Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Body Shop Moisture White Softening Essence Review.. ^^

Hello everyone.. How's your weekend??
Me, well.. I'm staying home for this weekend, but worry not, cause for the next weekend I'm going to Jakarta to see my relatives coming from Australia, yay! ^^
My uncle (my mom's bro), his wife, and my 2 cousins is coming to Indonesia this November, so next weekend I'm gonna meet up with them after 10 years not seeing each other! It's such a long time..
Gosh, I can't wait till next weekend, hehe.. ^^

And now, as promised, I will review the beauty product from my recent haul. So here is the lucky number one!
The Body Shop Moisture White Softening Essence
with vitamin C and liquorice extract,
150 ml 5.0 US FL OZ
The description
The Ingredients
It's made in Hungary
The texture
As you can see, it's a transparent gel form lotion that is so light and will absorb to your skin, making it so smooth when you touch it. This is one pump-size, more than enough for my whole face! ^^

How to use it:
I read in Jeanjean's blog, here, that the right way to use facial essence is to pat (tepuk2) it lightly to your face (no slapping, please, hehe..). And not just patting it, but you have to COUNT it. Yeah, you read correctly. You have to count how many times you've patted the essence to your face.
OK then, the answer is, how many?

Ehm.. at least 30 (thirty) times for your cheeks, pat it using your both hands.
And.. here's the strange number.. 17 (seventeen) times for your forehead and chin..
It will make the essence absorbs better to your skin, and will not make your face oily.. (hooo.. so that's why..) Jeanjean wrote that she knew it from the Nu Er Wo Zui Da show..I must have missed that episode, so I'm spreading the words to you all, cause I think we should try this! So girls, go practice it at home, haha.. ^^

I have to tell you something about this essence, you have to let it dry first. You can test if it's dry or not by using the back of your hands. After it's absorbed by your skin, it shouldn't take too long, just 3 minutes for me.. Then you can moisturize and do your makeup.
What I like about this essence is that it's a nice primer for my makeup. My face has become less duller since I use this. (I'm so obsessed with whitening essence right now! ^^) My L'oreal White Perfect Essence is almost empty cause I'm using it every day and night, so I'm trying this! ^^ Oh my.. A girl's quest for a perfect beauty product will never end.. *sighing happily* ^^
But by the way, what's your favorite whitening essence?? (if you're using any)
Do let me know here in your comment! =)

OK then, for the next post I'm gonna review maybe 2-3 products altogether..
Because next Thursday I'll be going to Jakarta for a family reunion, and.. some beauty shopping, lol.. It's gonna be huge!! (the reunion or the beauty shopping?? Both, of course!!)

ps: my giveaway detail is still on hold.. I'm still preparing it..Be patience, ladies.. ^^

Happy Weekend, everyone!!


  1. thanks for the review! looks like a good product^^ i'm not using any whitening essence though. just some products for brightening and evening skin tone :)

  2. hehehe...i'll be going to JogJakarTA on this end of the month too ^_^ need some refreshing...

    oya, ceecile..which one is better ?
    the body shop or Loreal...

    thx ^_^v

  3. hi^^ I do patting as well. Every time I pat my face, people around me will be curious what am I doing hahaha :D
    I ever saw a video about how to use bb cream. They do patting too! And it takes a long time to pat their face. About the template, I have tried to change my template without loosing my widgets. But I didn't satisfied with the design. So I will wait until I get a suitable layout for me ^^

  4. @kuri ayu: you're welcome, kuri_ayu! ^^ good for you! ^^ what kind of products that you use? ^^

  5. @lina_pinkylicious: yeah.. jogjaa.. hehe.. it's gotta be fun!! ^^
    hmm.. for whitening, I think Loreal works better, but I prefer TBS because it can also be used as a face primer.. ^^

  6. @mapple: hi mapple! ^^ I know!! That's why I suggested all of you to pat your face, I've seen that video, too!
    It's ok la.. be patient while you browsing for templates.. It took me over 3 weeks until I decided to use this layout, hehe.. ^^ but it's worth it, right?? ^^

  7. ooh good review! =) im going to try the way next time

  8. Great review!! I'm so intrigued about the counting part. I'm glad this one's giving your skin a lovely glow. :)