Friday, December 25, 2009

Announcement! My Giveaway winners are.. ^^

Ho Ho Ho!


It’s already past 24pm in Indonesian time (GMT+7).. So it’s time to round up the giveaway details, shall we?? ^^

Let’s see..

There are 67 (sixty seven) comments here in my giveaway post..

56 (fifty six) People that joined..

And 100 (one hundred!) entries that I counted!

Phew.. That’s quite a long list! ^^

And so…

Ladies and Gentlemen..

The winner for my 100th followers giveaway is..












“Lipton Tee”

Congratz to you!!!

And next.. the moment that you all have been waiting for..

“muahahahaha…” *big echoing voice*

the prize for my special Christmas giveaway is…


xmas giveaway

a closer look…


This would be a very cute wallet for your coins..or your lipstick!

nyx lip

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in Fig, the SA told me it’s their bestselling color. Gotta love this! ^^

vov nails

New year means new nails! LOL..

I also have the another one that is similar but with more glitter in it.. ^^

za sunscreen

ZA Power Block UV Sunscreen SPF40-PA+++

I bought this cause of the high SPF, hope you like it! ^^

nyx eyeshadow

NYX Eyeshadow palette

I LOVE this color.. Blue is gonna be hot for next year, I tell you that! haha.. I’m your beauty forecast girl! ^^


This is so pretty.. I love butterfly..

This is handmade in Indonesia, so that’s why it’s so special..

When you wear these earrings, remember me! lol ^^


It wouldn’t be Christmas without the Santa Claus, right?

So I bought you this! It’s so small and cute.. ^^

ho ho ho.. *bell clinging*


And for the little trinkets, I have..

~TFS mask sheets in Vita B, C, E

~TBS mask sheets Rice Bean and Aloe Vera

~ TFS samples of Quick & Clean Oil Free BB cream

~TFS sample of Green Tea Fine Foam Facial Cleanser

~ TBS samples of Aloe Soothing Day Cream


after getting yourself drooling for those prizes above,

let me announce the winner..





I’ll contact you guys right away and please please please respond soon to tell me your address, OK?


Thank you everyone for joining!

For you who haven’t won this, nah.. don’t be sad..

I’ll have another giveaway pretty soon, so keep tuning in! ^^

For the next post, I’m gonna post up some of me&family Xmas photos and my Xmas FOTD.

See you at the next post,




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