Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review for The Flower Silky Foundation-The Face Shop! ^^

It's review time!! ^^
I'm so excited with this review thing, I can test so many cool new products! ^^
You've seen the beauty haul that I bought from Jakarta in this post, so I'm gonna review The Flower Silky Foundation that I bought from The Face Shop for you!

But first, let me introduce to my makeup base tool.. I always use Foundation Brush (this is from The Body Shop) and Facial Mist. This one right here is from Avene.. I also have one from Evian, French water works great on my skin! ^^ It can moisturize your skin, hydrate it, and make a perfect base for your makeup.. Water is essential, of course.. =)
The ingredients.. So many of them..and flowers! Lots of them.. ^^
The description.. The color is NB 23
product description (taken from

The name ‘THE FLOWER’ comes from its ingredients. Made with mineral-enriched edible flowers such as Rose Jasmine Chamomile and more these flower petals have been grinded into micro-pigments with an advanced technology to provide flawless moisturized and luminous skin.

Skin-friendly natural wax extracted from Olive protects moisture loss and provides silky finish. Skin loos comfortable and naturally beautiful.

This foundation has so many flowers extract in it, so I was hooked by the term "flower", hehe.. ^^
the shape is so cute! ^^
Very hygienic with the pump! ^^
The color is quite yellow for me.. I have yellow undertone skin, but I usually don't like a too yellowish foundie.. It makes my skin look like, well.. yellow..hahaha.. ^^
I think it's close to orange, don't u think?? ^^
Blending and voila! ^^
I know it's quite sheer in my hand, but when it's on my face..
FOTD! ^^

What I "like" about this foundation:
~ The staying power! ^^ It stays pun on your skin, don't melt like other heavy foundie.. When I tried this one for the 1st time, it stayed for 6 hours without blotting! No kiddin'! Wooww.. ^^ (I topped it with Palgantong powder, too..)
~ Soft like silk finish! Why it's called silky foundation? Because it does give you silky finish.. very natural.. and when I touched my face after using this foundie.. it feels smooth.. ^^
~ Don't feel heavy.. This is a lightweight foundation..
~It has many flower extract, LOVE it! ^^

What I "don't like" about this:
~ Not giving me the dewy or glowy finish.. it's just quite natural for me..
~ Too yellow/orange for me.. The color too yellowish in my opinion, but I think it will fit to most of other fair skin tone..
~ Lack of concealing power.. although it has sheer to medium coverage, but for redness or blemishes, it's not enough.. I have to wear 2 layers of it to make a desirable coverage..
~No SPF! But I guess you can wear sunblock to overcome this.. ^^

Oya, Nikki's "" also did a review for this, you can check it out in here. It looks dewy on her, but on my face it looks more natural and silky finish, not too dewy for me, hehe..
Bottomline is: it's a quite decent foundation, if you want to go to school, or maybe in your regular day out in the sun, it can give you the natural look that you want (don't forget to use sunblock, too!). It's not too strong, but stays on your skin.
I'm wearing this when I go to college, or when I want to go out with my friends..

Actually, I choose my makeup based on my mood in the morning. If I'm in the mood for BB Cream, I'll wear it, but if not, I'll wear the normal foundation like this. Oh well, it's about having fun with makeup, right?? ^^

That's it for the review!
Don't forget to comment here, okey?? I'm glad to hear your feedback! ^^

Friday, October 23, 2009

Beauty Package Arrived! ^^ Zamian + Dr. Jart Review

A package has arrived!!
Wow.. Look what's in the inside..
Thank you so much, Lina!! ^^
- Zamian Magic Black Cacao Pack
- Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Blemish Base Silver Label BB Cream
- Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream sample (bonus! yay!)
- Feverlet HD BB cream sample (another bonus.. yay-yay!)
On to the review..
This is Zamian Magic Black Cacao Pack, a really famous product.. I'm so excited I can finally get my hands on this baby!! ^^

One thing is funny, though.. hehe..
When I first got this, I was so thrilled that I finally got it and quickly want to open and apply it to my face..
I squeezed it..and squeezed it even more.. Nothing came out.. Huh???
I thought, what's wrong?? Has it turned into solid form when it's on its way here??
It must be the heat, blablabla.. so on.. (rambling to myself, hehe..)

I decided to open the lid and discover THIS!

Hahahaha.. Silly me.. Turns out, it has safety seal on it, so it won't get messy all around.. Great trick! ^^
Ok, continue..
The texture: like a chocolate paste/ chocolate jam that you usually put on your toast, hehe..

The smell: do you know the cacao powder that is used for baking?? it smells just like that.. kinda bitter and so choco.. I love the smell..hehe..
Can you see the sparkles on my palm??? That is GOLD, baby.. GOLD.. ^^ Too bad I can't take it and weigh it.. haha..
Ooohhh... so sparkly.. I got to notice my hand after I'm done, and I was surprised, too.. ^^
This is what it's like on my face.. I used a masking brush for this.. It's quick to dry, so you don't have to worry it's gonna spill or drop to your clothes.. Wait for about 20-30 minutes if you can.. surely you don't want to waste all that gold (attention: genuine GOLD) just for 10-15 on your face, right?? hehe.. (I'm feeling like Cleopatra.. haha..)

*The result!*
Smooth skin and bouncy! It's not drying at all, really moisturizing.. Really love it.. ^^
The redness is quite minimized and I noticed that after using this for 2 times, acne scars are lesser and shown visible improvement..
This mask is made for combating acne and oily skin, so I guess it's really working..
I'm planning to buy the whole set of Zamian later when this one is done..
Oh, I really want to try the Zamian Crystal Pearl Cream, too.. Lina, the seller is a dear friend of mine, and she has personally tested it, so when I heard a great review from her, I know I have to buy it, too..
Can't wait till my next order! hehe..

And this is what I've been waiting for!! ^^
Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Blemish Base Silver Label BB Cream
Ingredients: (took it from their site..)
- Arbutin : Whitening
- Pore Purifying Complex : Provides Oxygen to Your Skin
- Hyaluronic Acid : Mosturizing
- Coenzyme Q10 : Gives Your Skin Tension
- Centella asiatica extract : Protects Your Skin, Relief
Here it is.. It's creamy, and the texture is quite runny..
The color: if you notice it's a bit pale, not yellowish, but sorta greyish..
Blending..OK, it's settled already.. This is without flash..
And this is with flash.. WOW, huh?? ^^

*What I think*
Pro: Really brighten up your skin and give glowy effect..
And the best thing about it, it doesn't make you look like you're wearing a foundation at all..
Not powdery or cakey, it's like wearing a second + better skin.. Really natural.. It has great concealing power, too.. I don't need a concealer after using this BB cream, yay! The blemishes are all well covered..

Con: the price! It's quite expensive, but I think it's worth for the quality, hehe.. I also wish it has more shades for more skin tone, it's only available in 1 shade..

I read on the internet there are so many complaints that this BB cream is too grayish and doesn't match with their skin tone..

So,to achieve that glowy natural finish, there are quite a few tips so you can successfully wear this Dr. Jart+ BB cream, and don't look awfully white..
Here's how I did it..

1. do your skincare well, make sure you moisturize thoroughly..
2. don't wait till your moisturizer dry when you want to apply this, otherwise.. you get the picture.. ^^
3. spray Facial Mist to your face, I use one from Evian.. make it a bit wet, just a bit..
4. don't use your hand to apply this, use a foundation brush or makeup sponge, so you can control the amount of coverage.. if you use your hand, it will make the BB cream dry or flaky on your face.. I've been through this.. hehe..
5. wait till it's blended to your skin tone.. then put some powder on top of it..
(Again, don't use too much powder, because this BB cream does have great oil control and lasting power.. So, less is better.. ^^ )
6. take your time.. don't rush it, cause when you apply makeup, you have to be patience.. this is your skin.. and don't be afraid to stop for a while and ask yourself.. 'Is this too much?? Too white??' The key to natural makeup is the building process.. Build it carefully.. ^^

Conclusion for this Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Blemish Base Silver Label BB Cream (such a long name, hehe.. ):
LOVE IT! ^^ I'm so satisfied with this product, and I've been using this for 4 days already.. No breakouts.. And my skin looks brighter even after I remove my makeup...
If you have oily-acne prone-blemished skin just like me.. you gotta try this! ^^

Fiuh! This is such a long post, hehe.. I'm trying to blog more often here, cause I have so many on-hold reviews.. =p
See you on the next post!!
Have a great weekend, everyone!! ^^

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beauty Haul + Fab Makeover!! ^^

Hello everyone!! ^^
Long time no blogging.. hehe..
I'll be more diligent next time (I'll try..^^)
So, last weekend me, my mom and bro went to Jakarta for a bit freshen up, and I've bought so many beauty products!! This is the picture for you..

My beauty haul.. ^^
Reviews later! Gosh, I have so many pending reviews.. I have to blog more frequently, hehe..
So many beauty products!! ^^

Plus there's another story..
When we were shopping at that time, it crossed my mind that I wanted to buy a foundation for my mom, and at the moment we passed by The Body Shop counter, so we stopped and buy TBS Moisture Foundation SPF 15 .
I told my mom, 'why don't you give it a try here?' So we asked the SA to help my mom applying this foundation.
And guess what??
My mom got a Fabulous Makeover!! ^^
This guy, Brian is such a sweet guy and he totally made my mom looked FAB!! Thank you so much, Brian!! You're amazing!! ^^
This is the TBS products that Brian used for my mom's makeover..
I try to list it all here, I hope I don't forget anything, hehe..
He used a lot of products, after all.. ^^

OK then, makeover, START! ^^
TBS shelves are so well designed! Look at all the beautiful colors.. ^^
And my mom's really happy for getting a makeover.. hehe..
The eyes using TBS Shimmer Cubes Warm
Maybe I should buy that later, hohoho.. ^^

After waiting for a while..
Voila! ^^
The Final Look! ^^
I just love it, the blushing cheek, smokey eyes.. hehe..
And my mom really loves the foundation, it suits her sensitive skin.. ^^
With Brian..
You're so creative! ^^
If you're in Jakarta or nearby there, you can meet him in
The Body Shop counter in Margo City, Depok.. Don't forget to tell Brian that I'm the one who recommended him for his great work of art, hehe...
"Terimakasih, Brian!!!" ^^

Well, after the makeover, we headed to the Ichiban Sushi, my fave place to eat! I just love the Salmon Teriyaki Bento there.. So yummy!! ^^
My mom posed..
Do you know that my mom used to be a model in her younger years?? ^^
I still have her picture in the cover of the magazines hanging on the wall..
And my first cover in the magazine is in the Ayah Bunda magazine (with my mom, of course), I was still a CUTE (hehe.. I have to point that out.. ^^) 2 year old baby girl at that time..
Itadakimasu!! ^^

See you at the next post!!
Have a great day, everyone..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Small Maybelline Haul + Paypal

Hello there! ^^
Just wanna share some of my Maybelline haul that I purchased recently..
This is the Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extention Mascara, and it's pink!
I think I bought so many makeup/beauty products, just because they're pink! hehe.. ^^
Full review later on, OK?? ^^ And this one below is the Maybelline Volum Express Mascara, yes, I bought 2 mascaras at the same time, hehe..
This Volum Express Mascara is for my mom, although I can test it out a bit, hahaha.. ^^

I bought this lovely lipstick! ^^ Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Cranberry Pink..
I love the packaging, it's deep red!

This is what it looks like when I test it out on my lips.. It's really moisturizing and not heavy.. perfect for going to college look!

Me and my bro, posing together! Same chubby cheeks, hehe..
I love how the lipstick turns out on my lips! ^^

But, by the way..
I'm so not in a good mood right now.. (sigh)
Recently, I just made a Paypal account, but I don't know what went wrong, but I can't make any transaction!! It's said that the access to my acc is being limited.. =( But I can't see any view limits section..
I have emailed the Paypal, and they replied: there's nothing wrong with my acc.. I can still send/receive money..
But I still can't send money!! (Ezzie, if you're reading this.. I'm so so sorry..)
Hmmm.... I don't know what to do??? This is the reason why for the last few days I didn't update my blog, I've been so busy trying to find the solution..
Is there anyone here that can help me??
Please, give your comment right here on this blog or you can email / tweet me..

Thank you so much for your support everyone!! ^^

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tag and Awards! ^^

Woah! Time for more awards and tag! ^^

This award is from Ve, she's going abroad alone to Perth on a mission school, and I want you to know that I pray for you, Ve! May God bless you and guide you along the way! ^^
And thank you so much the award!

The rules:
1.Don't change the banner award. The signature, colour or the text
2. post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and her blog link.
3.Choose 10 female blogger that you know and have never received this Award

Now, I will award:

Congratz to all of you!! ^^

I got this "I Think You're An Awesome Girl" Award from Freshelle and WithLove, Elle.. (2 Elle(s) are giving me the same award! Isn't that awesome?? hehe.. ^^ )
Thank you so much for both of you!! ^^

I'm supposed to share 10 facts about me, so here goes..

1. I have "beauty gene" in my body! I just knew it recently! ^^
So, I have been wondering why I love beauty product so much, love to do makeup thing, and so keen about skincare, (you know the drill..hehe..) And it turns out that my Grandma used to own and run a beauty salon! Ha! No wonder.. hehe..
My mom told me this fact just recently, actually when I had my routine aspirin mask (gotta share that later..), and I was like.. "Ahh.. So that's why.."
Like Grandma, Like Mother, Like Daughter.. hahaha.. ^^

2. I hate coffee..
There, I told you guys.. I just don't like it..
When I was little, I sipped on my dad's cup of coffee, and because my dad only drinks the Medan (North Sumatra) Coffee (extremely bitter! >_<) I was so shocked and traumatized, hahaha.. And since that moment, I don't want to drink coffe again, ever..
When I go to Starbucks, I only buy the hot chocolate and the pastries, which is so yummy! hehe..

3. I'm a family-girl..
If you noticed this, I'm a really family person.. ^^
We're so tight, my mom, my bro and me.. You can see that from my many blog posts, hehe.. =)

4. I really want to go to Paris and study makeup there!
I have a HUGE Crush on Paris, and I have this dream since.. Forever! hehe.. Wish me luck! ^^

5, I'm Soo.. Not Organized..
I'm a spontaneous person, I don't really plan on my life, just let it flow. And I don't keep an agenda. Completely the opposite from my mom, hehe..

6. I'm a shy person.. Really!
Gosh.. I'm so embarrassed when I have to spill this out..hehe.. I was so shy when I prompted to a new environment and a new person. But it all changed when I started to grow up and mature.. I learn to be more brave and confident. YAY to that! haha.. ^^

7. Love music to the core
I really love music! I have maybe more than 500 CDs and MP3s in my house.. Many types of music in any languages.. I must bring my iPod with me everyday, otherwise I'll feel like a half of my soul is missing, hehe..

8. I love to eat!
I love sushi and all of the Asian cuisine..hehe.. But my fave drink is Fresh Coconut Water! ^^

9. I don't exercise or go to the gym
Never liked it anyway, hahaha... I keep my body fit by doing chores and many activities, but not sports or exercise.. Too lazy for that, hehehe..

10. I'm a mix of Indonesia-Philipines-Chinese
That's where I got this look.. Unique oriental face, my friends always say, hehe..
But I'm grateful of who I am, and how I look, because we are all special, right?? Cheers to that! Ganbei! ^^

I'm gonna pass this award and tag:
Congratz!!! ^^

That's it for now, I'm going to get some sleep, cause my eyes are starting to feel heavy! I've been so busy with the college tasks for the past couple of days, and I usually slept at 12.30 am.. so now it's payback time, muahaha..

Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Body Shop Aloe Set Review! ^^

Hello everyone!! ^^
I've told you about writing review of my latest purchase, so here they are!
I bought this set because there's '3 for 2' promo at that time, hehe.. I thought, this is quite a steal.. ^^ I also purchased the TBS Tea Tree Concealer, but I will review that later on, cause I still have to finish the assignments that my 2 lecturers gave to my class.. The tasks are about writing.. lots of writing.. >_<
So, I have to finish that, too.. hehe..

OK now.. straight to the review! ^^

First is the Aloe Gentle Facial Wash..
I really like the texture.. Really foamy and mild to your skin..
I think it's a good choice for you who has sensitive skin..although I don't have a sensitive skin.. For the record, my skin is oily-acne prone-blemished, but not that sensitive.,
After using it, I feel no tingling sensation at all, and not squeaky clean..
Bottomline, I like it, hehe..
My TBS Tea Tree Facial Wash is almost empty, so I think I'll use this to replace the Tea Tree one.. So far so good.. ^^

But, the smell.. hmm.. I think because it doesn't contain any fragrance at all, so the smell is not like any other facial foam.. It's kinda like the scent of a real aloe vera.
My mom used to plant aloe vera in our front yard when me and my bro were still a little child, so I know what it smells like. Usually, mom will peel the skin and in the inside of the aloe vera there's a transparent gel type kind of thing, and she will rub it to my hair, she explained that it can make my hair grow thick and healthy.. Well, it is now.. hehe.. (A must for a girl, she said.. tradition from my Grandma, hehe.. ^^)

Here are the ingredients.. I'm not really familiar with all the chemical language style, hehe..

Next! ^^

The Aloe Calming Toner.. I found my Ultimate toner, yay! ^^ I think this is the perfect choice for you who has sensitive skin.. really.. It's not drying your face, cause it contains no alcohol in it. But not too oily, and quite hydrating.. I think my skin's condition is way better after I use this toner.. ^^ Will I buy this again?? Of course la!! ^^ It's not too expensive.. I bought it for just IDR 109K, around $10 for 200 ml, I think it's enough for 1-2 month, if I use it everyday.

And if you look at the composition right there.. It only contain 6 ingredients. When I first read it at the TBS Counter, I was shocked. "What?? That's it??" No alcohol, no preservative, nothing else but that six there?? Wow.. The texture is lightweight, just like water. It glides on my skin smoothly. It's like the aloe vera juice, hehe.. ^^

Last is the Aloe Vera Soothing Night Cream.. I must say, it's a good night cream, but it does feel a bit heavy on my oily skin. It's not making me breakout of what, but it feels a lil bit heavy when I apply it cause its thick creamy texture. But when I wake up in the morning, the heavy feeling was gone, and my skin feels so smooth.. ^^ {Behold.. the power of aloe vera, muahahahaha..} I think if there is the emulsion or maybe lotion type of this night cream, I will snatch it right away, hehe.. I only need like a pea-size of this cream to cover my whole face, so I think it will last for 2 months, if I use it every night. It makes my skin so moisturized, despite of the heavy feeling when you apply it.. Oya, the smell is quite the same with the toner and the facial wash.. I'm actually thinking about buying the protective serum, cause from the description in the website, it's lightweight.. hmm.. gotta try that one out! ^^
You can see the inside there..
I think aloe vera is a great ingredient for your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. Like tea tree oil/green tea for oily skin, hehe.. I'll definitely buy the toner again (Absolutely! ^^). And about the night cream, hmm.. I admit it brings good benefit to my skin, but I really wish TBS will make the lighter version of this cream. And if you're looking for a mild face cleanser, then this TBS Aloe Facial Wash might interest you.. ^^

Have you ever tried this TBS Aloe before?? Share your comments here!!

That's it for the review now, I have so many things to write at the next post, so keep on reading, OK??
There'll be many reviews.. The TBS Tea Tree Blemish Concealer, Bourjois Blush, and my latest Maybelline haul with more of my FOTD.
Woah! That's a lot! hehe.. ^^
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quick Update + My New Samsung Bling-Bling! ^^

Hello everyone!
I think I haven't really posting about beauty products lately, so here it is, a quick update! ^^
Plus some new and random things, hehe..
Here is the picture:
If you're thinking, what's that pink phone doing in there?? Ha! You got that right! ^^
I got a new phone!! YAY!! ^^ (I'm so happy cause I've been wanting this for quite a while, hehe..) I think I have to make a special post for my new Samsung "Bling-Bling", hehe..
The original name actually Samsung S5233S Star.. but my mom called it "Bling-Bling" cause when I have this phone on my hand for the first time, she swore that my eyes were like "Bling-Bling" because of the super-excitement! Hahaha.. ^^
So, since that moment on, this is my "Bling-Bling" hehe.. (Is it OK for you, Bling-bling?? Yes...^^)

I will review the others later on, because I'm about to enjoy my donuts right now..hehe...
Wanna see the picture?? ^^

Here you go.. JCo donuts.. If you're in Indonesia, Malaysia, or Singapore, you have to give it a try! It's so yummy.. ^^ My fave are the Glazzy and Forest Glam.. oh ya, and the Hot Chocolate is my ALL TIME FAVE! ^^
The website is so cute.. Check it out, OK?? ^^

ps: My mom and I went shopping the other day, and we bought 2 shoes and 2 sandals! So, it's 4 pairs in total! (warning: shopaholic mode = ON) I'm gonna show it to all of you later, so stay tuned! ^^