Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quick Update + My New Samsung Bling-Bling! ^^

Hello everyone!
I think I haven't really posting about beauty products lately, so here it is, a quick update! ^^
Plus some new and random things, hehe..
Here is the picture:
If you're thinking, what's that pink phone doing in there?? Ha! You got that right! ^^
I got a new phone!! YAY!! ^^ (I'm so happy cause I've been wanting this for quite a while, hehe..) I think I have to make a special post for my new Samsung "Bling-Bling", hehe..
The original name actually Samsung S5233S Star.. but my mom called it "Bling-Bling" cause when I have this phone on my hand for the first time, she swore that my eyes were like "Bling-Bling" because of the super-excitement! Hahaha.. ^^
So, since that moment on, this is my "Bling-Bling" hehe.. (Is it OK for you, Bling-bling?? Yes...^^)

I will review the others later on, because I'm about to enjoy my donuts right now..hehe...
Wanna see the picture?? ^^

Here you go.. JCo donuts.. If you're in Indonesia, Malaysia, or Singapore, you have to give it a try! It's so yummy.. ^^ My fave are the Glazzy and Forest Glam.. oh ya, and the Hot Chocolate is my ALL TIME FAVE! ^^
The website is so cute.. Check it out, OK?? ^^

ps: My mom and I went shopping the other day, and we bought 2 shoes and 2 sandals! So, it's 4 pairs in total! (warning: shopaholic mode = ON) I'm gonna show it to all of you later, so stay tuned! ^^


  1. MMMM! I love Donuts!
    Thats looks so yummy!!!

  2. oooo sugar rush! yum yum
    xoxo elle
    ps: is the first donut pizza flava???

  3. @ anastacia: I love donuts, too!! ^^
    It looks so yummy, isn't it?? ^^

  4. @ with love, elle: yum! ^^
    yup! it's a bit salty, cause my mom love the salty donuts..but I like the sweet donuts better! hehe.. ^^

  5. Girl~ We have the same phone and the same case! lol

  6. Cool haul and great new phone! It looks super cute. Ahhh I'm drooling over those donut pictures!

  7. @ stacieee: really?? wow!! that's wonderful, hahaha.. ^^ even the same case?? like a saying: "Great minds think alike" hehe.. ^^

  8. @ kalmo: thank you so much kalmo! ^^ the donuts are so yummy.. ^^ but I haven't finished it, though, I still have 2 on the table, but I think my bro is gonna finish it all up, haha.. ^^

  9. cute new phone!!!!! so pink :)

    Added you to my list!

  10. @ stillfab: it's so cute, isn't it?? ^^ pink is so kawaii..hehe.. thank you so much for visiting my blog! ^^
    drop by again.. =)

  11. J.Co Donut is nice and soft... but I got phobia after eating too much of them and till now, almost half year, I did not eat or buy any donuts... haha xD

  12. @ ning: JCo is much softer, yes.. and I love it cause it's not too thick, so we can eat more, haha..^^
    he?? donut-phobia?? never heard of that.. how is that can happen to u??
    (I never had that kind of phobia before, haha..^^)

  13. because I ate way too much within 3months, trice per week is donut and then when i see donuts, i will feel... ewww, but i know they are yummy... lol

  14. @ ning: oh.. so that's why, hehe.. that's why they say: too much of anything is not good.. ^^
    I love sweets, like donuts and his friends, but I try to keep it to the minimum, cause if I eat too much, wow! it's obviously not a good thing, hehe.. ^^