Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beauty Regime, How I keep my whole body fair.. ^^

Hello everybody!
This is my answer-post for what Aicha has asked me before in cbox, "How do I keep my whole body fair??"

Well, First and foremost, I’m actually very blessed with this fair skin of mine..
You see.. I don’t have much problem with it, it’s not dry, or oily (except for my face!) and it’s always behaving well, thank God.. ^^
I know I haven’t wrote about this before, so I think, why not?? But I do remind you, this is not like any other website told you to do. This is how I keep my whole body fair, just as reference.. ^^

For the basics: (very easy, maybe you all have done this in your daily life..)

1. Cleanse
When I’m showering, I don’t really use beauty body wash and all that, right now I’m using the Biore Body Foam Daily Antiseptic. But if you want to, you can use those whitening body wash. Choose carefully though! ^^
2. Exfoliate
I usually exfoliate with my Shinzui Body Scrub and Yoko Milk Salt, 2-3 times a week. It helps on removing dead cells, and makes my skin smooth..
3. Moisturize
I have many body lotions, but I’m gonna be honest with you, if I don’t have the time to apply it, I’ll skip it and rushing my way to go to campus! I rarely use sunblock on my body (yeah, honestly) because I still haven’t find my HG sunblock. Suggestion, anyone??

OK, you might be wondering, I don’t wear any whitening body wash, exfoliate normally, rarely use any body lotion and sunblock *the horror*, but why, oh why.. My skin still so radiant and fair??

Hmm.. The first and most logical answer would be lying in my genes, hehe..
Since I was little, if I lay out in the sun and got sunburned or tan, my skin would automatically return as usual, fair. Just like a snake skin, it will peeled out and grow a new layer of fair skin in 3 days.. Weird, huh? But that’s the way it is.. I’m not lying..

So, if it’s not from a beauty product or some fancy body lotion, then what it is??

JENG-JENG-JENG.. *sound effect, please..*

Let me introduce you to my “real” beauty regime, pay attention closely! ^^

You see, I’m a such avid tea drinker, I drink 3 types of tea for 3 times of day, everyday..
In the morning, I drink Twining Earl Grey Tea, it has bergamot infused in it, and as you know, bergamot is very good for our body.. It has benefit to treat many bad skin condition such as oily skin, acne, eczema, etc. Since I drink this, I feel improvements in my skin.

In the afternoon, I drink Green Tea, should I say more about the benefits of green tea?? ^^ It can help you detoxify all the toxic in your body, and maintain your healthy and younger look, of course cause it’s anti oxidant.. And.. it’s a natural sunscreen! ^^

In the evening, I drink Rosella Tea, very very good for your body and skin..
I took it from “Each 100 g contains 260-280 mg of vitamin C, vitamin D, B1 and B2. Vitamin C 3 times, black grapes, 9 times as much citrus, 10 times bigger than star fruit and fruit 2.5 times higher than vitamin C in guava (kelutuk). Also Rosella Tea contains high CALCIUM (486 mg / 100 g), Magnesium and Omega 3. Rosella tea is also enriched Vitamin A, Iron, Potassium, Beta Caroten & Acid Essential”

Sounds really amazing, right?? My mom discovered this tea just about 4 months ago, and we’ve been drinking this Rosella tea ever since, also you know what?? It’s good for your diet, too! My mom lost almost 20 pounds since drinking this for 4 months! ^^ WOW!

Maybe you’re wondering, so this is your “real” beauty regime??? Uh-huh! ^^ Let me tell you something, if you want radiant and glowy skin, don’t rely too much on that fancy and expensive beauty products.. Really-really.. I’m telling you this based on my experience.. Beauty products are only the helping tools from the outside.. You mustn’t become "too" dependent on them.. It doesn't mean that I'm telling you to skip your sunscreen, nah..

But, let me tell you this.. Health and beauty really go side by side.. ^^ But since you’re asking me how I keep my whole body fair, let me share my secret recipes (well, not so secret anymore, hehe.. ): this is for you, Aicha! and for all my readers.. ^^

Number 1. Use a toner to wipe your skin before going to bed. It helps to remove dead skin cells off. And it’ll make your skin fresher and smoother! Use a mild toner, with no alcohol content.. It works like a makeup remover to your skin’s body.. Use this even after your night bath. Jeanjean from also use this way..

Number 2. I bring baby wipes everywhere I go, it works wonders! ^^ To prevent my skin from getting dull because of dirt, smoke, or bad air outdoor during the day, I use baby wipes to cleanse my skin, it can remove all the dirt and that dullness from my skin. Right now I’m using Cussons Baby Natural Care Thick Wipes with Almond Oil, Alcohol Free, the one with the pink! package, hehe.. (always a pink-lover.. ^^) Baby wipes are mild enough for your skin, and also it has almond oil in it, very good for your skin.. Very moisturizing.. ^^

You see?? It’s easy, right?? No expensive beauty products.. Just easy tips and tricks to help you getting your fair, glowing, and radiant skin.. If you want to ask me anything or request a post about any topic, just write a comment here! I’ll be happy to hear your feedback! ^^ I’ll see you at the next post! ^^


  1. thanks so much for sharing, very nice post :)

  2. omg omg!! exactly what i am looking for, wahh...thanks so so much >_<

    now, i must go and buy tea !

    and also wipes,

    hmm...but do u use any special scrub or lotion?
    can u do that for your next post, if you have the time too and i mean if u want to :p

    greatly appreciated!! thanks!!

  3. huii .. nice post ^^ I do the scrub and body lotion too. I usually scrub 2 times a week. Body lotion is a must for me. I finish a bottle of lotion quickly. I used to apply the lotion on my hand and feet only. But since a month ago I apply it to the whole body. Actually it's kinda hard to reach my back :)
    I'm afraid of aging honestly wahahahha ...
    I drink the green tea as well. I take two cups a day and it helps me to control my weight. After reading your article, I will take the rosela as well

  4. I enjoyed reading about ur beauty regime, I just started scrubing my body like last year,isn't that weird..I am really too lazy for these things^^;...I love uridea about drinking tea but we don't have that Rosella tea..too bad..I seriously think u should share more of ur beauty tips^^

  5. aww thanks !i will find that rosella and earl grey tea !hehe

  6. wait a second,BTW,where did u get that rosella n earl grey tea from?LOL
    thanks !

    I ++fave this post! I wish I was also blessed with fair skin. But I'm more into golden tones. I like it but sometimes I prefer to be 3 shades lighter and with a pink undertone. But alas...

    I think what you said about health going hand in hand with beauty is so true. The sad fact is I am a junkfood addict. And I really dislike the bitter flavor of tea. I tried chamomile but it was so icky! I never tried another...

    Thanks for giving me great ideas!! Sorry I just logged in online now so I just read this. But you are awesome! Thanks again cee