Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not-so-sudden Obsession for Pink! + Bourjois Lipstick Review


OK, the title above is so true, when I visited the mall today, I realized that I have a (well, not so) sudden obsession for pink hair accessories. Just like when I was a kid. My eyes go wild when I see those little trinkets here and there, I wanted to buy them all! ^^ But thank goodness I can control myself and just bought these..


Well, it’s not too much, isn’t it?? LOL.. When I was browsing the stuff, people must be thinking I’m buying these for my little sister, hahaha.. They must be surprised if they know that these are for ME! muahahaha.. ^^ (ps: I don’t have a little sister, just Josh, my lil bro, hehe..)

Here are the closer look of them..

bow These bows are my faveee.. It’s pink! ^^

cute These have lace in it, very cute.. ^^

cutee Oh my, they’re too kawaii!! ^^

acc 3 different colors! I love them all.. ^^

me and bow

Here’s the pic of me wearing the bows.. Yes, I just dyed my hair, but it doesn’t really shown in here, huh?? More fotd next after the review! ^^



Bourjois Dr. Glamour Lipstick in Rose requinque no. 17

The descripstion from the website:

“Dr Glamour

The perfect prescription!
Intensive moisturising lipstick.

With Docteur Glamour, the innovative formula contains a triple effect that gets to work as soon as it's applied. Benefit from an intensive moisturizing effect, achieved by blending two moisturizing, ultra-nourishing vegetable oils, mango butter and shea butter, giving you hours of moisture in one application. Smooth and rich, it glides on in an instant. The collection of shades is enriched with reflective pearls and coats your lips in soft and radiant color.”

About the texture, hmm.. the lipstick does feel a bit creamy to me.. It glides on easily on my lips. Really moisturizing, yes.. And the color: I love the color! ^^ It’s the Barbie Pink color that I’ve always wanted, hehe.. =) Here are the close up and swatches:


In reality, it’s a bit paler than this, sorry for the bad lighting.. =P lipp You can see it’s a bit creamy, right? So it’s not matte at all.


Well, I think it’s a very nice lipstick, but it doesn’t really last long enough on me.. I’m not sure, but maybe because it’s so hot these days so my lips tend to get dry faster.. To solve this, I just use lipbalm under it, and it’s good to go! ^^

Will I repurchase again? Yes! But in a different color, of course.. ^^ I want to try something peachy next time.. =)

OK, so this is my FOTD wearing this lipstick, I got a few bumps on my cheeks! =P


And this is the another one, different lighting.. ^^


Oh wait, I want to introduce you there’s the new BFF in the house!  Ms. Froggy and Ms. Bunny, hehe.. ^^ When I was taking the pictures above, I thought that they’d look so cute together! <3


I’ll see you at the next post! ^^

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