Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review for The Flower Silky Foundation-The Face Shop! ^^

It's review time!! ^^
I'm so excited with this review thing, I can test so many cool new products! ^^
You've seen the beauty haul that I bought from Jakarta in this post, so I'm gonna review The Flower Silky Foundation that I bought from The Face Shop for you!

But first, let me introduce to my makeup base tool.. I always use Foundation Brush (this is from The Body Shop) and Facial Mist. This one right here is from Avene.. I also have one from Evian, French water works great on my skin! ^^ It can moisturize your skin, hydrate it, and make a perfect base for your makeup.. Water is essential, of course.. =)
The ingredients.. So many of them..and flowers! Lots of them.. ^^
The description.. The color is NB 23
product description (taken from

The name ‘THE FLOWER’ comes from its ingredients. Made with mineral-enriched edible flowers such as Rose Jasmine Chamomile and more these flower petals have been grinded into micro-pigments with an advanced technology to provide flawless moisturized and luminous skin.

Skin-friendly natural wax extracted from Olive protects moisture loss and provides silky finish. Skin loos comfortable and naturally beautiful.

This foundation has so many flowers extract in it, so I was hooked by the term "flower", hehe.. ^^
the shape is so cute! ^^
Very hygienic with the pump! ^^
The color is quite yellow for me.. I have yellow undertone skin, but I usually don't like a too yellowish foundie.. It makes my skin look like, well.. yellow..hahaha.. ^^
I think it's close to orange, don't u think?? ^^
Blending and voila! ^^
I know it's quite sheer in my hand, but when it's on my face..
FOTD! ^^

What I "like" about this foundation:
~ The staying power! ^^ It stays pun on your skin, don't melt like other heavy foundie.. When I tried this one for the 1st time, it stayed for 6 hours without blotting! No kiddin'! Wooww.. ^^ (I topped it with Palgantong powder, too..)
~ Soft like silk finish! Why it's called silky foundation? Because it does give you silky finish.. very natural.. and when I touched my face after using this foundie.. it feels smooth.. ^^
~ Don't feel heavy.. This is a lightweight foundation..
~It has many flower extract, LOVE it! ^^

What I "don't like" about this:
~ Not giving me the dewy or glowy finish.. it's just quite natural for me..
~ Too yellow/orange for me.. The color too yellowish in my opinion, but I think it will fit to most of other fair skin tone..
~ Lack of concealing power.. although it has sheer to medium coverage, but for redness or blemishes, it's not enough.. I have to wear 2 layers of it to make a desirable coverage..
~No SPF! But I guess you can wear sunblock to overcome this.. ^^

Oya, Nikki's "" also did a review for this, you can check it out in here. It looks dewy on her, but on my face it looks more natural and silky finish, not too dewy for me, hehe..
Bottomline is: it's a quite decent foundation, if you want to go to school, or maybe in your regular day out in the sun, it can give you the natural look that you want (don't forget to use sunblock, too!). It's not too strong, but stays on your skin.
I'm wearing this when I go to college, or when I want to go out with my friends..

Actually, I choose my makeup based on my mood in the morning. If I'm in the mood for BB Cream, I'll wear it, but if not, I'll wear the normal foundation like this. Oh well, it's about having fun with makeup, right?? ^^

That's it for the review!
Don't forget to comment here, okey?? I'm glad to hear your feedback! ^^


  1. Wow..u use really nice stuff..the foundation looks really I have to start purchasing some products from The Face Shop, u look pretty in that picture^^

  2. i love the packaging! :) but the face shop's products just don't work for my skin type. hahaha

  3. I also have this and I was also a NB23.
    But i got lighter now so I have to sell it in my blog sale.
    Too bad because I actually really love this foundation.
    And it smells really good too.

  4. @zoe: hello zoe! ^^ it's cute, isn't it?? =) I love TFS products so much.. thank you for the compliment, zoe.. ^o^

  5. @p chan: the packaging's too cute, I know! ^^ hehe..
    really?? aww.. that's too bad..
    I love TFS product and so far got nothing wrong with it.. ^^

  6. @angela: really?? wow, we have the same taste! ^^
    it's quite good for me, and I love wearing it in my daily basis, or maybe switch it on with BB cream, hehe.. ^^

  7. thanks for the great review! the packaging really is cute~ i wish i could try some products from the face shop too T-T i also want to try the facial mist. seems so refreshing!

  8. Hey Ceecile! How does the Avene mist compare with a typical foundation base? The Avene mist caught my eye the other day because it was for "sensitive skin" haha, it gets me every time.

  9. @kuri ayu: you're welcome, kuri ayu..^^ happy trying then! you can find them online, right?? ^o^
    I love using facial mist because it can hydrate my skin without ruining my makeup, and it's so refreshing, too! =)

  10. @tammy: hey there, tammy! ^^
    hmm.. the only foundation base that I have was from Revlon Beyond Natural Primer, and for comparison, Revlon makes my skin smooth and the foundie can glide easyly..
    while Avene was more hydrating, it can moisturize the skin, and prep it up for the next stage of skincare/makeup.. ^^ also, it's safe for sensitive skin! ^o^

  11. Oh, how I really wanted to have this one.. now that I read your review makes me want it even more.. :p
    I actually got it tested on my hand! I was ready to get one and walk to the cashier.. but..
    I got very dissapointed with TFS when they denied my old membership card and told me to renew my membership from the beginning by purchasing 700.000 IDR (or 750?)!
    They should just replace my card with the new one, don't you think? Their membership management is ugly, really..
    When I'm over my anger, I'll definitely buy it ;)

  12. Wow, really nice foundation! Me and my bestie love korean brands too!
    Go check our blog!^^