Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random Haul + Aloha to my new Pink Eyeshadow!

Hello everyone! How y'all doing this week?? I have to tell you, I feel great!
I'm healthy again..(Thank God..^^)
Actually I'm still having a lil bit of cough, but yesterday my Laoshi (teacher) told me about this great Chinese medicine for cough, so after I drink it, I feel so much better now... Thank you Laoshi! ^^
And now I'm here to share some of my random haul to all of you!
For beauty product, I only bought 2 things, yeah not too much.. One is the Bourjois Eyeshadow Trio in Les Roses..

I love the colour..

I have to tell you, eyeshadow is a new world to me..I'm used to all that face powder, foundation, but eyeshadow is kinda like Armstrong landing on the moon to me.. When it was the first time using the eyeshadow, I was like: *SCREAMING* "Houston, we have a problem!" >_<>
I washed it all out with eyemakeup remover and put my mom's eyeshadow to the corner.. And I said to myself: No, I'm not gonna look to that corner for a while..

I thought so..

But now, I decided to start all over again.. So, now I hereby say ALOHA to my new pink eyeshadow, and welcome to my Makeup "Ohana" (Ohana means family, in case you don't know, watch Lilo & Stitch..^^) I'm still practicing in using this, so be patient with me.. Soon (I hope so), I'm gonna post my FOTD with this pink eyeshadow on.. Just wait and see! muahahahaha.. ^^
Next is the Purederm Masks.I already tried Purederm mask several times before, and I'm liking it.. ^^ It's good to moisturize my face, and this time I bougt the 'Moisturizing Cucumber Pack' and 'Strawberry Yoghurt Pack'. Oh ya, talking about strawberry, I'm planning to do a beauty DIY strawberry mask sometime soon.. I already watch Bubzbeauty youtube video about this mask, and I wrote down all the ingredients, so.. maybe this weekend..^^

Now, to the non-makeup haul.. I recently purchased a great book.. "What Would Audrey Do?" by Pamela Keogh..
And if I say Audrey, yes, I do mean "the" Audrey Hepburn.. ^^ It's a ladies guide to Audrey-inspired living for the modern women.. A very interesting book, I must say.. It's like a self development guide for females, who just dying to be as fabolous as Audrey.. ^^ It's very unique.. hehe.. I'm a big fan of Audrey myself..(duh..that's why I bought this book..^^) so when I see this book, I knew I have to buy it.. Inside there are many beautiful graphics,too.. The illustration of Audrey is so movie-like.. ^^ It's so cute.. Here are the pictures..
I haven't finished reading it, I only read it in a glance by now.. so maybe next time I'll write about the beauty aspect in this book.. ^^
Last but not least, fashion! ^^ Item list: 2 new tops, 2 new necklaces, and 1 pair of earrings.. Major cuteness!! ^^
They were all imported from Korea.. and it's so sweet..especially for the earrings, I can't resist its charm.. Super cute.. ^^
For the necklace, I bought the pearl one..I haven't have a pearl necklace, my collection is all about pendant, never pearl. So I decided to buy this one..
My mom also bought this one with the flower corsage.. Full with colours, hehehe..
Here are the tops that we bought, combined with the necklace.. ^^
So, you see.. My mom's style of fashion is kinda different me.. Me, I'm a pink & white lover, and my mom is more to the colourful choices.. She loves green, purple, blue, brown.. While I'm more subtle; pastel & beige colours is my thing.. I'm Parisian, she's Italian.. More flower and pink to me, while strong siluette and simpler design suits my mom.. But because we share our wardrobes, her style is influencing mine..hehe..^^ Oh ya, we also love Korean style very much.. (must be because all of the Korean drama we watched, haha..) How about you? Do you have the same sense of style with your mom?? Or do you share your own wardrobes?? Tell me about it! ^^
OK, I think that's all for the random haul this time..
Have a great day, everyone..


  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Super nice haul, I love those earrings! I don't really have the same fashion sense of my mom, she's 65 right now. XD

  2. @ Kalmo: they're cute,isn't it? ^^
    hehe.. she's 65? wow.. I guess I'm lucky cause my mom was only 45 (and young at heart..^^), so we're like friends.. =)

  3. Which Dove shampoo do you use?
    I'm always open to new discoveries!
    I love thtat book you posted, it seems so nice!
    I love Audrey too, sometimes I just put on my little black dress with a white scarf and pretend to be her having breakfast.
    I should try to head directly to the Tiffany boutique in Milan but it' too far :(
    Love the earrings too...bows and pearls, probably the two things I love the most!
    But I'm afraid of trying pink eyeshadows because I'll look ill and with my eyes irritated :°(

  4. I love those earrings, and the pearl necklace too. My mom is pretty good with picking out stuff that I'd like...not that she necessarily likes it too, she just knows my taste :).

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my page!
    i love the accessories you got! super cute! totally my style :)
    My mom lives in Korea and is constantly surrounded by cuteness but she always seem to send me things I wouldn't wear. Bless her heart hehe.
    BUT! She is amazing at picking out make up!
    I love eyeshadow and own a lot of them but if they are not light colors, I usually look like I have a black eye by the time I'm done :) hehe.
    Anyways, nice to meet you!

  6. @ Bianca/Lady Rise Juliet: I use the Intense Damage Therapy series, cause my hair is dry and damaged by the sun and coloring.. about coloring hair, well.. been there, done that..hehe.. I've been coloring my hair since 6th grade! *shocked* So I really have to take care my hair.. ^^
    About the pink eyeshadow.. hehe..I'm still trying to make this look works, too.. The key is to find the perfect pink for you.. (and that's not easy, hehe.. ^^)
    I still remember Audrey's films very well, I used to watch her in awe.. ^^ so beautiful.. ^^

  7. @ Tiff: good for you! ^^ it's great to have a mom who understands you.. usually when my mom picks some fashion stuff for me, it's a great choice for me.. she knows my taste for fashion very well.. ^^

  8. @ silly mermaid: you're welcome! ^^
    thanks for commenting, too.. ^^
    your mom is in korea?? I'm dying to go to Korea!! ^^ for makeup, my mom is not really into heavy makeup and all, she prefer natural look, and rarely wear makeup..(but she's really into fashion! hehe..)
    hehe.. right now I'm not really into smokey eyes,too.. I'm looking for bright colors for my eyes, to make eyes really pops..^^ plus I wear glasses, so I have to highlight my eyes.. =)
    nice to meet you, too! ^^

  9. The Les Roses trio looks beautiful and all your clothes and accessories are lovely. Was Purederm formerly DermalKorea? Their sheet masks share the exact same packaging and Dermal Korea's website has been down for a long time.

    Audrey is perfection. =)

  10. @ En: aww.. thank you for the lovely comment..^^ that you saying this..I did some research, and their packaging is so much alike! wow, I didn't notice that before.. about that, hmmm.. I looked up their website, and they're still on.. dermal korea in
    and purederm in have you checked them out yet??
    I think it needs further research.. (thinking mode: ON) I'll let you know! ^^

  11. Glad to hear u r feeling better, the pink eyeshadowlooks really cute and the masks look so interseting, I have never heard of those masks before and I have to admit that I am a no.1 mask fan^^;
    I am seriously going to buy that book becasue it looks so classy and beautiful, love ur earings and necklaces so pretty^^