Friday, October 23, 2009

Beauty Package Arrived! ^^ Zamian + Dr. Jart Review

A package has arrived!!
Wow.. Look what's in the inside..
Thank you so much, Lina!! ^^
- Zamian Magic Black Cacao Pack
- Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Blemish Base Silver Label BB Cream
- Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream sample (bonus! yay!)
- Feverlet HD BB cream sample (another bonus.. yay-yay!)
On to the review..
This is Zamian Magic Black Cacao Pack, a really famous product.. I'm so excited I can finally get my hands on this baby!! ^^

One thing is funny, though.. hehe..
When I first got this, I was so thrilled that I finally got it and quickly want to open and apply it to my face..
I squeezed it..and squeezed it even more.. Nothing came out.. Huh???
I thought, what's wrong?? Has it turned into solid form when it's on its way here??
It must be the heat, blablabla.. so on.. (rambling to myself, hehe..)

I decided to open the lid and discover THIS!

Hahahaha.. Silly me.. Turns out, it has safety seal on it, so it won't get messy all around.. Great trick! ^^
Ok, continue..
The texture: like a chocolate paste/ chocolate jam that you usually put on your toast, hehe..

The smell: do you know the cacao powder that is used for baking?? it smells just like that.. kinda bitter and so choco.. I love the smell..hehe..
Can you see the sparkles on my palm??? That is GOLD, baby.. GOLD.. ^^ Too bad I can't take it and weigh it.. haha..
Ooohhh... so sparkly.. I got to notice my hand after I'm done, and I was surprised, too.. ^^
This is what it's like on my face.. I used a masking brush for this.. It's quick to dry, so you don't have to worry it's gonna spill or drop to your clothes.. Wait for about 20-30 minutes if you can.. surely you don't want to waste all that gold (attention: genuine GOLD) just for 10-15 on your face, right?? hehe.. (I'm feeling like Cleopatra.. haha..)

*The result!*
Smooth skin and bouncy! It's not drying at all, really moisturizing.. Really love it.. ^^
The redness is quite minimized and I noticed that after using this for 2 times, acne scars are lesser and shown visible improvement..
This mask is made for combating acne and oily skin, so I guess it's really working..
I'm planning to buy the whole set of Zamian later when this one is done..
Oh, I really want to try the Zamian Crystal Pearl Cream, too.. Lina, the seller is a dear friend of mine, and she has personally tested it, so when I heard a great review from her, I know I have to buy it, too..
Can't wait till my next order! hehe..

And this is what I've been waiting for!! ^^
Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Blemish Base Silver Label BB Cream
Ingredients: (took it from their site..)
- Arbutin : Whitening
- Pore Purifying Complex : Provides Oxygen to Your Skin
- Hyaluronic Acid : Mosturizing
- Coenzyme Q10 : Gives Your Skin Tension
- Centella asiatica extract : Protects Your Skin, Relief
Here it is.. It's creamy, and the texture is quite runny..
The color: if you notice it's a bit pale, not yellowish, but sorta greyish..
Blending..OK, it's settled already.. This is without flash..
And this is with flash.. WOW, huh?? ^^

*What I think*
Pro: Really brighten up your skin and give glowy effect..
And the best thing about it, it doesn't make you look like you're wearing a foundation at all..
Not powdery or cakey, it's like wearing a second + better skin.. Really natural.. It has great concealing power, too.. I don't need a concealer after using this BB cream, yay! The blemishes are all well covered..

Con: the price! It's quite expensive, but I think it's worth for the quality, hehe.. I also wish it has more shades for more skin tone, it's only available in 1 shade..

I read on the internet there are so many complaints that this BB cream is too grayish and doesn't match with their skin tone..

So,to achieve that glowy natural finish, there are quite a few tips so you can successfully wear this Dr. Jart+ BB cream, and don't look awfully white..
Here's how I did it..

1. do your skincare well, make sure you moisturize thoroughly..
2. don't wait till your moisturizer dry when you want to apply this, otherwise.. you get the picture.. ^^
3. spray Facial Mist to your face, I use one from Evian.. make it a bit wet, just a bit..
4. don't use your hand to apply this, use a foundation brush or makeup sponge, so you can control the amount of coverage.. if you use your hand, it will make the BB cream dry or flaky on your face.. I've been through this.. hehe..
5. wait till it's blended to your skin tone.. then put some powder on top of it..
(Again, don't use too much powder, because this BB cream does have great oil control and lasting power.. So, less is better.. ^^ )
6. take your time.. don't rush it, cause when you apply makeup, you have to be patience.. this is your skin.. and don't be afraid to stop for a while and ask yourself.. 'Is this too much?? Too white??' The key to natural makeup is the building process.. Build it carefully.. ^^

Conclusion for this Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Blemish Base Silver Label BB Cream (such a long name, hehe.. ):
LOVE IT! ^^ I'm so satisfied with this product, and I've been using this for 4 days already.. No breakouts.. And my skin looks brighter even after I remove my makeup...
If you have oily-acne prone-blemished skin just like me.. you gotta try this! ^^

Fiuh! This is such a long post, hehe.. I'm trying to blog more often here, cause I have so many on-hold reviews.. =p
See you on the next post!!
Have a great weekend, everyone!! ^^


  1. love this product so much too...
    u may also want to try the soap, ceecile...
    it's really amazing...>.<
    and it works well with the mask...
    but what i like the most is CRYSTAL PEARL CREAM...
    u'll be surprised when u see ur face the next day...try it...^^V

  2. I have always been wanting to try the Zamian Magic Black Cacao Pack coz everyone says it's great so I'll definately get it as u said it's working for u^^
    Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Blemish Base Silver Label BB Cream looks really interseting too..thanks for these great reviews^^

  3. Great haul!!!!! Please update us if the last item really whitens! Thanks :)

  4. This is such a useful post!
    I find BB cream make me really grey and ashy... now I may give it another chance by trying ur method!
    And I have the Dr. Jart one too! Quite excited now...

  5. great review!! where did you buy them?
    i want to try another BB Cream too...

  6. @Lina/Pinkylicious: hello there lina! ^^ love to see you commenting here, hehe.. ^^
    you make me even more drooling for the CPC, hahaha.. it's really that good, ya?? woah.. make that as my future order! ^^

  7. @zoe: it's great, right?? ^^ it really works for me, so do give it a try and let me know the result! ^^
    you're welcome, zoe.. glad I can share this with all of u.. =)

  8. @stillfab: yay to great haul! ^^
    yup! I will update it at least after 2 weeks and after 4 weeks.. for comparison..hehe.. ^^

  9. @daituf: glad I can share those useful tips with you! ^^ using BB cream does have different way of application from the regular I think I'd better share those tips! happy trying! ^^

  10. @dina: hello dina! ^^ I posted the link of Lina, the seller of this stuff in your blog, check my comment in your latest post.. she's in FB, or you can add me in FB, so we can keep in touch, too! happy shopping!! ^^

  11. Do you think it's really like REAL gold?The price would've been so cheap if it is. Hehe~

    My friends said zamian didn't do anything to them. I wanted to try it but I'm afraid I'll fall into raves and actually just wasting my money. But I'm glad it works for you. :)

  12. helo there^^ the products are included in my wishlist haha .. Still not buy it since I have sooo much stuff that I want :)

  13. @fifi: yes, it's gold.. you can see in the seller's page for zamian,. there's the description for it.. it's like a gold sand.. shimmering and glittering.. of course it's not like a gold bar, haha.. otherwise it will cost millions.. =P

  14. @mapple: hehe.. ^^ I'm so glad I can finally have this.. ^^ same with me.. want-want-want.. I have to learn to restrain myself, hahaha..

  15. @anastacia: I love cacao pack so much! hehe.. ^^
    it's a great thing you're living in Korea, you can grab Korean beauty products like this easily.. ^^
    (I want to go to Korea!*screaming with hope* ^^)

  16. oooooo thanks for the bb cream review - that looks really smooth

  17. @becks: you're welcome becks! ^^
    I know the result may be different for everyone, so I give the tips so everybody can wear this..and the BB cream really does give you smooth finish! ^^

  18. nice haul.
    And I also heard that gold is good for your skin.

  19. @angela: hello there, angela! ^^
    it's true.. even Cleopatra loved it,too! thank you for visiting and commenting here! =)