Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One short post - Holiday Wishlist! ^^

Hello everyone! Actually I've prepared a longer post for this time, but alas.. my usb cable is gone missing.. T_T (again!) If you follow my Twitter, you maybe have known this.. How am I suppose to upload the photos now, eh?? >_<
So, to make it up, I'm posting this!

My holiday wishlist.. ^^

I see so many bloggers out there having wishlist posted on their blog, so I think.. Why not join the fun?? Who knows.. (God, I know You're hearing this.. hehe.. ^^ Amen!)

There are also some gadgets in there, which I'm dying to get on my hands right now.. Blackberry Gemini in black, Macbook Pro, and.. Canon Digital Ixus camera... *sigh*
And for the beauty products, I guess most of you are familiar with them! I'm so craving for Jill Stuart, especially for their Jelly Eye Color and Mix Blush Compact, they're so pretty!! ^^
Oya! That Clinique Turnaround series are good for anti dullness, so if you want a New Year with a brighter skin.. (by you, I mean me, too..) just go ahead and grab them! ^^

That beige clutch bag with a bow is an exception though.. I saw it in the Polyvore site, and I just fell in love with it.. *sighing again*


By the way, my bro, Josh is having his 16th birthday today!! Everybody say Happy Bday to Josh!! ^^ He's 16 year old now.. Getting more and more mature and.. he just asked the permission to drive his own car! Oh dear.. I guess you'll have to wait till next year, OK?? haha.. ^^
We don't have any special party or anything, just a simple celebration with family.. But you know, I just love being with my family.. And here I wanna say.. "Love you bro!! ^^ Thank you for being the most wonderful brother in the world.. And I do mean it.." =)

OK then.. See you on the next post! ^^

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