Thursday, January 28, 2010

Enjoying Hong Kong! *part 2-The Haul*

Hello everyone! ^^

So sorry it took me a long time to do this post.. Busy taking care of college stuff and others, because I’ll be back to campus in February… :(

But anyway.. This time I’m gonna share you all my haul from HK! Ehm, I have to mix some of my pictures from HK and the ones that I took in my house. In HK the products are still complete with the packaging, but after I took the pictures, I throw the packaging away..cause I don’t want to carry the packaging, no space left in my suitcase, hehe..

OK, ready start GO!! ^^

sasa It all started here.. This is my first Sasa store that I went to..and my first impression was.. SHOCKED!! O_O *gasp*

There are so many beauty products and..they’re soooo…cheap!! I mean, compare to what we have here in store in Indonesia..the difference was “skyhigh..” (cause the tax and shipping fee were added..) My eyes went crazy for awhile, but..phew! I tried to breathe and act normally, haha.. After that, the shoppingvaganza was begun! Ehm, and if you think that’s it’s the only Sasa store in Causeway Bay, no! There are maybe 10 of them in the area alone, small stores but so many items! Not to mention there are also Bonjour, and many others.. I come up with my own saying for beauty shopping in HK: In there, buying makeup is like buying groceries.. They’re all lined up, waiting you to pick it up and put it in your pink basket. Heaven.. ^^v

I have to separate them into a few (lots) batches to make it easier to you to read.. and I also added a short review.. But don’t worry, I’ll write their full reviews on my future posts.. ^^

First fave of them all.. the powder foundation..


foundation2Maybe you asked, why not buy BB Creams??? Well, not that I don’t want to.. There are sooo..many of them in Sasa’s shelves, and so cheap! I wanted to grab them all, but..we want to pass the liquid restriction in hand carry baggage at the airport, so I have to left them all behind and just go with the powder foundation.. Besides, I rarely use powder foundation, so it’s time to explore some new things, yes?? ^^ 

The left is Cezanne.. my new love.. I discovered this one accidently cause I wanted to buy a gift for my girlfriends.. But now I’m in love! It’s affordable, this one is HK$78, less than US$10, made in Japan. The texture is so soft and making my pores invisible! I can hardly see my pores anymore.. The finish is matte not dewy, great for oily skin like me. Perfect for daily use! Visit the The Cezanne’s website, here.

The right one is Maquillage by Shiseido, very hi-end! It’s about HK$370, or US$50! This one is also unique, I have to pay for the packaging (HK$85) AND the content (HK$285)! It’s a limited edition, because the packaging is designed by Alexander Wang.. But the quality, wow.. Even though it’s powder foundation, but it makes my skin flawless.. No concealer needed! Really-really! I have to make a full review on this later, the price is so worth it! ^^

OK the next batch is the powder batch..

DSC02902 Ehm, no,the right one is not a cellphone, haha! ^^ The packaging is so much alike with a certain cellphone, eh?? Wait till you see this.. :P

powders2 Top left is MAC Blot Pressed Powder. Three best words I can use to describe it are: It’s MAC. Amazing. Amazing. The only thing I don’t like about it is the sponge, so rough! I use my brush to use it, btw. Problemo solved. ^^

(update: this MAC powder is broken apart, and my heart goes with it too..:’-( I don’t know why, but I’ll try to solve it, Manju and Cherry_16 said via Twitter I can use alcohol to press it again to normal.. hope it works!)

Top right is Suki Compact Powder, made in Japan. The packaging is so cute, yes?? ^^ You can pretend that is a cellphone, hehe.. Just make sure people don’t see the powder, haha! ^^ Again, with the sponge, it’s making my face look thick on the powder, so I use my brush to apply it. The quality is quite good actually, but the main reason I bought it is because the cute compact mirror and all the flowery ornament in the front, hehe.. So princess-like.. ^^

The bottom one is Palgantong Theatrical Powder, it’s the same like the one I already made a review before, but this one is a bigger size, 25gr. The link is here.

Next is the Lipstick Batch. Do you believe that every shade of color in lipsticks has different effect on everyone?? I do.


MAC Amplified Creme Rouge Lipstick “A Girl About Town” Very bright yet deep fuchsia color, my mom was the only one who can use this color..

Shiseido Maquillage Lipstick for my mom it’s purple-ish shade. But in reality, it’s not that deep purple, the texture is sheer and creamy.. It turns into soft lilac color on my lips (I usually borrow it from my mom, hehe..)

Shiseido Maquillage Lipstick I bought this pink beige color because I got inspired by Fuzkittie, I’ve seen her wearing this lipstick in this color for a long time and I dreamed that someday I’ll buy one for myself. I finally did it!! Woohoo.. ^^ And, you better believe me on this, I did not buy any lipstick other than this. This is the ONLY lipstick that I bought in HK. Although I went to many other stores too, but I didn’t buy more lipstick for me. This is how I love thee, my lovely lipstick! <3 (you see how devoted I am?? haha..)


Now don’t believe what you see above, the lighting was a bit off, too dark.. Sorry.. :( Just see the swatches below.. It’s more accurate..

lipsticks swatch

Unto the next batch! The cheeks! ^^

nars blush

It’s Nars blush. Orgasm. Period.

*nothing more to say, cause I guess most of you know the verdict, hehe!* Very very good!

cezanne blush Hmm.. This blush is very sheer.. It has light shimmer and the lighter shade below is named the pearl powder. More update on this one later, still busy discovering more about it.. ^^


For your eyes only..


Eyeshadows from Kate, Lavhusca, Cezanne, and MAC! eyeshadow2 Closer look! Blue and purple are my main attraction..


This one is quite a steal! Less than US$10 for this 2 eyeliners with 3 colors that came in this combi pencil.

eyeljners swatch The swatch: pearly white (really glitters!), black and brown. The brown one makes my eyes look naturally big. Love it! ^^ 


Nails section.. ^^


All of them are so cute, can’t wait to try and show it all to you!

For hair.. OK, let me read your mind here, hehe.. “What are those??” Well, this is the strawberry roll curling hair.


Put a little section of your hair in the gap there before you go to sleep, and let it overnite.

Tomorrow morning you’ll have naturally wavy hair! Easy! strawberry So cute.. ^^


Brushes.. brush

This Lajour brush is perfect for powder foundation! Creates a thin layer on your skin, kinda airbrushed look. ^^

brush And the left one is from Sasa, for blush on.. I know, it’s pink, again.. hehe.. It’s very soft, too!

Some magazines..

magz  Choc Beauty and Choc Magazine with Rainie Yang on the cover, Popteen, JessicaCode, Vivi, and of course, “Nu Ren Wo Zui Da” aka Queen. ^^


OK, now I’m gonna share you my powerful tips. If you want to travel light and don’t want to worry about liquid restriction in hand carry baggage, just leave all your skincare behind and buy the samples when you got there, like what I did right here. This way you can finish it all up when you’re there and don’t have to worry carrying it back. shiseidoI got this Sisheido White Lucent series as freebies for my purchase at Shiseido store, such a perfect timing! haha.. But I don’t really feel comfy with the serum, it’s too thick for my oily skin. I only wear it once and the rest of it is used by my mom who has dry skin. What I like the most are the Brightening Cleansing Gel and the Refining Softener. The gel is really soft and moist, not making my skin dry or squeaky clean. Oh, I might buy the Refining Softener in big size later, it makes my skin really soft and brighter! ^^


This Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is a the mini size that I bought in Sasa, really cheap! Only HK$38 if I’m not mistaken, so it’s around US$4.

clinique2 I know many people swear by this one, but it’s too thick on my face.. I prefer something lighter.. That’s too bad, really.. I really hope that I can like this one, but.. :(

makeup remover

On the other hand, I really recommend this one! Don’t need any toner and that lotion remover la.. This one is enough for removing makeup and really mild for my skin.. Plus it’s alcohol free! Too bad I can’t find it in Indonesia, it’s so convenient I’ll put this in my bag all the time!

makeup remover2

Oh and I also bought a new bag! A large bag with huge capasity, hehe.. ^^



For the accessories..

earrings rose

A very romantic earrings, hehe.. ^^ Fresh from Japan, baby! ^^


My mom bought this, really like Yin and Yang, right?

love ring I really like this ring, but unfortunately, it only fits my pinky, but I LOVE it so much..I bought it anyway, hehe..

I gotta tell you, if I like something but I didn’t buy it, I might dream of it in my sleep, really really! So I thought, well, this is for HK! Everytime I wear this ring, I’ll remember: I LOVE HK! ^^

jade ring

Jade, baby! Jade! ^^ This is not the expensive one however, it has the lower quality of Jade. But I don’t care, it’s beautiful and I love it. :)

It’s more like an engagement ring, right? *cough cough* Well, I’m saving it for a future reference only, haha.. #hint!necklaces

The 2 silver necklaces that we bought from JCL Jewelry, the jewelry factory owned by “the” Jackie Chan.

Left is pendant with the Hanzi “Fu” in it, means prosperity, happiness, etc. (just add all the good things, LOL)  while the right one is my mom’s, the dragon cause my her shio is dragon.

OK, remember when I told you that my fave Jackie’s movie is Rush Hour in my previous post? If you pay attention very closely in the movie, Lee (Jackie) gave the little girl, Soo Young a necklace, well.. the necklace also has the Hanzi “Fu” in it, although the design is a bit different, but almost same concept la! This necklace reminds of me Jackie Chan, because I want to remember this necklace is made in HK, from his factory! Jackie Chan, if you read this, I’m   your HUGE FAN!! ^^

The souvenirs:


I saw these chopsticks and I was like, “Wow, they’re cute!” ^^ I can’t resist cuteness at all, haha..

fan fan2 Handmade fan with different paintings and writings on both sides!

Really traditional and has the feeling like I’m a warrior princess from the Ming Dinasty, hehe..


box red The last one, what’s in the red box??

Ok, lets open it…

box red3

Wah! It’s a custom made signature stamp for my Chinese name, compete with the red ink, and super fancy box! All in all is HK$275. Around 15minutes-30minutes of making, if you ever go to HK, go to The Peak and you can make this in one of the souvenir store there, just ask the seller. So worth it and unique! ^^

stamp2 The red ink..


Because my shio is Snake, so I chose this one. At first I think it’s kinda spooky, but suan le la..hehe.. I really like the ancient and historical feeling in it.

my name

My Chinese name is: “Guo Qing Lian”. Most of my Chinese friends and Laoshi call me Qing (clean, pure) Lian (Lotus). That’s why my Indonesian name is Priscilla, hehe.. ^^


OK, that’s all of them!

For the conclusion, I’m a type of person who likes to buy a few items but for every category, hehe.. From foundation, eyes. cheeks, souvenirs.. I only buy 2-3 items per category yet they still have lot of varieties. I don’t like buying 10 items from 1 brand only at single purchase, I want to try different brands too! ^^

Well then, thank you so much for reading and if there’s anything you wanna ask about certain items, please do comment here! I love comments and I reply to every single one of them.. ^^ I’ll see you all on the next post! Bye! *mwah mwah* Peace.. v(^_^)v

Friday, January 22, 2010

Who wants Diamonds??? *wink wink* ^^


Hi hi hi!! ^^

Oooohhh.. I’m so excited when I’m writing this post..cause I know there’s something BIG coming right at y’all!

Just look at the title above.. Who doesn’t want diamonds for free, eh?? Me wanna too!

It’s getting closer to Valentine’s Day, and I surely would love to have those precious diamonds as a gift! Wouldn’t you too? ^^

Well, this post is coming just at the perfect time, because Sarah from Lushae’s Jewelry is having a huge $5000 Jewelry Sweepstakes! Waaa… *screaming in happiness* “Did I read just right? $5000 worth of sweepstakes??” Yup.. It’s TRUE… ^^

All you have to do is go to the website, HERE and follow the instructions..

First, put the banner in your blog, you can choose whichever you want, many options there.. But these banners are my fave! ^^

promise ringsLove the deep blue color.. So elegant! ^^


So cute la! I <3 Jewelry too.. ^^


I guess I should add Warning: This Blog(ger) is Totally Awesome muahahahaha.. *wink wink* ;P

And then, all you have to do is fill the blanks there with your name, email, and blog/website! Done! Easy peasy, eh?? ^^

Oh wait, another good news: this giveaway is Open Internationally and there’s also a Monthly Giveaway worth $200 that will be drawn randomly every month.. you know you wouldn’t want to miss this.. :)

Also, if you enter this giveaway now, there’ll be 15% OFF for your future purchase in Lushae’s Jewelry! Very great offer! ;)

Personally, if you ask me, I really like Lushae’s Jewelry design very much, I found them so cute and adorable la! These are my TOP Fave.. ^^

upload picturesLove the heart and butterflies, so cute to the max! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

upload picturesMy fave rings are the Crown and the Snowflakes.. Very Korean Drama like, haha..

Enough said for me.. Go to Lushae’s Jewelry Website right now and join!!! ^^

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Enjoying Hong Kong! *part 1- The Journey* ^^

Hallo everyone!!

I’m back after a fabulous holiday in Hong Kong.. ^^  It’s so much fun!

Everyone’s been asking about my holiday story, so here goes!


Well, this is actually my 1st time flying internationally.. so you can imagine how anxious I am about all the airport stuff, immigration, visa, customs.. I’m a total newbie.. (-_-“)

But! Nevertheless, me and my mom managed to arrive safely in HK, yay! ^^

airport hiway

the view bus

 hk street

We’re staying at Crowne Plaza Hotel at Leighton Road 8. It’s an amazing 5 stars hotel, if you want to shop, I mean, really2 want to shop, you gotta stay here. Times Square Mall is just 5 minutes away and the massive shopping area in Causeway Bay is your neighbor. Very convenient! Visit the website, here.

crowne plaza

hotel room

We arrived there in the evening because we took the afternoon flight with Cathay Pasific Airlines, then we went straight to the nearest mall, Times Square for dinner. We’re eating Korean noodles, really delicious! Too bad I didn’t take a picture of the noodle, hungry already! :P

This is the surrounding view of Times Square.. I LOVE IT THERE! There’re so many people walking, I think Cantonese people really do love walking!


The trees with the blue lights are so pretty! Oh and that Times Square logo is like a watch, hehe..

c at times me  holding the Sasa bag in front of Times Square.. ^^

yay hk Cheese!! I mean, Peaceee..  ^^

at times square It’s full with fashion and beauty shops, Sasa, Bonjour, Sogo.. You name it.. Shopping Paradise! ^^

causeway Yuhuuu… that’s Sasa on my back.. ^^


Believe it or not, I spent most of my money to buy beauty products. I did not buy any clothes, like tops, dress, jeans.. but I did buy a coat and a pair of boots, cause it’s cold.. Brrr… Other than that, nope. Beauty first, fashion, err.. second.. I’m sorry, fashion bloggers out there, but I’m a “Beautyholic”.. haha!^^pantomime

Look! There’s a pantomime show at that night.. So funny! ^^

Believe it or not, we don’t feel exhausted at all, at 10 pm we decided to go back to the hotel and change our clothes so that we can look as a “real” Hongkong people, haha.. Those coats and boots are Brand New! Purchased in HK, baby! ^^

me and m After that, we went out again! The bellboy guy must be thinking we really like to “zou zou” (walking around around), LOL.. ^^

You see the bench on the back of that pantomime guy over there? We sat there and took a pic of both of us before going back to the hotel to get some sleep, at 1.30 AM..(haha..) It’s our 1st night in HK!  Why rushing to sleep, eh? ^^

me and mom The pink flower behind us is so pretty! ^^

haul I’ll review them all later! ^^

OK, moving on.. 

day two outfit This is day two’s outfit.. You see how different my style is with my mom?? haha..

In the morning, we didn’t have breakfast in the restaurant, instead we went to McD. There’s a McD Cafe in front of the Times Square, so we had our breakfast there.

c mcd I have a new fave tea! It’s the Twinings True White Tea! Have any of you tried it? The taste and the smell is really good.. ;)

mom at mcd  My mom drank the hot chocolate, with marshmallow! Such a yummy breakfast indeed! We ate the sandwiches, tasted great too! ^^

After having breakfast, we’re ready for a new day full with adventure!


Maybe you’re asking at this point, are you on with the tour group? No, the answer is no. We’re not in a tour with the flag thing, hehe.. We’re one of a kind tourists. The only tour guide that we got is a half day city tour in day 2.. except that, we’re on our own.. ^_~

Yup, we’re 2 women who knows nothing about HK and wandering the city with our own instincts. Mom called it the “Mother Instinct” haha.. Which means.. well, for a mother (and a daughter) who loves to shop, there’s no way she can’t find her way (and the shops) in the city, right? Sorta a backpacker but with a style, haha! ^^

And yet, we’re still look like a real HongKong people.. also, let me tell you this fact: “There’s no even a single seller who thought that we’re tourists..” 

So when we approached them and wanted to buy something, they would talk to us in Cantonese, not in English or Mandarin, really2! Hong Kong must be really welcomed us so well..Or we could blend in real good.. hoho.. ^_~


On day 2 we went to The Peak and The Star Avenue.. Really cool places! Prepare for more (awesome) pictures.. ;)

the peakthe front door of The Peak

me tram  waiting for the tram to arrive.. tram

the tram is here! ^^

inside tram

the view inside the tram

up Up up away!! ^^

peakthis is the view from The Peak.. you can see the whole city from up many tall buildings!
My fave photo ever, perfect for a postcard picture! ^^

peak peakthis is the restaurant up there.. peace y’all! ^^

souvenir There’s souvenir stores inside.. We bought many gifts for friends and family there..

souvenir2 So many I <3 HK T-Shirts for souvenirs! ^^

After going to The Peak, we went to the jewelry factory that’s owned by Jackie Chan.. A girl like me, taken to the jewelry factory?? I’m so ready to scream in happiness, LOL.. ^^ But too bad we’re not allowed to take any photos inside, so this is the only photo we have..

jcl jewelry We bought 2 necklaces.. It’s silver and it’s Made in HK! I’ll post them all on “part 2 – The Hauling” post..

After that, we went to the Star Avenue..

me at star park

The statue behind us is the award that Hong Kong’s actor/actress receive if they make great movies, like an Oscar to them..

c at star avenue Second fave picture.. The view of the city… So beautiful!
bruce lee Dedicated for Bruce Lee.. ;) For Bruce Lee fans out there, you have to come here! haha..

david chiang

My mom poses with David Chiang hand print.. chow yun fat

It’s Chow Yun Fat! I love his movies..even the old ones.. He’s a great actor!!


Jackie Chan’s handprint.. My fave movie of his is “Rush Hour”, how about you???

avenue star

  Yay.. I’m a Star!! ^^ action ACTION!!! ^^ You can see Hong Kong people really love to make movies.. :)


Well, that’s it for the city tour, after that we’re on our own to wander the city, we even took the tram! We’re totally living the Hong Kong style, haha.. We stopped at Tin Hau, near Victoria Park, and there we rested our feet.. This park is like an oasis in a middle of the desert! In Hong Kong, like regular citizens, we mainly use public transportation and WALK..  But first.. Pictures!

me at the park

I really love this dress, makes me look so feminine.. ^^

mom park Most of my friends or new acquaintances wouldn’t believe that she’s my mom.. She looks so young!! Even her hair is so cool, J-Rock style.. haha.. ^^


After we rested in Tin Hau park, we had lunch in a noodle restaurant called “Overseas Dragon”, it’s a small place, but the food was DELICIOUS!! If you’re going to visit HK in a near time, give it a try! It’s located near the Apple Mall (you see the Apple sign over there?), in front of the tram stop. Yum yum.. ^^

We still wonder off the city until 1.30 AM (again??), but no photos, hehe.. Sorry.. It’s “shopping quality time” for mother and daughter.. You girls know it la.. hohoho.. ;P


Day 3 already! Awww.. I don’t wanna go homeee.. HK is like a second home to me.. :)

But we have to go home anyway, hehe..

This is the 3 last photos that we took in day 3.. We have time until 1 PM to shop before we headed to the airport.. We used that time really well, haha!

c times square

me at time square Me and my mom’s last pose in Times Square..

and… *sob sob*

the view from the bus.. on our way to airport..

bye BYE HONG KONG.. :’(

We will surely miss you..


Alright then.. This must be the longest post that I ever wrote.. but! It is worth it.. :) I love being in Hong Kong, the view, the city, even the weather’s so nice, no rain at all! I <3 HK!

ps: I’ll share more of my haul later, plus with the reviews.. I’ve been writing this for almost 6 (SIX) hours.. Phew.. (-_-") If you ask: “Why took such a long time for this post?” Well, selecting & editing pictures, writing, reviewing.. AND having a nostalgic moment is a precious time.. so I’m not rushing it, hehe.. ^^

I hope you all enjoy this post (it’s not too long, right?) :)

And I’ll see you at the next one! Bye! *mwah mwah* ^v^