Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Gift from Lina! ^^

Wew! I can't believe I haven't been blogging for ages.. so, here's the story, I got a fever last Tuesday because I got caught in the rain and I'm still in recovery until now...>_<
I also suffer from flu and cough, and because of too many tissue-ing, my nose has become so red.. like Rudolph in Santaclaus sleigh.. >o<

But it's been 3 days since I went to the doctor, so I think I'm all better now.. And it's also because I've got a bday gift from my dear friend, Lina! ^^ I know her from Facebook, and we've been sending messages ever since, like pen pal, really.. hehe.. Sharing about beauty product and all other stuff.. ^^ And after she knows that August 15th was my bday, she decided to send me a bday package! Isn't she lovely? =) Thank you so much, Lina..^^

It's Yoko Spa Milk Salt from Thailand, and it smells like milk candy that I used to eat when I was a kid.. ^^ Love the smell.. I put it in a sealed jar, to prevent it from getting damp.. You see, when I first use it, I rub it to my arm and I think, oh well.. I don't feel anything.. I leave it for 3 minutes, and rinse it off. But after the water washed out all the salt, I touched my hand, and WOOOW.. my skin feel super smooth.. it's like wearing a body lotion on your skin..and it's long lasting.. I love it! I've heard so much about this milk salt online, and I'm so happy I can finally test it, hehe.. ^^ This product is so often paired with the Bioglo Snow White Body Lotion for maximum result.. In Indonesia, the shopping online sites usually paired them up as a set. It's like this.. picture from din2902.multiply.comSo, I think I'll buy the body lotion,too.. Thank you so much for this lovely gift, Lina! hehe..^^

Oh ya, yesterday I saw the ads in XingKong Channel, about a whitening bodylotion, not the Bioglo, I think it's from China.. but I forgot to write its name.. >_< (because I only saw the ads for a few seconds..) The bottle is kinda like the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer, the shape is the same.. The color of the bottle is light/sky blue..the English description is Silk Protein Snow White Body Lotion, and between the description there is a snowflake image in it.. The reason why I'm telling you this, is because I want to know the name.. I've searched the net a dozen times.. but I can't find it.. maybe it's because I can't remember the Hanzi.. >_<
So, Please.. if there's anyone knows it..tell me.. I'm curious..
You can write it in this comment right here or just drop it my Cbox, OK??
Thank you so much! ^^
More beauty posts to come after I'm healthy again.. ^^
Happy Weekend, everyone..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Not 1 but 2! Beauty DIY Facial Masks

For the post today, I'm gonna write not 1 (one) but 2 (two!) beauty DIY Facial Masks.. One is the green tea DIY facial scrub/mask that I got from buzzbeauty's youtube video and the other one which is so special coz it's the traditional "bengkoang" facial mask of my home country, Indonesia.. ^^ It's like the sacred women's tradition of my country.. A beautiful heritage that I want to share with all of you.. ^^

First is the green tea beauty DIY mask/scrub:
(I've been meaning to write this post since last week, actually..hehe.. But I want to test how it feels on my skin after a while.. And I gotta tell you, it really works!)
I got the idea of doing this facial mask from Bubzbeauty's youtube video..

The video URL is
There are many other videos, too.. Really inspiring.. ^^

I was hesitate at first..hehe..I mean, I never do things like this, is it okay to apply green tea to your face? But after I tried this out, wow.. the result surprised me! ^^
By the time I wrote this, I've been doing this green tea mask for 3 times and it makes my face so soft and less acne..really less acne.. ^^
Usually I have several acnes popping out of nowhere every week, but now.. it's down to one zit for almost 2 weeks! Last week I got one severe acne because of too many outdoor activities.. but after I did this mask, the day after that, the acne is all reduced, the second day, it's gone.. WOW!

So, here it goes!


1. Boil water and make your green tea. (I make a full cup, coz I also want to drink it, not just for making facial mask, hehe.. it's multifunctional, right?) I use the Chinese green tea in tea bags, you can make it from any green tea you have, whether it's in green tea leaves or bag, choose whatever you like.. ^^ Leave it a while until it's lukewarm..

2. Next, I put some of my green tea in a bowl, I put 3 spoonful of green tea (maybe it's too much, hehe..because I want to feel the benefit of green tea), my skin is acne prone.. so green tea is my BFF..^^

3. Then, add the sugar. I use 4 spoonful of sugar.. You may use a fewer amount of sugar if you want to skip the scrubbing (the sugar is the scrub).

4. Add the additional ingredients. I use honey, because honey has great healing effect for blemish skin..It can moisturize your skin, heal your blemish, and many other benefits. You can use other ingredient if you want, like baby oil, lemon, etc. Stir well.

5. Apply it to your skin. I use the cotton pad, it's easier. Scrub it gently, and after that leave it for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse off and feel the difference.. ^^
6. Use the green tea leftover in your cup to be the toner. It's quick to dry and it's refreshing! ^^
Note: If you noticed, my step 2 and 3 is kinda backward from the Bubzbeauty's video, but I think it's ok, hehe.. Coz the result is the same.. ^^

OK, now to the second facial mask.. A very special one, coz it's Indonesian traditional mask from Bengkoang by Mustika Ratu (a very popular brand in my country..) made from natural ingredients.. go to for more info.. ^^


Here is the mask.. It's powder, so it has to be mixed with White Rose Water. The white rose water is also from Mustika Ratu.. Really soothing and refreshing.. it's like cool water for your skin..

The steps:

1. put the bengkoang powder to the bowl.

2. put some white rose water in it, you can choose whether you want it thick or not, but for me, I don't want it to be thick. So, more rose water to me.. ^^ (but first, let's say hello to mr. teddy bear right there.. hehe..^^)

3. Stir well.. Until it looks like this.. You can use cotton pad to apply it.. Scrub your face gently..wait 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with water.. (Mr. teddy bear is cute, isn't it?? ^^)

4. use the white rose water as the toner.. Really refreshing! ^^

You know, after I use this bengkoang mask, the result was amazing! My skin is visibly one (or maybe two) tone lighter! It's whiter than ever! I can't even believe my eyes.. Is this my skin? Wow..

You see, these days especially in Indonesia, it's getting hotter everyday.. (must be because of the global warming..) Really.. And because of my many outdoor face tone has become uneven and rather dull.. >_<
But now, I've found the solution! ^^
Well, that's it for now...
Happy weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo Tag, so much fun! ^^

So, I've been tagged by Hachii from to do this photo tag..

The rule is:
1. First of all go to your 'Pictures' folder then simply click your first album of pictures.

2. Count down your photos to your lucky 10th number. But it must be a picture that hasn’t been tampered with or named and you can’t pick one you've already posted on blogger.

3. Lastly post your wonderful picture and tell us all the amazing story that goes with it. Sounds fun! Oh and don't forget to tag 5 more people when your done!

So here it is:
In case you're wondering, hehe... this is my mom! ^^ Her pose is so funny, right?? ^^ This photo was taken in one of Jakarta's mall (I forgot the name, coz so many malls we've been through..), we were shopping around, and when we got to the food court, I came up with the idea to take some fun pictures! ^^ So, she pretended to make scary faces, but because we're laughing at that time, this photo is the result, hahaha..
She was standing in front of the food counter when I took this picture..
My mom is cool or what?? ^^ People so often mistaken my mom as my older sister because she looks so young (and she's also young at heart!^^ ), until now..really.. ^^ We really have fun together, I love my mom! =)

And now, I tag:

Jane Sim
Sara (the


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Denysia is having a giveaway! ^^

Denysia from is having a giveaway! Come and join, girls..
The giveaway prizes is so cute.. ^^
The giveaway deadline is in September 10th, so hurry up!! ^^

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shinzu'i Skin Lightening Body Scrub "Sakura"

So, I've been meaning to make my review on this Shinzu'i Body Scrub I bought a while ago, and here it is!! ^^ The package is lovely, isn't it?? And it's pink, hehe.. (I love pink!^^) Shinzu'i in Japanese means "essence" or "soul".. Great choice of name.. ^^
I'm sorry for the rather-dark lighting..It's kinda gloomy outside when I took this picture.. But, it's OK lah..hehe..

It says: "It contains Herba Matsu Oil from Japan for healthy white skin" I search on the net, from the that "Herba Matsu Oil is a mushroom extract from Tricholoma matsutake, this agents lightens the skin without inhibiting the function of tyrosinase, the mechanism involves formation of a leuco-melanin which still protective against ultraviolet radiation." You can read the full content there, it's really helpful after I found that there are no dangerous chemical in it. ^^

Using it is very simple, just rub it gently to your body when you're bathing to lift all the dead cells and dirt, rinse with water, and then, Voila! ^^

This is the inside..It's white and it smells so lovely.. (Cherry fave..^^)
By the time I wrote this post, I've used it for 3 times and my skin feels so soft and brighter! It doesn't make your skin feel dry, it leaves my skin so smooth and clearer than ever.. Love the result! ^^

So, that's my review.. Will I buy this again?? Of course.. ^^

Making Cute Photo Tink! ^^

Photo Albums at
Photo Tinks by

Just made this with Photo Tink! Isn't it cute?? Go to to make your own..^^

Scrapbooking at
Photo Tinks by

I love playing with pictures.. ^^

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today is my B-day! ^^

Yay! Today is my birthday.. ^^

And as you can see the above picture is the cake.. yes.. we only buy this 3 pieces of Blackforest cake.. because I want to keep it simple this time.. We only buy what we want to eat.. After all, my mom is diabetic, so she can't eat too much this sweet and sugary cake.. But we also buy chocolate croissant for me ( I love chocolate croissant! ^^)

There's nothing fancy, really.. just blowing the candle, make my wish (it's a secret! hehe.. ^^), and then we go to eat breakfast..

This is me and my mom.. Quite alike, huh?? My mom is Philipines-Chinese, so I guess that's where my look is come from.. ^^

My bro, Joshua! He's always excited everytime we take him to eat outside..
You know, many people say that we're not really alike, I mean, I'm a copy of my mom, with the oriental look.. and my bro is a copy of my dad, very Indonesian..totally different from me (except for the chubby cheeks, hehe.. ^^) However, we do love each other.. ^^

Since it's breakfast, my mom ordered chicken porridge..It's the Chinese style, I think.. But it's delicious! ^^

This is me and my mom, again, posing beside our car.. It's green, because my mom loves green..

And this.. this Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes is the birthday gift that The Body Shop gave to me... If you are a member of The Body Shop, all you have to do is come to The Body Shop's counter when it's the month of your bday.. They will check your ID, match it, and you'll go home with this freebies as your bday gift! ^^ I love it! I bring this in my bag everyday.. Whenever I feel hot or need a little refreshment to my sweaty face, I have this.. ^^

Also, I want to thank all my friends who've been so kind and wonderful to me.. My facebook wall is all packed full with the "happy birthday" from all of them..(I spent the rest of the day to reply all of their messages, wow! This is the best bday, ever!) and also from my blogger friends..Thank you so much, guys.. and girls.. You all are the best.. ^^

You know, even though I'm not the richest person in the world, but I feel so rich and contented.. Much more than any material things can give me.. It's because I have the love from my family and friends all there for me.. And of course.. My God Jesus Christ who is always so good (even more, wonderful! ^^) to me..

Love you all!


Friday, August 14, 2009

(Almost) Happy Birthday for me.. ^^

Well, it's 14th of August (in our time in Indonesia), almost my birthday.. Tomorrow I'll be posting about my birthday.. =)
Can't wait to write it..hehe..

But now, I have something to share with all of you..
You know, I have learned an important lesson for the past 2 days, and I believe it's important for all of you, too..
For all of you, especially beauty bloggers out there, you must have anti malware protection in your computer.. Find it and install it in your PC/Laptop.. Trust me, you're gonna need it. I almost lost this blog because I don't even know what malware is. > _< (Although I have the back-up my blog and its template, but still.. ) I felt so sad when I thought that I have to delete this blog.. T_T..

But now, it's all fix and done.. ^^ Thank You, Jesus!
I'm so happy!! Yay! ^_^
This is the best birthday present of all, hehe..
You see, I'm not asking for diamond or a fancy car for my birthday present, I just want my blog to be up and running, as usual.. (I think in this moment, you finally realized what you really need, and not what you want.) It's a powerful lesson, I have to tell you.

Can't wait till tomorrow to come!! ^^

PS: I have placed a new song in my playlist (it's in the bottom of this page, just scroll down..)
It's Jordin Sparks' song titled "Faith", I believe it has a big meaning for me.. I just love the song! ^^

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mini Update!

Oh my.. I think I'm in some kind of horror.. >_<>_<"
In my screen, everytime I want to follow and open the google friend connect page, there's always this message.. "an error has occurred.." And what's worst?? All my reading list has gone!!! It says that I'm not following any blogs currently.. But, after that I checked on other blogs, I can see my face in their following widget box, so why is this happening?? (panicking..panicking..)

I searched on the net, and thank God that there's nothing happened, and it's just an error in the Google.. (thank You, Jesus!) Whew! My heart was just pounding like a horse.. >_<
But it's all good now.. hehe.. ^^ The Google Friend Connect is back online as I speak..
So, if there's any of you who's experiencing this problem.. no need to worry.. Just stay cool and relax.. All will be good again..

But oh yeah, just to be mindful.. backup your blog by exporting it (you can do that in the setting and there's the option in there) and one other thing.. backup your template by downloading it in the layout option.. Trust me, you'll need it..
I've had many experience loosing my beautiful and all perfectly-set template just because a wrong typing/click (long time ago..when I was a newbie to blogging..), better be safe than sorry!!

Ok, so for the next post, I will review my Shinzui Cherry Blossom Whitening Body Scrub and then I'll do a beauty DIY.. (I have a specific request from a dear friend of mine who needs help.. So, here I am..hehe.. ^^)

Happy Blogging!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Something to think about.. ^^

You know, I think I really keen to write these days, and there's nothing better to store it rather than my fave pink notebook.. Isn't it cute or what?? ^^
So, this week I've been reading this book, A Success Story by Estee Lauder (great book.. you girls beauty lovers out there should read it, too..)
And it has goven me the inspiration to write this post..
You see, I've been a big fan of Estee Lauder since a long time ago, I even have her Pleasure Perfume! Look! ^^
This is the exotic edition from the Pleasure, it has more a bit of tropical essence in it..
The notes are fusion of Mango Passion Fruit Cocktail, Citrus Fruits and sweet Lychee with Island Bamboo flowers, Orangeblossom and Bougainvillea Vine. Sounds delicious.. ^^
Anyway, I've been writing in this notebook about my fave topic a.k.a beauty, of course.. And I want to share it with you! ^^
Page 1

You know, I've been thinking lately. About beauty and all that.
I've recently read a book, a biography of Estee Lauder herself, who wrote about her life, her process in achieving success. I learn so much from reading this book. It's such a great book and with the most enchanting words.. I adore her so much (I have her perfume, Pleasure!)
If there's one person who really knows beauty and love beauty, then it must be her.. ^^
One thing that she and I have in common is: we love fragrances (and make up, of course!) She wrote in that book, "But fragrance, I knew, was much more than a signature, it was a whole personality!"
And for the record, I do have a rich and varied perfume wardrobe (not that big, though.. I'm still a perfume collector in training.. ^^)
And there's more about Estee Lauder that I love.. Her perspective about beauty itself (that's something to think about)
I think it's right and fair if we say that beauty is the right of every woman. We all have it, and we deserved it.
But sometimes, we can't do it ourselves, we need help. Now that's where makeup is there
page 2
to help you.. ^^
I must tell you, I was so fascinated by her words in this book. I mean, not all of us were born with the face and body like supermodels. We are not in size ZERO (not me, obviously.. I'm in size 10-12).
But we should all feel beautiful.
Because beauty is the will to be beautiful (p. 213). No matter how old you are, how much you weigh.. it's all in the heart, baby.. ^^ You're gonna shine..
It sounds really easy, right? But, it does! I mean, all of you beauty bloggers out there.. No matter where you come from, what your skin tone is, your skin conditions are, we all want to be beautiful. We've spent many hours in front of our computer, typing those words, reviewing products, testing new mascara, and all that.. It's all because we have a will inside our heart to be beautiful. That's the main reason..
And the second in line, after we have found our passion, is the product. Which will help us throughout the way to achieve that.
So, that's it. My writing that's pouring out just like that.. Feels so good after I've gotten them out and put them here in this post..hehehe..
And you know I'm not gonna finish this post without showing you my brand new nail. Here are they! ^^
Me wearing The Face Shop Nail Color. It's the perfect pink shade for me, not too dark, too light.. Just like ice pink-ish shade.. I only applied one layer in my nail in this photo. I think it's perfect, but you can apply 2 layers if you want stronger color. For me, I love this color! ^^
Here is the number, PK 104, in case you're interesting.. ^^

For the next post, I'll review the Shinzui Skin Lightening Body Scrub that Denysia from has been asking about..

Have a nice weekend! ^^

On the Budget Beauty Haul.. ^^

So, I've done some beauty shopping this week, I usually do this in Guardian store or at department store beauty counter.. (it's on the budget! ^^)

The items: (Left-Right)

1. Ovale Essential Vitamin Face Rejuvenation ( I will review this because Mapple from the ask me to review it is, girl! ^^ )

2. Shinzui 2in1 Cleansing Milk (a must have.. the formula suits my skin.. it doesn't irritate my skin..)

3. Shinzui Sakura Whitening Body Scrub (I'm running out of body scrub, so I want to try this..)

4. L'Oreal Excellence Hair Color in Red (I'm turning myself into a red hair, yay! ^^)

5. Mustika Ratu Hand & Foot Spray (Love this! If my feet is tired when I caught up in a traffic jam, this is my feet's saviour.. really! Its cooling effect works wonder.. Very relieving..)
It's Indonesia's product, it contains lemon oil, lemongrass oil, basil oil, ginger oil, and vitamin A, E,F, H.. What a great product!! ^^

6. Garnier Masks, one is the Cucumber (Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Self Heating Sauna Mask) for oily skin, and the other one is the Lemon (Garnier Light Whitening Tissue Mask) for whitening..

7. Biore Pore Pack in Sakura and Green Tea edition.. Who doesn't know this?? Really really important.. ^^

8. Mentholatum USA Acnes Medicated Powder Lotion.. I use this as mattifier.. it controls the oil in my skin.. ^^

9. Mentholatum USA Acnes Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask.. It works great, I've used it before, and my skin feels softer..

10. Biore Shower Cream Sakura Sensation.. I love anything with sakura scent! ^^

After I got this Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Self Heating Sauna Mask, I can't wait to use it. I haven't been using this for a while, but now I'm back! ^^
Review: it has a texture like a mud pack, actually.. but it's kinda light green-greyish in color. When you apply it to your face, it feels warm. And the more you rub it, it's getting warmer. Like it's being steamed.. It's like in spa or sauna, true.. Anyway, the result after I'm using this, my skin felt soft and supple, and the oil (I feel it) is controlled. Likey! ^^

But, after that, you must realize, oh-so-oily-skin-beholder out there, when you do this, you technically wipe out the oil, dirt, and sebum out of your face, and after that, you need to put some moisture in there, to make sure it's not lack of good essence. Otherwise, you will feel like your skin is all dried up, so not good.

So, I want to share my beauty tips that I personally use, in here.. ^^

*Use face vitamin to fill your skin with all of the good essence*
You can find any of those in any brand out there.
Me, I'm using these:
Ovale Essential Vitamin Face Rejuvenation
the bottle.. it has 30 capsules in it..
It has the shape like an apple, right?? And it's red.. Tiny-tiny apple..hehe.. ^^

The inside is like a transparent gel/lotion, that is so smooth, just like a face primer.. When I smell it, I think it has a lemon scent, or maybe it's apple?? Anyone know? ^^ The ingredient is apple oil, though.. But I really think I smell lemon-citrus scent.. Oh well..
Anyway, it will glide on your skin and make it so soft.. But for you who has oily skin, do this at night only.. Because it does contain oil in it (apple oil).. But if you use this at night, you'll be fine.. When I woke up in the following morning, I felt my skin is so fresh and all boostened up.. =)

So, that's it for my post today.. Sorry for the lack of update, been really busy.. >_<
But because it's Saturday tomorrow (Yay!), I will be posting again, maybe something different,hehe..
Love you all!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tagged: 6 Things That Make Me Happy.. ^^

Wow! I've been tagged! Yay! ^^
And this time, it's about what are the 6 things that can make happy:
Well, I know exactly what they are:

1. My family
These are my dad, my bro, and my mom..
Yes, we argue.. and lots of quarrel.. But we still love each other, we have the best times in our life, and we'll always do.. ^^

2. The Beach
I've always love the beach.. and I have a wish someday to have my honeymoon on a beach.. (Dreaming is OK, right?? ^^)

3. Fragrances..
I love fragrances! My fave are cherry blossom (sakura), lavender, and vanilla musk..
It's a must-have in my bag.. ^^

4. Books!
Books and more books..
You know.. my eyes would go wild whenever I enter a bookstore.. I loveee to read (as much as I love to write..) I could spend hours in a bookstore.. and it's not just for magazines, but for "real"
books, like literature, psychology, romance novels.. non-fiction books.. I love them all! My curent wishlist for books right now is the Mireille Guiliano's book = French Women for All Seasons.. I have her 1st book, French Women Don't Get Fat The Secret of Eating for Pleasure and I love it! It's really an inspiration.. ^^
I know.. I love everything French..hehe..
5. Skincare..Beauty Product.. (you know the drill)
It's a passion, actually.. (that's why my blog's url is passionfor-beauty! duh.. ^^)
Whenever I'm near skincare and beauty product, I'm happy.. Or when I see it, I'm happy..
Obvious, right??

6. Praying
You know, I don't intend to make myself looks like a very religious person, I'm still a normal human being, I have flaws and minuses.. But, I have to admit, I love to pray, read the bible and I enjoy going to church.. I feel happy and contented when I pray..And I'm not ashamed of it.. ^^
If you have a beautiful heart, it will be seen through from the outside, right??

So, that's it, people.. The 6 things that make me happy..
What about you??

I tag:
Priscilla Verblind

PS: Thank you Fuyumini who tagged me... ^^