Thursday, September 24, 2009

To the Butterfly Garden, here we come!! ^^

I'm back!!! And I just have the most fabulous vacation ever! ^^ I took so many pictures in there, but there's only 1 (One!) butterfly that I successfully captured with my camera.. I know.. just one.. but it's yellow and so cute!!! ^^ The place is located in Kemiling.. It's near the Taman Bumi Kedaton, just 4 km from there.. So many trees and green.. I just love the place.. I think my inspiration will be going smoothly if I stay in that place for writing, hehe.. The owner is one of the lecturer here in my college, different faculty of course, he's the lecturer in Biology, while I'm majoring in communication.. so this place can also be used as the research site for butterflies.. OK then, lets continue to the pictures.. so many pictures! And I just love the flowers in there..

From the entrance.. This is the front gate..
It says: Butterfly Garden Gita Persada
Yes.. Butterfly means "Kupu-kupu" in Bahasa Indonesia.. ^^
This is the road to get inside..
Just like the country side, eh?? ^^
Can you see the shape there?? It's a shape of a butterfly!! Cute! ^^
That's one huge gazebo.. woah.. ^^
Pretty flower!
Edited with Meitu Xiuxiu! ^^ Like a Balinese girl ya?? hehe.. (or maybe Hawaiian?? ^^)
It's a tree house!! Woah.. I haven't seen a tree house this big and tall for quite a long time.. well, I see them on TV, but to see this in live.. so amazing!! ^^ (maybe it's around 6-8 meters tall..)
Btw, I didn't go up there, cause I'm a little scared of height! >_<>
The tree is so perfect to strike a pose! Yup! ^^
OK, from inside the gazebo.. can you see the resemblance in there?? Well, like mother like daughter, hehe..
This is so pretty!! ^^
It's the color purple!! ^^
Wow.. so many flowers!! ^^
And it's pink!! ^^ What more a girl can ask??
This is the green house they use to put the butterfly for further observation, so they can take it there, and then release it again.. so they basically live in the wild.. but then I asked in my mind, if you set them loose, won't they run away??
Naahh.. They will keep on returning here, because there are so many flowers (aka their food..) and the surrounding area are made to conserve them.. so they feel comfy in there..
(aha! so that's why there are so many flowers inside the garden..hehe..)

OK, pose first, haha..

It's SOOO.. Hard to take this picture.. they just keep on flying around.. ^^ but they still cute, though, hehe.. When this yellow one stops flying and hanging there, I just automatically snap it! Ha! Got Ya!! Muahahaha.. ^^

My mom got one!! Quick!! Say cheese!! ^^
OK, more photos.. Too bad after this photo was taken, it flew right away.. awww... I didn't get the chance to pose with it.. Oh, well.. It's back to its natural habitat now.. ^^
This flower is amazing!! I can spend hours just to look at it.. ^^
Beside the conservation house.. the flowers are so beautiful.. It's so natural and pretty.. ^^
I just love this view.. so peaceful.. It's the kind of garden that you want for your own house.. So homey.. ^^
It's perfect for your PC wallpaper, right?? hehe.. I'm started to get the hang of this photography.. I love taking pictures! You should have seen me there, I couldn't be separated from my camera.. Shoot here, shoot there.. hehe..
Actually there are so many butterflies in there, flying around.. But I can't catch them with my camera, because they are too fast.. But hey, you got the pictures, right?? ^^
Alright then, I think that sums up the trip to butterfly garden "Taman Kupu-kupu Gita Persada"
More beauty posts after this!! I hope you all enjoy reading this post, and don't forget to comment, OK?? =)
I love reading and replying your comments.. Have a great day every1!! ^^


  1. The butterfly garden looks so pretty! And you and your mom look so cute together =)

  2. Wow this place looks gorgeous and very fun to explore, thanks for sharing your pictures. You look sooo pretty, especially with the red flower in your hair. Your mom looks so fun and like a sweetheart, I love bonding with my mom too. :)

  3. @ freshelle: it's so pretty, isn't it?? ^^ I love it there!! ^^ hehe.. my mom says "really-really thank you" for you, too.. ^^

  4. @ kalmo: hehe.. You're welcome, kalmo.. ^^ I look like a Balinese girl, eh?? ^^ my mom says: "thank you-thank you.." to you, too!! ^^ most people feel that way with my mom, she's so easy to get along with.. ^^

  5. Hey Ceecile! Thanks for your sweet comment :)
    I will try to blog more often ! It looks like you had a great vacation!
    I So need a vacation. haha.

  6. @ silly mermaid: hello there!! ^^ keep on beauty blogging..hehe.. it's kinda tricky at first, but it's worth it, isn't it?? ^^
    everyone needs a vacation once in a while, it's good to refresh you mind and soul!! ^^

  7. wowww...that place seems so interesting >.<
    i would like to go there someday,
    will u be my guide, ceecile ? ^^ V

  8. @ Pinkylicious: oh Lina toh..hehe..aku pikir siapa pinkylicious??hehe..
    It's so beautiful, isn't it?? Please do!! I would love to be your guide.. ^^

  9. That's such a lovely place to go, love all the flowers and u look so pretty with the red flower^^

  10. @ Zoe: hehe.. It's so lovely, isn't it?? ^^
    hehe.. thank you for the compliment, Zoe.. =)

  11. it's so beautiful!! very pretty place to go ^^ i'm really impressed by the landscapes; you're so lucky haha, i want to go there someday^^
    you look so pretty with your mom :)
    thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures^^
    have a really nice day!

  12. @ audrey: thank you for your sweet comment! ^^
    by the way, I've visited your blog and followed it! You're so creative! ^^
    have a nice day to you too, Audrey..

  13. ohhhh there is a second lovely comment for me from you; you're so kind, thank you very much, i'm really touched<3 and you're welcome, it's sincere :)
    thank you for following me^^ i'm going to follow you too :)
    and thank you for your so nice compliment about my design, i'm so happy^^
    take care of you, see you soon i hope^^