Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tag and Awards! ^^

Woah! Time for more awards and tag! ^^

This award is from Ve, she's going abroad alone to Perth on a mission school, and I want you to know that I pray for you, Ve! May God bless you and guide you along the way! ^^
And thank you so much the award!

The rules:
1.Don't change the banner award. The signature, colour or the text
2. post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and her blog link.
3.Choose 10 female blogger that you know and have never received this Award

Now, I will award:

Congratz to all of you!! ^^

I got this "I Think You're An Awesome Girl" Award from Freshelle and WithLove, Elle.. (2 Elle(s) are giving me the same award! Isn't that awesome?? hehe.. ^^ )
Thank you so much for both of you!! ^^

I'm supposed to share 10 facts about me, so here goes..

1. I have "beauty gene" in my body! I just knew it recently! ^^
So, I have been wondering why I love beauty product so much, love to do makeup thing, and so keen about skincare, (you know the drill..hehe..) And it turns out that my Grandma used to own and run a beauty salon! Ha! No wonder.. hehe..
My mom told me this fact just recently, actually when I had my routine aspirin mask (gotta share that later..), and I was like.. "Ahh.. So that's why.."
Like Grandma, Like Mother, Like Daughter.. hahaha.. ^^

2. I hate coffee..
There, I told you guys.. I just don't like it..
When I was little, I sipped on my dad's cup of coffee, and because my dad only drinks the Medan (North Sumatra) Coffee (extremely bitter! >_<) I was so shocked and traumatized, hahaha.. And since that moment, I don't want to drink coffe again, ever..
When I go to Starbucks, I only buy the hot chocolate and the pastries, which is so yummy! hehe..

3. I'm a family-girl..
If you noticed this, I'm a really family person.. ^^
We're so tight, my mom, my bro and me.. You can see that from my many blog posts, hehe.. =)

4. I really want to go to Paris and study makeup there!
I have a HUGE Crush on Paris, and I have this dream since.. Forever! hehe.. Wish me luck! ^^

5, I'm Soo.. Not Organized..
I'm a spontaneous person, I don't really plan on my life, just let it flow. And I don't keep an agenda. Completely the opposite from my mom, hehe..

6. I'm a shy person.. Really!
Gosh.. I'm so embarrassed when I have to spill this out..hehe.. I was so shy when I prompted to a new environment and a new person. But it all changed when I started to grow up and mature.. I learn to be more brave and confident. YAY to that! haha.. ^^

7. Love music to the core
I really love music! I have maybe more than 500 CDs and MP3s in my house.. Many types of music in any languages.. I must bring my iPod with me everyday, otherwise I'll feel like a half of my soul is missing, hehe..

8. I love to eat!
I love sushi and all of the Asian cuisine..hehe.. But my fave drink is Fresh Coconut Water! ^^

9. I don't exercise or go to the gym
Never liked it anyway, hahaha... I keep my body fit by doing chores and many activities, but not sports or exercise.. Too lazy for that, hehehe..

10. I'm a mix of Indonesia-Philipines-Chinese
That's where I got this look.. Unique oriental face, my friends always say, hehe..
But I'm grateful of who I am, and how I look, because we are all special, right?? Cheers to that! Ganbei! ^^

I'm gonna pass this award and tag:
Congratz!!! ^^

That's it for now, I'm going to get some sleep, cause my eyes are starting to feel heavy! I've been so busy with the college tasks for the past couple of days, and I usually slept at 12.30 am.. so now it's payback time, muahaha..

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Congrats on the awards!

    Wow! A beauty salon. That's really impressive. Both my grandmas were just stay at home moms. :P hehe

    I also dislike coffee. I love to smell it but drinking it is another story. The only way I can drink coffee is adding tons of milk and sugar but that is so unhealhty. D:

    ♥ Milk

  2. Congrats on all the awards!

    How cool that your grandma used to own a salon! It's very good that you're a family person. I don't like coffee either unless it's really sweet and iced haha. You have so many CDs!

    Thanks for the award!

  3. woa .. I just made you to share 6 interesting facts about yourself in the award I nominated for you ^o^
    too bad I had not read this post yet ... anyway just enjoy the award

  4. Yaaaay! More awards to you!! Cool!

    And thanQ so much for tagging me! Will do it soon :)

  5. @ Milk&Cookie: Yay! Thank you! ^^
    I know! I can't believe my ears when I first heard that..hehe.. It's really encouraging me to really explore this beauty world, hehe.. ^^

  6. @kalmo: hehe.. thank you kalmo.. I'm glad I can share a lil bit of me to all of you.. ^^
    You deserved it, Kalmo! Thank you so much for being a really great blogger friend to me..^^

  7. @ mapple: it's ok, mapple! I'll do that tag, too! ^^ hehe.. thank you so much for the award! ^^ 6 more interesting facts about me, coming up! ^^

  8. @ anastacia: huraayy!! ^^ hahaha.. you're most welcome! ^^

  9. Congrats on the awards hun!! And thanks for tagging me!! i'm really flattered! hehehe!! :D

    I love fresh coconut water too! So refreshing! :D

  10. @jenn: hehe.. you're welcome.. ^^
    I usually drink fresh coconut water with ice during a hot afternoon.. it's true, so refreshing! ^^