Monday, December 7, 2009

"A Piece of Me” – I’m IN!!! ^^

chocolateShirley from is hosting this game of “A Piece of Me”, and since there are so many bloggers out there playing this game, I decided to join in the fun! ^^ So, the rules are to answer this 5 simple questions and… post it on every 1st Sunday of every month in your blog, sounds like fun, right?? ^^

Here are my answers.. ^^

1. I like: CHOCOLATE!! I’m so into chocolate these days.. I HAVE to eat chocolate every day after my meals, it’s a must-dessert for me.. I don’t care about my diet anymore when I see those tasty choc in the fridge! LOL.. ^^ (Right now we have 2 chocolate bars in there, Delfi Golden Almond Milk Chocolate and Cocoa Belgian Hazelnut.. Yum..) Oh well, it’s all in my genes, actually.. My whole family love chocolate (and ice cream, too!), so I guess that makes sense, hahaha.. ^^

2. I don’t like: that good things are always seem to end so fast! You see, for the last couple days. me and my friends, we were filming a short movie for our campus project, we did a hilarious comedy movie about our college life.. ^^ I really enjoyed the process of making the movie, (btw I was the Camerawoman no. 2!) but why… after the good things and the laughter we’ve been through, it has to come to “The End”?? *literally* I miss making movie again! *sob*

OK, call me a melancholic person, but I do love to be with my friends and cherish the great moment together.. =)

The feeling is like when you’re watching a movie, and you’re sad that it has come to the end of the show.. The movie has a happy ending, but you’re sad cause it’s over.. =(

3. I want you to know: that I have 2 BFF in campus, and we named our trio, “KFC” for Kristin, Frista, and Ceecile.. what do we have in common?? Hmm.. A lot! haha.. ^^ We spend every day in campus together, and we’re so close.. *group hug*

4. I’ve planned: to expand my blog!!! ^^ I’ve been planning to expand this lovely beauty blog to the next level, I want to order a custom layout it and probably (maybe) buy a domain name next year.. Wish me luck, everyone.. ^^ This is a big step for me, and I have to plan this carefully.. I’ll keep you updated! =)

5. I want to say to someone special: "I want to see you soon!! It’s been so long since we last met..” OK, this is getting too personal, haha.. ^^ But since some of you have requested to post something personal about me, I’m gonna share this for you: “When I have a *ehm-ehm* feeling to someone, I’ll be a super shy person! It’s so awkward, I know.. *blushing* I can’t really hide my feelings.. My friends (and especially mom) are really sensitive about this, so that’s why I can’t lie on them, haha.. ^^

Ok then, this is my entry for this month, I’m a new player here, so I invited all of you to join too!  ^^

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