Thursday, January 14, 2010

Before I go..

Ok, this is supposed to be the super quick post that I’ve ever made.. I made this in 15 minutes! Record time! ^^

I promised that I’ll make 1 more post before I leave to HK.. so here it goes!

This is how I packed..

suitcases left is my mom’s, right is mine


Nothing fancy, eh? This is what I call “travelling light”!

Just 2 suitcases, 2 very small suitcases in fact..

But don’t worry, it’ll get reproduce fast in HK! Just like that amoeba thingy, haha! ^^ It’ll divide itself and maybe make it to 4 suitcases! ;)


Oh, and about the makeup, I’m keeping it to the minimum level.. Really minimalist..

makeup L’ocittane Solid Perfume Cherry Blossom, Garnier Face Powder, Maybelline Angel Fit, Maybelline Lipstick


As you know, there’s this new rule about the restriction of bringing liquid to the plane, so.. I don’t wanna take any risks, I left my moisturizer, essence, and liquid foundation behind.. And..just go with these! Oh well, it’s all about having fun, right? I’ll buy more stuff there anyway! ^^


OK then, it’s my cue to go.. I’ll see you later at the next post, after I return from HK.. ^^

HK, here we come!!!

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