Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hallo everybody!! ^^ How are you??
I bet you all are so stuffed with turkey right now.. hehe.. ^^

Well, we don't exactly celebrate Thanksgiving here in Indonesia, but I really love Thanksgiving day, because it teaches you to be thankful and grateful for everything.. And of course, the turkey, haha.. ^^

I'm still in Jakarta right now.. tomorrow we'll go to Dufan (the amusement park here in Jakarta..^^) to have some fun in this long weekend.. I still can't post beauty related post, yet.. But don't worry, I'll be hosting my very 1st giveaway soon!! ^^ Don't forget to participate ya!! ^^

I'm planning to buy some of the good stuff here for my grand giveaway, and for the sneak peek, I'll include some of our own, Indonesian makeup and skincare product! Can't wait to round it up! ^^

Oh well then, now I have to get hurry and take a bath soon, cause we're going out to the mall.. Shopping day!! haha.. ^^

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

I am thankful for.. So many blessings God has given to me, and for my dear family and friends..
I love you all!!
And for my blogger friends..
My best wishes and prayer for all of you..


  1. hope you're having fun in Jakarta! sounds like a blast to me :9
    i can't wait for your awesome giveaway!
    & happy thanksgiving :D

  2. @lorelle: yeah, lorelle! ^^ we're having fun alright, hehe.. I'll announce the giveaway this Monday, so stay tune! ^^
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and family, too.. ^^

  3. @tammy: happy thanksgiving to you and family, too.. hope you all have a very blessed day!!! ^^

  4. We don't have Thanksgiving here too, but Happy Thanksgiving^^
    P.s son't forget to post pics of the amusement park u went~