Monday, January 11, 2010

Brighter Skin With Peeling + Award! ^^

Hello hello! Long time no blogging, I know.. But I have my reason for it, I was having my semester test last week, so you know..
I have to concentrate on it.

Can you imagine writing 3-4 polio pages per test?? In total 8 subjects times 3, means I have to write 24 pages! Oh and I do mean write manually, BY HAND.. I have to rest my hands a bit here, haha..

So, now that the test is over, it’s time for a review! ^^

Everyone’s been asking how to make their skin brighter and more radiant, so this is it! What could be better way to start this new year rather than brighter skin, eh?? :)

image The Face Shop Dewy Flower Clear Peel 150g.

The bottle is quite big! So worth the prize as it’s not too expensive.. :)


The description


The ingredients: many flowers in it! Jasmine, iris, lily, edelweiss, lotus, rose, freesia, also ginkgo biloba.. etc.. ^^


ok, before photo.. I tested on the back of my hand.


The texture is gel, after you start to massage it to your skin, it will dissolve to watery like.. Smells like flower! ^^

But at first when I put it in my palm, I thought the texture is similar like glue, haha.. :)


the result when you massage it, your skin will start to peel soon..keep on massaging it for 3-5 minutes..

and there you see the dead cells of my skin.. I thought my skin was fair, but look at that!

Waaahh.. Peeling really uncover your skin!

After 5 minutes, rinse it off with water..


After photo.. Voila!

My skin looks so much brighter with the light from Ms. Froggy, haha..

But! The result is really satisfying.. My skin feels so soft and like a baby..

It’s like born again in a new skin, hehe..

Ok, this is the result when I tested in the back of my hand, when I tested in my face for the first time, I have so many blemishes and redness cause of the acne, some of them are severe acne. But turns out, it doesn’t sting! Maybe cause it’s gel type, not cream with scrub.. So, it’s making my skin so moist but doesn’t make it squeaky clean.

But! I don’t recommend using this too often, because too many peelings is not good for your skin, it can make your skin has thin layer..=P

Me, I use this once every 5-7 days, if I have many activities outdoor, 4-5 days is sufficient, but if I just stay at home for the holidays (like now! haha), once a week is enough, and I also learn that if you keep your skin clean and free from dirt, your skin will also be less acne!

Oh and one more thing, if you expect that your skin will be DAZZLINGLY SUPER SPARKLY after using this, well.. haha.. you’ll have to wait for that, after you did the peeling thing, your skin will need some time to regenerate, for me it’s about 3 days, so after 3-4 days you’ll notice the difference! Your skin will grow new layer and you’ll find your skin more radiant! :)

You can check out the website here.


Woohoo!! I got an award.. ^^ It’s the “I Frequently Read Your Blog” Award! :) Somebody is frequently reading my humble blog?? I’m so honored!

This award is from Witoxicity, thank you so much! You’re awesome! ^^

I know it’s been quite a while since she gave me the award, but now, I want to pass it on to these lovely bloggers right here..

I frequently visits their blogs these days..










I’ll see you at the next post! I’ll try to blog one more time before I leave to HK this Thursday.. I can’t wait to be in HK already! ^^

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