Monday, October 5, 2009

The Body Shop Aloe Set Review! ^^

Hello everyone!! ^^
I've told you about writing review of my latest purchase, so here they are!
I bought this set because there's '3 for 2' promo at that time, hehe.. I thought, this is quite a steal.. ^^ I also purchased the TBS Tea Tree Concealer, but I will review that later on, cause I still have to finish the assignments that my 2 lecturers gave to my class.. The tasks are about writing.. lots of writing.. >_<
So, I have to finish that, too.. hehe..

OK now.. straight to the review! ^^

First is the Aloe Gentle Facial Wash..
I really like the texture.. Really foamy and mild to your skin..
I think it's a good choice for you who has sensitive skin..although I don't have a sensitive skin.. For the record, my skin is oily-acne prone-blemished, but not that sensitive.,
After using it, I feel no tingling sensation at all, and not squeaky clean..
Bottomline, I like it, hehe..
My TBS Tea Tree Facial Wash is almost empty, so I think I'll use this to replace the Tea Tree one.. So far so good.. ^^

But, the smell.. hmm.. I think because it doesn't contain any fragrance at all, so the smell is not like any other facial foam.. It's kinda like the scent of a real aloe vera.
My mom used to plant aloe vera in our front yard when me and my bro were still a little child, so I know what it smells like. Usually, mom will peel the skin and in the inside of the aloe vera there's a transparent gel type kind of thing, and she will rub it to my hair, she explained that it can make my hair grow thick and healthy.. Well, it is now.. hehe.. (A must for a girl, she said.. tradition from my Grandma, hehe.. ^^)

Here are the ingredients.. I'm not really familiar with all the chemical language style, hehe..

Next! ^^

The Aloe Calming Toner.. I found my Ultimate toner, yay! ^^ I think this is the perfect choice for you who has sensitive skin.. really.. It's not drying your face, cause it contains no alcohol in it. But not too oily, and quite hydrating.. I think my skin's condition is way better after I use this toner.. ^^ Will I buy this again?? Of course la!! ^^ It's not too expensive.. I bought it for just IDR 109K, around $10 for 200 ml, I think it's enough for 1-2 month, if I use it everyday.

And if you look at the composition right there.. It only contain 6 ingredients. When I first read it at the TBS Counter, I was shocked. "What?? That's it??" No alcohol, no preservative, nothing else but that six there?? Wow.. The texture is lightweight, just like water. It glides on my skin smoothly. It's like the aloe vera juice, hehe.. ^^

Last is the Aloe Vera Soothing Night Cream.. I must say, it's a good night cream, but it does feel a bit heavy on my oily skin. It's not making me breakout of what, but it feels a lil bit heavy when I apply it cause its thick creamy texture. But when I wake up in the morning, the heavy feeling was gone, and my skin feels so smooth.. ^^ {Behold.. the power of aloe vera, muahahahaha..} I think if there is the emulsion or maybe lotion type of this night cream, I will snatch it right away, hehe.. I only need like a pea-size of this cream to cover my whole face, so I think it will last for 2 months, if I use it every night. It makes my skin so moisturized, despite of the heavy feeling when you apply it.. Oya, the smell is quite the same with the toner and the facial wash.. I'm actually thinking about buying the protective serum, cause from the description in the website, it's lightweight.. hmm.. gotta try that one out! ^^
You can see the inside there..
I think aloe vera is a great ingredient for your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. Like tea tree oil/green tea for oily skin, hehe.. I'll definitely buy the toner again (Absolutely! ^^). And about the night cream, hmm.. I admit it brings good benefit to my skin, but I really wish TBS will make the lighter version of this cream. And if you're looking for a mild face cleanser, then this TBS Aloe Facial Wash might interest you.. ^^

Have you ever tried this TBS Aloe before?? Share your comments here!!

That's it for the review now, I have so many things to write at the next post, so keep on reading, OK??
There'll be many reviews.. The TBS Tea Tree Blemish Concealer, Bourjois Blush, and my latest Maybelline haul with more of my FOTD.
Woah! That's a lot! hehe.. ^^
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  1. oo great review! i think i'll try the cleanser!!

  2. Wow so many cool reviews, thanks for sharing Karen. Glad to hear you found a great toner. ^^

  3. 3 for the price of 2 is definitely a fab deal!!!

  4. @freshelle: hehe.. happy trying for the cleanser! ^^

  5. @ kalmo: hehe.. yeah, I'm so happy that I found a toner that matches my skin.. ^^
    glad I can share this with all of you.. ^^

  6. @ stillfab: I know!! ^^ that's why I bought this set, this is such a great deal! ^^

  7. Very detailed review! Sounds are so interesting!

  8. @anastacia: hehe.. really detailed, eh?? I'm trying as hard as I can to do a thorough review.. ^^
    glad I can share this with u,too.. ^^

  9. oh wee~~
    thank you for the review!
    I love TBS skincare lines <3

  10. @fifi: hehe.. you're welcome.. I'm a big fan of TBS skincare,too.. been using it for a couple years now.. ^^

  11. hello i'm a newbie :) i'm a big fans of TBS too and i'm using Vitamin E skin care treatment for my face. it suits my dry skin very well :)

  12. Hi. I'm in dilemma now whether I choose TBS aloe vera toner or Nature Repuublic aloe vera toner. Both are good brands i know. Just wondering, have you tried any Nature Republic products?