cold.. Brrr… Other than that, nope. Beauty first, fashion, err.. second.. I’m sorry, fashion bloggers out there, but I’m a “Beautyholic”.. haha!^^pantomime

Look! There’s a pantomime show at that night.. So funny! ^^

Believe it or not, we don’t feel exhausted at all, at 10 pm we decided to go back to the hotel and change our clothes so that we can look as a “real” Hongkong people, haha.. Those coats and boots are Brand New! Purchased in HK, baby! ^^

me and m After that, we went out again! The bellboy guy must be thinking we really like to “zou zou” (walking around around), LOL.. ^^

You see the bench on the back of that pantomime guy over there? We sat there and took a pic of both of us before going back to the hotel to get some sleep, at 1.30 AM..(haha..) It’s our 1st night in HK!  Why rushing to sleep, eh? ^^

me and mom The pink flower behind us is so pretty! ^^

haul I’ll review them all later! ^^

OK, moving on.. 

day two outfit This is day two’s outfit.. You see how different my style is with my mom?? haha..

In the morning, we didn’t have breakfast in the restaurant, instead we went to McD. There’s a McD Cafe in front of the Times Square, so we had our breakfast there.

c mcd I have a new fave tea! It’s the Twinings True White Tea! Have any of you tried it? The taste and the smell is really good.. ;)

mom at mcd  My mom drank the hot chocolate, with marshmallow! Such a yummy breakfast indeed! We ate the sandwiches, tasted great too! ^^

After having breakfast, we’re ready for a new day full with adventure!


Maybe you’re asking at this point, are you on with the tour group? No, the answer is no. We’re not in a tour with the flag thing, hehe.. We’re one of a kind tourists. The only tour guide that we got is a half day city tour in day 2.. except that, we’re on our own.. ^_~

Yup, we’re 2 women who knows nothing about HK and wandering the city with our own instincts. Mom called it the “Mother Instinct” haha.. Which means.. well, for a mother (and a daughter) who loves to shop, there’s no way she can’t find her way (and the shops) in the city, right? Sorta a backpacker but with a style, haha! ^^

And yet, we’re still look like a real HongKong people.. also, let me tell you this fact: “There’s no even a single seller who thought that we’re tourists..” 

So when we approached them and wanted to buy something, they would talk to us in Cantonese, not in English or Mandarin, really2! Hong Kong must be really welcomed us so well..Or we could blend in real good.. hoho.. ^_~


On day 2 we went to The Peak and The Star Avenue.. Really cool places! Prepare for more (awesome) pictures.. ;)

the peakthe front door of The Peak

me tram  waiting for the tram to arrive.. tram

the tram is here! ^^

inside tram

the view inside the tram

up Up up away!! ^^

peakthis is the view from The Peak.. you can see the whole city from up many tall buildings!
My fave photo ever, perfect for a postcard picture! ^^

peak peakthis is the restaurant up there.. peace y’all! ^^

souvenir There’s souvenir stores inside.. We bought many gifts for friends and family there..

souvenir2 So many I <3 HK T-Shirts for souvenirs! ^^

After going to The Peak, we went to the jewelry factory that’s owned by Jackie Chan.. A girl like me, taken to the jewelry factory?? I’m so ready to scream in happiness, LOL.. ^^ But too bad we’re not allowed to take any photos inside, so this is the only photo we have..

jcl jewelry We bought 2 necklaces.. It’s silver and it’s Made in HK! I’ll post them all on “part 2 – The Hauling” post..

After that, we went to the Star Avenue..

me at star park

The statue behind us is the award that Hong Kong’s actor/actress receive if they make great movies, like an Oscar to them..

c at star avenue Second fave picture.. The view of the city… So beautiful!
bruce lee Dedicated for Bruce Lee.. ;) For Bruce Lee fans out there, you have to come here! haha..

david chiang

My mom poses with David Chiang hand print.. chow yun fat

It’s Chow Yun Fat! I love his movies..even the old ones.. He’s a great actor!!


Jackie Chan’s handprint.. My fave movie of his is “Rush Hour”, how about you???

avenue star

  Yay.. I’m a Star!! ^^ action ACTION!!! ^^ You can see Hong Kong people really love to make movies.. :)


Well, that’s it for the city tour, after that we’re on our own to wander the city, we even took the tram! We’re totally living the Hong Kong style, haha.. We stopped at Tin Hau, near Victoria Park, and there we rested our feet.. This park is like an oasis in a middle of the desert! In Hong Kong, like regular citizens, we mainly use public transportation and WALK..  But first.. Pictures!

me at the park

I really love this dress, makes me look so feminine.. ^^

mom park Most of my friends or new acquaintances wouldn’t believe that she’s my mom.. She looks so young!! Even her hair is so cool, J-Rock style.. haha.. ^^


After we rested in Tin Hau park, we had lunch in a noodle restaurant called “Overseas Dragon”, it’s a small place, but the food was DELICIOUS!! If you’re going to visit HK in a near time, give it a try! It’s located near the Apple Mall (you see the Apple sign over there?), in front of the tram stop. Yum yum.. ^^

We still wonder off the city until 1.30 AM (again??), but no photos, hehe.. Sorry.. It’s “shopping quality time” for mother and daughter.. You girls know it la.. hohoho.. ;P


Day 3 already! Awww.. I don’t wanna go homeee.. HK is like a second home to me.. :)

But we have to go home anyway, hehe..

This is the 3 last photos that we took in day 3.. We have time until 1 PM to shop before we headed to the airport.. We used that time really well, haha!

c times square

me at time square Me and my mom’s last pose in Times Square..

and… *sob sob*

the view from the bus.. on our way to airport..

bye BYE HONG KONG.. :’(

We will surely miss you..


Alright then.. This must be the longest post that I ever wrote.. but! It is worth it.. :) I love being in Hong Kong, the view, the city, even the weather’s so nice, no rain at all! I <3 HK!

ps: I’ll share more of my haul later, plus with the reviews.. I’ve been writing this for almost 6 (SIX) hours.. Phew.. (-_-") If you ask: “Why took such a long time for this post?” Well, selecting & editing pictures, writing, reviewing.. AND having a nostalgic moment is a precious time.. so I’m not rushing it, hehe.. ^^

I hope you all enjoy this post (it’s not too long, right?) :)

And I’ll see you at the next one! Bye! *mwah mwah* ^v^