Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Lamp + SJP & Dior Perfume Review! ^^

I just bought a new lamp! ^^ Cute, isn't it?? And it's PINK! lol.. ^o^
It's from Philips, and it has energy saving sign on it, so I thought, "Why not?? I do need it anyway.."
Here is the actual lamp, again, it's a lil dark here, cause I made this post at night.. I'm planning to make a white box with it, just like this picture below.. ^^
picture from
OK, camera CHECK, cute pink lamp CHECK, but the thing is now.. the white box.. I'm still thinking now how to make this white box.. Any suggestion, anyone?? Simple way will do.. ^^

Oh well, of course you don't actually think that this post was just about this (cute) lamp, right?
Of course not la..hehe.. Cause now I'm gonna review this 2 new perfume that I bought at Jakarta like I said before, so here we go.. =)
I know, "I HEART PINK".. hehe.. These are the 2 new perfume that recently purchased..
Left: Lovely ~Sarah Jessica Parker~ Eau de Parfum 100 ml
Right: Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Banquet ~ Dior~ Eau de Toilette 100 ml

This is one of the major hit perfume here in Indonesia, I gotta tell you that.. It sold out like crazy and it's very popular among women! ^^

Look at the bottle.. It's so classy, simple yet elegant. I love the design. It doesn't have too much accessories on it, which is important.. =) It's created by Laurent le Gaurnec and Clement Gavarry. The Fragrance Notes are: mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, lavender, apple martini, patchouli, paper whites, orchid, cedar, white amber, musk and woods.

From the first spray, I can smell a strong and sharp scent instantly. I’m not a big fan of strong fragrance, I think the first impression was too strong and strucked my nose real hard. Or was it because it's Eau de Parfum? I usually wear EDT, so maybe my nose is not used to it.

But I think my mom loves it. She said to me, "This is the perfume that makes your head turn when you smell it." And that is true. When you wear this, people will notice that you smell good, hehe.. ^^

The mandarin note was soft, but it’s kinda woody, not too feminine. It's not that type of sweet floral fragrance, obviously SJP knew best.. ^^ I can't really smell the lavender, (I love Lavender!) but it's okay.. I think the head notes are really stood out, and it's melted on your skin. If you like citrus scent, then this is might be the one you're looking for.

After a while, it will dry down to more musky. I don't get the rosewood at all, cedar was really over the top. The heart notes really long lasting and in my opinion, it's getting better by the time.

And then, after a long.. time.. (I do mean it, a long time..) The musk and wood notes will linger on your skin.. The base notes here are really deep, which I found very appealing.. ^^

Bottomline: This SJP perfume really have character, and now I can see why so many women all over the world love it. I think it can be classified as woody citrus fragrance with a twist. 5 (Five) Stars! ^^

Ok, next is mine.. Oooh.. I'm so thrilled about it! ^^

This is Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Banquet 100 ml EDT by Dior. The bottle is so cutee.. ^^ It has ribbon on it and the color is pink!
Ok now, the review:
The notes are: Check the update below.. The notes were: mandarin in the head notes, peony in heart, and musk in base.

From the packaging itself, you can imagine that this must be a very sweet and girly perfume, hehe.. And it sure is! ^^

When you first spray it, the sweet scent will surprise your senses, with the combination of mandarin note gives you the fresh feeling. Really good start! The head notes make me falling in love to it.. ^^

After a while, it's getting sweeter! With a hint of floral notes, the peony is really soft. This is very flowery, but very subtle.. so if you like floral fragrance, go for it.. ^^

And then, as you can tell, the base notes, the musk is amazing! I can't stop smiling when I sniff my hand, hehe.. ^^ I love the dry down scent, it's so feminine.. =)
My friends told me I smell wonderful when I wear this Dior Cherie, I'm so happy!
Oh, and you know what? This fragrance is made specially and exclusively for us, Asian ladies.. ^^ How's that to make you feel special?? ^o^

Bottomline: I love this perfume.. And this is my signature scent! ^^ It's quite pricey, I know.. but you pay for a real good quality, so I think I can splurge on myself for this, hehe.. ^^
I'm classifying this as a sweet floral fragrance, perfect for young and sophisticated lady like me.. ^^


Well then, I guess that sums up the reviews, don't forget to comment, OK??
Let me know what your fave fragrances are, cause I'm a fragrance lover myself! ^^

And now, here's a picture of my lamp, saying good nite to all of you! =)
Isn't she cute?? Bye everyone.. Have a good nite sleep.. ^_^
G'nite! ^^

ps: update for Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Banquet notes...
This post has been updated and revised!
Turned out the list of notes that I put above before was for the original Miss Dior Cherie.. it's my mistake, I'm so sorry.. =(
I have revised this post, but since I can't find the complete list of the notes for this Blooming Banquet, so this is the best I can do..
Sorry again! If you have more question, please do ask and comment here! ^^


  1. the lamp is so cute! i've always wanted to try that dior fragrance. =) will probably drop by sasa to have a whiff of it

  2. such a kawaii lamp!!! luv it~

    xoxo elle

  3. hahah your lamp is sooo cute!!! i love random pink things :D

    I have the original Miss Dior Cherie, how does Blooming Bouquet compare? The packaging looks so princessy

  4. @freshelle: hehe.. she (my lamp, I have to think of a name for her) said thank you for the compliment! ^^

  5. @ p chan: hehe.. cutie, isn't it?? ^^
    happy trying for the fragrance! ^o^

  6. @withlove, elle: kawaii.. ^^ so many people love my lamp.. I think I have to make more posts with it, hehe.. ^^

  7. @tammy: hehe.. ^^ I think I have a word of inspiration here, "pink random things" aka PRK.. that will make a great tag word for my blog! thank you, tammy! ^^

    wow, you have the original one?? I always wanted those, the ads (shot in Paris) was so gorgeous.. I love it so much.. I only sniffed the tester a long time ago, and for comparison..
    The original Miss Dior Cherie was more juicier, sweet and fruity, while this blooming banquet was more flowery, and I think it's less sweeter and more subtle than the original one.. ^^

  8. That is indeed a cute lamp. My favourite perfume is currently J'adore from Dior. I must check out Miss Dior Cherie soon!

    Have a lovely week! :)

  9. kyaaa...such a lovely lamp...
    i wish i have that too....>.<

    recently i'm using Midnight Fantasy from Britney spears, she's my idol ^_^v

  10. @witoxicity: J'adore from Dior?? Ooohh.. I wanna try that! ^^ I read the review online that it's a floral fragrance,too! I love floral fragrance! ^^

    Have a lovely week to u, too! ^o^

  11. @lina_pinkylicious: hehe.. hello there, Lina! ^^
    you should buy something like that, too! you can use it to endorse your products, like your hello kitty and miss piggy.. it'll be fun! ^o^

    hmm.. Midnight Fantasy is a fruity and sugar-candy-like fragrance.. I think it suits you best! I have to sniff that out when I go to Jakarta this month.. hehe.. =)

  12. Your new pink Philipslamp looks so cute!
    Wow! Thats a lot of great parfumes!

  13. @crushycottage: Ms. Froggy (that's her name!^^) says "Thank You!" drop by again! ^^

  14. @anastacia: hehe... Ms. Froggy is so cute, isn't it?? I'll have more posts featuring her since so many people really love her appearance in this blog, hehe.. ^^
    I've seen your post about your beauty product collection, it inspires me to collect more of them..haha.. ^^