Sunday, December 20, 2009

How I Wash My Brush + Joshua’s Birthday Report! ^^

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday to you all! I’ve been meaning to write this post like, forever, hehe.. ^^ So here it goes!

I’ve seen so many brush washing tips everywhere in the net, but I think I have to make my own version of it, so this is how I wash my brush.. ^^

wash brush

Ms. Froggy on the background, hehe.. Here you see there are the tools that I use for washing my brush. 2 bowls, with lukewarm water in it, baby milk bath (I use one from Johnson’s), and.. Dettol. Hmm? Sounds a bit odd, eh? Well, it’s my own-specially-developed way to thoroughly clean cosmetic brush, muahahahaha.. ^^

The steps:

milk bath Pour the baby milk bath to the 1st bowl, not too much.. You can measure it yourself.


Time for a bath! It took less than a minute to wash this foundation brush. Swirl here, swirl there.. ^^

Ok, if you think that it’s clean enough, than moving on to the next step..


Now..Antiseptic! Don’t use too much, a half/third of the bottle cap is enough.

The reason why I chose Dettol because I think the brush is supposed to be clean, hygienic, and free from nasty germs..

If I only wash it with the baby milk bath/shampoo, it’s not clean enough for me.

So, it’s like washing your clothes, right? Use detergent only, fine.
But it’d be better if you use the softener, hehe.. 

dettol2    OK! You can swirl it a bit, but remember to put it there for a while, for me it’s less than a minute.

If you worry about the smell, don’t worry.. Think as if it’s a treatment for your brush. I don’t mind about the smell, anyway.

I think it’s a good sign for a clean and healthy brush! ^^

OK, now that you’re almost done.

Go rinse it off with your tap/running water.

And then,


Find a clean towel, gently press the brush on it. Don’t press too hard! ^^

Just make sure it’s not damp. The drier it is, the better.

This process takes less than 5 minutes per brush, so it’s really quick and easy peasy! ^^


Here’s the thing, I usually wash my brush at night, so after all the steps above are done, I’ll just leave them lying there in my room overnight.

So the next morning when I want to use it, it’s dry already!


Wash your brush as often as you can, but for me, 2-3 times a week is OK. I do use them everyday, but since I use this method, they’re not as dirty as it’s used to be. They’re much cleaner and healthier for my face. ^^ Hope it helps you!

ps: How do you wash your brush anyway?? Do Share some of your tips here too, OK?? ^^




Oh wait, there’s a special report from Josh bday!

josh bday

YAY!!! ^^ Sixteen already?? LOL
Gosh, time does fly so fast.. ^^

(We all love blackforest cake, btw..hehe.. Yummy!)

josh mom A kiss and birthday wishes from my mom… ^^

josh eating cake

Just look at him eating that cake! Yum..

On a sidenote, he ate a 1/4 of that cake on his first round! Wuahahahaha.. ^^


Oya, Josh is a big fan for chocolate chip cookies. So we bought a jar of them. So beautifully wrapped, don’t you think so?? ^^


The cookies were so big, it’s almost the size of my palm! ^^

It’s so delicious.. =)

It’s not overbaked, so it’s not like dry cookies. We love it to the max!!!

Josh was the one supposedly to eat it first, after all, it’s his bday.. But..

mama n cookies

Mom ate it first!!! Hahahahaha..

Look at her expression.. Full of joy.. ^v^

(Of course la, who can resist the yummyness of a chocolate chip cookies, eh?? ^^)


I’ll see you at the next post! If you haven’t entered the giveaway, enter now!!

It’s almost Christmas and the giveaway’s due is approaching fast!!!

Happy Holiday to you all.. ^^

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