Monday, November 30, 2009

My 1st Giveaway!! YAY!! ^^

It's my 1st giveaway, yay! ^^ I'm doing this giveaway to show my deep appreciation to all my followers, readers, and fellow bloggers.. Thank you all so much!!!
I'm so excited about it, I have prepared it for a month here.. and since it's near Christmas already, there will be 2 prizes! One is for the 100th+ follower giveaway, and number two is for the Special Christmas Giveaway!
First is this,
left-right: (all of them are brand new)
PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) Martha Tilaar Powder Eye Shadow
Mustika Ratu Oxygenated Spray with Green Tea
Garnier Light Visible Whitening Face Powder
Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar Javanese Rose Body Scrub
Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar Javanese Rose Body Lotion
Ovale Essential Vitamin Face Rejuvenation
Biore Pore Pack in Sakura and Green Tea
The Body Shop Seaweed Day Cream samples

Here is the closer look for the prizes.. I've said that there will be Indonesian brand makeup and skincare, so here they are.. I hope you all will like it! ^^
PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) Martha Tilaar Powder Eye Shadow
Very shimmery.. Love the combination of the colors... ^^

Mustika Ratu Oxygenated Spray with Green Tea
I've used this since years ago, and I love it! It's one of my HG facial spray,
anti pollution and hydrating for the skin.. ^^
Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar Javanese Rose Body Scrub
Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar Javanese Rose Body Lotion
And this one is new! I tested their samples in the counter, and I thought, WOW.. the smell is so wonderful! (I love Rose..^^) I decided to give these 2 away cause I think it'll be a great prize for the winner! ^^

and these are the little trinkets, hehe.. ^^
Hope you like them!

The rules:
1. Open for anyone who reads my blog!
2. Open internationally
3. Real address, OK? I want to make sure it'll arrive safely..
4. The winner will be drawn using
5. Giveaway will end on Dec 25th 24.00 AM sharp in Indonesian time, of course.. I'll make the announcement via Facebook, Twitter, and this blog, too.. You won't miss it! ^^

How to Enter:
1. You have to be a follower..
2. Leave a comment here about what do you like about me and my blog.. (or whatever you'd like to say.. Help me to improve my blog, please! ^^)
3. Spread the word in your blog or Facebook or Twitter about this giveaway, and you'll get double entry! Who knows you'll get lucky! ^^


OK, till this part, you might be wondering, I said before as in my AB (Announcement Board) that this will also be my Special Christmas Giveaway, so where is the another prize, eh??
Haha.. Don't worry, cause I'll be Mrs. Santa Claus this year! There'll be another winner, but I won't show you the prize now, cause it's a surprise.. ^^ (If I show it to you now, where's the thrill, right??)
It'll be just like a kid waiting for Santa to come and give him a Christmas present! That's why I call this Special Christmas Giveaway.. ^^ (Ooohh... I can feel a huge curiosity there..hehe..)

I'll show you the second prize precisely on Christmas Day, and that means you won't see the price until the deadline, so be a good girl, OK??? ^^

Spread the word, spread the word..
*Santa Claus is coming.. to town..*


  1. stumbled upon your blog because of my obsession with bb creams( i know i am already late with this craze), currently interested with tfs bb cream ( thanks to you).And hope to see more bb creams review from you.btw cooool prizes. ^ ^

  2. Whoo, what a great giveaway!
    I'm already a follower! And I love your blog coz you give good makeup tips! I love learning tips and tricks from you :D
    Keep up the good work!

    I've posted about this on my blog sidebar!


  3. wow thanks for this giveaway!!
    i hope you know i'm a follower!!! i think the one thing i really like about your blog is it's so cheerful! be it the music you have playing, the layout of your blog (i think it's the pink lol) and even your's sooo cheerful! reading your blog totally makes my day!

  4. waaa ... ^-^ excited !!!! of course I like you .. we have a similar interest about beauty and pet hahahaha ..
    You put something new regularly on your blog and that's why your page is always interesting :)
    You have so many nice friends. Mostly friendly blogger I met are from your reference ..
    what else ... mm .. you were so kind to explain the steps of how to change template to me. Though I haven't found a suitable one (#^ . ^#)

    I'll spread the info surely :)

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! So excited and so glad I found your blog. I love reading blogs from writers of foreign asian countries (the products seem so much more exotic :p)

    I love your writing style because it makes reading so easy ^___^ I have reblogged about your giveaway here:

  6. Hey girl~ Very nice giveaway! I'm a follower of course =P And Love your blog because you do a good spectrum of product reviews.

  7. 1. Love your blog, I'm your 115th follower!
    I follow u under this funky name "Monkichi"

    2. Your blog is so great as it is, I scrolled around and everything is so fun to read about and so interesting and very helpful, Your blog is perfect!

    3. I spread the word and tweeted on twitter

  8. Congrats on all the followers!! What a cute giveaway

    I love your blog because you post about interesting products that sometimes we don't have over here in the US!

    I am going to be tweeting about your giveaway

    twitter id: amynaree

  9. ooooo so so so so pretty. I'm in.... I hope I win. hehehehe. Things i like about your blog... well, it is pretty relateable and fun to read, i love the colors and the layout. Things to improve: well, i love everything except for the music that plays automatically. That kinda caught me off guard and scared me, coz I had the volume up so high. hehehehe...But I still love your blog.

  10. Hi Ceecile^^..
    Thanks so much for inviting me to join ur fab giveaway, I really appreciate it.

    Things I love about ur blog? ur reviews, hauls,tags and posts about ur life.
    I don't think u need to improve anything, I love ur blog the way it is because it's ur unique style^^.

    Thanks for always dropping by , tagging and awarding me*

  11. ting tong!!
    hey I write about the giveaway


  12. i spread the word here sweetie:

    twit it here:

  13. Hi CeeCile! Congrats on your huge following! You've certainly put together some lovely goodies for your giveaway.

    I like it that you feature a wide variety of topics on your blog. I find it interesting to learn about what beauty products you can get in Indonesia and your reviews on them.

    Keep up the great work! :)

  14. why am i the last one to find ur blog??hehe
    hallo fellow indonesian!:P
    im so happy i found ur blog,honestly,there is nothing i dont like from ur blog,just maybe u can add price for comparison so ppl can compare
    by people i mean me
    thanks for hosting !
    wish me luck !hehe

  15. Hi! Thanks for this new contest with the super prizes! I really like how you blog about a ton of different topics!

    Blogged here:

  16. Hi... I'm your 128th followers.. ^^, I think your blog is good enough, many beauty review.. I really enjoy to read that.. love that..
    & I hope I will get the Giveaway.. Yiippiii.. ^___*
    wish me luck!!!
    see yaa...
    I'll post in my blog!

  17. I think a great way to improve your blog would be to host more giveaways lol.... nahh I'm just joking. I think you should do more reviews!

  18. 1. I think that I would love to read more about keeping the skin vibrant and really fair, because it seems like you have really nice pinkish fair skin and I would love to know how you personally do it!

    2. I would love more asian products to be featured here in your blog (maybe its because I am really partial to asian skin care!!!! there's too much focus on western skin care already)

    3. Also you can post about your day, we would like to know how you are doing as a person. :) Well if you're not into that, its okay too! :)

    4. What I love most most most most most about your blog is you have a BEAUTY ICON! And its one of the most prettiest girl in the world, BoA~~ I love her. It makes me want to search for my own beauty icon too! Maybe Song Hye Kyo? Too impossible! She's like an angel! I'll search for other beauty icons and put it on my sidebar too.

    thanks for holding this giveaway, I will put this on the top of my sidebar!

  19. I am a new follower of your blog .

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  21. 3. I spread the word on my blog eventhough I only have a few followers but here is the link -

  22. I love that you give thorough reviews on products instead of just saying you "liked it/hated it" you say what you liked and didn't like and you also do recommendations. Example: skincare: you recommend if its for people with dry skin, oily skin, etc!

    I posted about your giveaway on my blog:

    Thank you

  23. Hello!

    imma follower :)

    ur blog is fun but id like to see more! more reviews, your pics, FOTD, and what you wear.

    i posted the giveaway on my blog. here is the link


  24. hi i am a follower , as i love ur blog its so pretty and love the way u included Indonesian products in ur giveways, tat makes u sweet and considerate :)I really like the clean, uncluttered feel of it,i have bookmarked it so i can read it in my free time :0

    my email

    i blogged and tweeted abbout it

    blog :

    twiiter id is makeupdivaa

  25. hi girl..
    I'm a follower.. ;)
    If I had known your blog from long time ago, I must have had been a follower much earlier.. :)
    I love that your blog is reviewing lotsa Korean beauty product which I'm pretty curious to try
    And it seems that you love Indonesian products as well, your giveaway tells it
    If I may suggest, if it's convenient to you, maybe you can set your comment into "anyone can comment".. so that people can directly leave their blog URL.. ;)
    However, it is really your choice of convenient and doesn't affect the value of your lovely blog

    Thanks for throwing this fab giveaway.. oh, those are products I really rave.. so fingers cross now.. ;)

    I blog about this here

    I tweet about it here

  26. hii, I'm a new follower :) i'm indonesian, live in jakarta.

    love your beauty review with tons of pics, and you review local products that i can find in shopping malls.
    i've abandoned my blog so i wont post your giveaway there

  27. Hi there ,
    iam a follower
    I love your blog specially the beauty products review the most
    I Post it in my twitter and blog

  28. hey, of course i am a follower. I love all your detailed reviews.

    and I blogged about your giveaway here

  29. I'm a new follower!
    I love your blog coz it simple and chic..
    i love also your reviews!

    blog about your giveaway:

  30. Hi! I knew you are a follower of mine but I never realized that you had a blog!! =O I'm following now ;) Better late than never =P

    So far, I love drooling all over the Asian goodies you have access to >_< and you reviews. One suggestion or two of mine would be to de-clutter the sidebars a bit ;) & I don't know why, but your page is quite wide on my browser [Firefox] You don't have to fix these if you don't want to, I won't be bothered much ;)

    I also blogged about your giveaway!

    I also retweeted!
    My username is xMaterialGirlsx

  31. Hi there and congrats!
    I love read about products that I don't find in my seems so special...and I hope that one day I would try them! ;)

  32. Hi Ceecile! For some reason I thought I've already entered but turns out I haven't LOL

    Congratulations on hitting 100 hun^^

    I've blogged about your giveaway on my post here:

  33. ceecile, u're fabulous thats why we all luv ya & followed ya! to me, its not just ur interesting posts (coz i learn so many new things from ya) but i jes find that ur blog is so interesting wif the sidebars, and links that u provide to us (yes im those bimbo that click on any links ;p) so i usually starts my web read by going to ur blog first! so i hope u have a fabulous successful giveaway & thanks! good luck everyone!

    ps, i RT here:

    xoxo elle

  34. I like the layout and where you placed the images. The banner is veryyyy nice; it goes with everything on your layout. You have really good music. (: Am a follower.
    [posted it up!]

  35. hi! new follower here :)

    i like reading about ur hauls :D

    posted ur giveaway on my blog:

  36. 2. I love how cute your blog is and it has a warm cheerfulness to it which is nice to see ! thank you :)

  37. New follower here huN!

    Enter me.

    What I like about your blog are your reviews coz they're helpful. And I like your blog's layout too coz it's so chic. :)

    Posted about your giveaway here:

    Take care!

  38. New follower, joining your give-away contest.

    You've done a great job with your blog, interesting and nice lay-out here. Wishing you all the best in life.!

    posted @

  39. i'm a new follower of your blog!! luv your give away so much... :)

    i found your blog while searching about beauty stuff,, i think your blog very interesting and informative,, u'r review helping me so much

    I spread your giveaway here

  40. Hey!

    New follower here!

    I like your blog cuz it's lovely, you have music rolling and some great reviews of products I've never heard of. The only thing that bother me is that my PC almost dies when it tries to open your page. It needs minutes to open it. It seems it is a bit overloaded.

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

    My mail:

    Thank for hosting this=)

  41. I`m a new follower :)
    I`ve been reading your blog and I like it because there are interesting reviews of products. I also like a lot the swatches because they help me to compare colors.
    I tweeted:

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  42. Please enter me!

    I am a follower :)
    I like how your blog layout has a clean look to it without being boring. Colour is important but you kept it neat by using light colours and images that add interest. There's nothing on here that makes my eyes tired. Also, your writing has a cute personality :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    lunawhisper at

  43. ThanQ for share such sweet prizes!
    I am already your reader/follower but not for long time and I really don't know more about you!
    But I like your blog of course because it all about beauty 'n stuff. But for some reason it loading for so long time :(

  44. Congrats on your 100 followers, and tanks for this giveaway!

    First of all, I like the layout of your blog a lot - cute and girly. Also love the super clear photos you take, and the details you write about the products. Keep up the good work! ;)

  45. Hi!
    I'm a new follower and I gotta tell you I'm loving your blog!
    I've read through a couple of your posts and I like how you take a lot of pictures (for people like me who are very visual) and I LOVE your detailed reviews.
    Especially the skin care ones, because like you said, the search for the perfect skin product is never-ending! lol
    I'm definitely adding you to my blogroll! :)

    Sandra :)

  46. oops, I forgot to leave my email!

    keeping my fingers crossed! :)


  47. Hi, i am a follower
    i love your blog because you review many products clearly :)



  48. count me in ^^
    i'm a new follower, found your blog randomnly by blogwalking, so i can't really say much yet. but i like what i see so far. oh and you're really cute ^_^
    i mean that in a non-creepy way of course haha

  49. join me.. ur blog, im also a garnier and pac user..

    posted your link here

  50. ceecile, i've posted ur link too ^_^V

  51. So I just started following your blog but I gotta say, I like the overall look, colors, feel and your writing style! Great job! :)

    My only suggestion would be working on the header bc the picture looks a little scrunched up and its hard to read the title of your blog on it.

    Beyond that, awesome job and great giveaway!


  52. I posted about your giveaway in my blog! Here's the link:

    Thanks for making it open worldwide. :)


  53. I am a follower.
    This giveaway is great!
    I like reviews and giveaways for products that I have not tried or seen before.

  54. I tweeted:

  55. Hello!

    I am a follower!!!
    Huge giveaway, i love your blog but i find the reviews very helpful.


  56. Hi! I'm a new follower, but I love your blog. It's laid out well and is easy to read...and is chock full of beauty info! Perfect!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  57. I'm a new follower. I like the reviews you give on the products and all the information you have on your blog. Very good work!!
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  58. I am following. I love your reviews and the layout of your blog. It's very easy to find information
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  59. Hello!
    I'm a follower =) I really like your reviews and other posts too xD

    This giveaway is awesome!

    I'm spreading the word in my blog (on the sidebar):

    Thank you for this opportunity!

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    I'm a follower and I like your reviews and the layout (specially that book thingie on the right side - i love books:)).
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    it's just that I follow your blog.
    is very beautiful and simple ... nice, keep it up.
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  65. I'm a new follower :D
    But i love beauty blogs, so i'll came more often!
    I posted about the giveaway here:
    thanks for this giveaway!

  66. Hi!
    I think your blog is fantastic!
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  67. Yay I am a follower!! I just read through your entire blog! lol. I love the reviews and I love reading about brands not available in the U.S.

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  68. Hi!!!
    I'm a follower and I like your blog because is really interesting to read
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  69. Found your blog randomly, but I love your reviews.


    Heyyy! I'm a new visitor to your blog and I love ittttt!! keep up the good work!! :)

    semangat yaaaa!