Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beauty Haul + Fab Makeover!! ^^

Hello everyone!! ^^
Long time no blogging.. hehe..
I'll be more diligent next time (I'll try..^^)
So, last weekend me, my mom and bro went to Jakarta for a bit freshen up, and I've bought so many beauty products!! This is the picture for you..

My beauty haul.. ^^
Reviews later! Gosh, I have so many pending reviews.. I have to blog more frequently, hehe..
So many beauty products!! ^^

Plus there's another story..
When we were shopping at that time, it crossed my mind that I wanted to buy a foundation for my mom, and at the moment we passed by The Body Shop counter, so we stopped and buy TBS Moisture Foundation SPF 15 .
I told my mom, 'why don't you give it a try here?' So we asked the SA to help my mom applying this foundation.
And guess what??
My mom got a Fabulous Makeover!! ^^
This guy, Brian is such a sweet guy and he totally made my mom looked FAB!! Thank you so much, Brian!! You're amazing!! ^^
This is the TBS products that Brian used for my mom's makeover..
I try to list it all here, I hope I don't forget anything, hehe..
He used a lot of products, after all.. ^^

OK then, makeover, START! ^^
TBS shelves are so well designed! Look at all the beautiful colors.. ^^
And my mom's really happy for getting a makeover.. hehe..
The eyes using TBS Shimmer Cubes Warm
Maybe I should buy that later, hohoho.. ^^

After waiting for a while..
Voila! ^^
The Final Look! ^^
I just love it, the blushing cheek, smokey eyes.. hehe..
And my mom really loves the foundation, it suits her sensitive skin.. ^^
With Brian..
You're so creative! ^^
If you're in Jakarta or nearby there, you can meet him in
The Body Shop counter in Margo City, Depok.. Don't forget to tell Brian that I'm the one who recommended him for his great work of art, hehe...
"Terimakasih, Brian!!!" ^^

Well, after the makeover, we headed to the Ichiban Sushi, my fave place to eat! I just love the Salmon Teriyaki Bento there.. So yummy!! ^^
My mom posed..
Do you know that my mom used to be a model in her younger years?? ^^
I still have her picture in the cover of the magazines hanging on the wall..
And my first cover in the magazine is in the Ayah Bunda magazine (with my mom, of course), I was still a CUTE (hehe.. I have to point that out.. ^^) 2 year old baby girl at that time..
Itadakimasu!! ^^

See you at the next post!!
Have a great day, everyone..


  1. You have a really beautiful mum ! You've got to make the reviews soon ! I am dying to know the result of the TFS masks ! You should blog often, we all love your posts . =)

  2. Your mother looks beautiful! The SA did a great job on her makeover :]

  3. @jeanjean: thank you so much!! ^^
    I'll make the reviews soon.. (promise!^^)
    the masks are for brightening combo, I can't wait to make the reviews! =)
    thank you for the lovely comment.. ^^

  4. @tammy: thank you, tammy!! ^^
    he did..and I'm so pleased with the result, hehe.. ^^

  5. Your mom's makeup makeover look so nice! I like seeing some professional works!
    And wow! A lot of goodies!! yay!

  6. @anastacia: it looks fab, isn't it?? yeah, seing the professional works makes me want to become a pro makeup artist,too!! wish me luck!! ^^

    yay to a lot of goodies,too! ^^ haha..

  7. Hi Ceecile!

    I can't remember if I commented on this or not because my internet was not working well when I tried to leave a comment last time. XD

    Great haul! I would buy everything if someone made me look as good as your mom's make over, she looks great! :) I love how family oriented you are. The food looks super great too.

  8. @kalmo: hello there, kalmo!! ^^ I really miss your comment, hehe.. ^^ the internet here also has trouble from time to time, when it's peak hour, I can't even open FB or blogger.. (sigh) =(

    hehe.. I plan to buy the moisturizer for my mom, it looks great on her! ^^ thank you for your sweet comment.. ^^

  9. Wow..ur haul looks really great^^
    Ur mom looks sooooooooo pretty, I love that look on her,great post^^

  10. wow, nice haul there, good choice to go for the Miss Dior, I like that too

  11. @joey: hello joey! ^^ thank you for your sweet comment here.. I love Miss Dior Cherie perfume so much! it's sweet and floral.. not overwhelming.. really girly.. ^^

  12. @zoe: hello zoe! ^^
    she's so pretty.. like me.. (it's kinda the opposite way, I'm like her, but well.. haha..) thank you for your sweet comment, zoe! ^^

  13. @lipglossgossip: my mom says thank you!!! ^^
    hehe.. ^o^