Saturday, September 19, 2009

My L'oreal Haul + NOTD! ^^

If you noticed my tweets this week, you may have know this..
I've been strucked by bloggers block! >_<
And it's no fun at all..
I online every day, of course, but every time I want to make a new post, I simply don't know what to write.. Not cool..T_T

So, in effort to bring back my inspiration..
I did many stuff:
I listened songs from my iPod.. so many songs.. not working.. =(
I went outside, to the mall, restaurant, I even ate ice cream! Still.. nothing..
I watched movies.. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.. It made me wanna buy chocolate, so I did buy some Ferrero Rocher, and Delfi chocolate bar with hazelnut.. My.. It's a guilty pleasure, hehe.. ^^ (yes, I'm a big fan of chocolate.. ^^ )

But, you know what made my inspiration back??
I think I read it somewhere, "if you don't know what to write, just keep on writing.."
It's a very good quote!^^
So, I did..
I keep on writing..
I searched online on how to write on web, and found a great site named My Writing Nook, which is a very good site for writing using web tool, so I joined it right away.. ^^
I think I wrote a full paragraph until I realized.. hey.. I still have my inspiration, right?? My fingers are dancing on the keyboard, no stress, no pressure..
I'm just enjoying my moment.. I'm still ME!!! ^^ (gosh, I'm so happy I can say that out loud..) So, here we are, in my current post, hehe.. ^^ OK then, enough introduction, unto the main course! ^^ It's my L'oreal haul! ^^

Wow, I have so many L'oreal products, I haven't noticed it before, hehe.. ^^ from left to right:

~L'oreal Gentle Makeup Remover Cleansing Milk L'oreal Gentle Makeup Remover Toner (I use it to remove my makeup, but it's almost empty, though..)

~L'oreal Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (I only use it if I wear mascara and eyeshadow..It doesn't hurt my eyes.. ^^)

~L'Oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Night Serum (my fave at this moment!)

~L'Oreal Elseve Smoth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum Leave In I use it occasionally, if I'm having a bad hair day and frizzy.. but it works!

~L'oreal Elseve Damage Care Thermo Active Milk Reinforcer Leave In Use it (almost) everyday when my hair is half-dry, really good to soften your hair!

~L'oreal UV Perfect Fluid Protector Sunscreen SPF 50 -Anti Dullness-
I'm going on vacation soon, so this is a basic need! ^^

~L'oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence It's great to whiten your skin, it even make my acne scar lessen! I'm using it everyday.. ^^

~(the front) L'oreal Hydrafresh Moisturizer
I don't really use it anymore, but I still keep it in my room..It's like a water drop to my face! ^^

From all of those above, here are the 3 items that I purchased recently:
L'oreal UV Perfect Fluid Protector Sunscreen SPF 50 -Anti Dullness-
I've been searching for a great face sunscreen for my face, usually what we have here don't go over SPF 30, but this is SPF 50, so I think I've got to try this one out! ^^It has a purple tint in it, so it will make your face look brighter.. And it's a little oily at first, but it will blend in quickly, especially in a hot weather.. I'm not getting tanned or whatsoever, but I've only used it for once this week, yeah.. Maybe after the holiday is over.. Oh! Have I told you that I'm going on to vacation with my family?? ^^ Well, we're going on for a holiday to Palembang, South Sumatra, and if we're talking about holiday, usually it means a whole day exposed in the sun, right?? So, I need a sunscreen, simple as that.. More review of this after I get back!

L'Oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Night Serum
I love this serum! I usually have no time to apply the leave in the morning, I'm all concentrating to my skincare and makeup, hehe.. But I still want my hair to look fab, so I use this when I get to sleep.. It make your hair really have volume! My hair is better after I use this serum regularly, less branching and drying.. ^^ Not to mention, it smells like honey and vanilla!

L'oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence
My face is whiter and brighter because of this! ^^ I'm thinking to buy the whole set, but I have to do some research first, hehe.. It even helps fading my blemishs..
I actually thinking about buying a scar serum for my face, something between Palmer's and Bioglo, but I think this one is doing a pretty good job,too.. It's not greasy, and so quick to absorb.. I apply this to my neck,too.. You girls better start to apply your moisturizer to your neck.. 20 years from now, and you're gonna thank me.. ^^ I think it has kinda "facelifting" effect to my neck, it's soft and soothing..
The most important fact, it doesn't make me have any breakout, thank God.. ^^

And now I'm gonna end this post with my NOTD! Been into soft colour lately, actually I wanted to do blue neon nail polish, but naaah.. It's fall season, and the weather's warmer.. hehe.. I think this kind of colour suits me best.. ^^
Maybe you see this colour a bit yellowish and beige.. But actually, in low light, it will turn to a light browny, cappuchino colour.. and if it's hit by light, it will get sparkling like really soft gold colour! ^^ My mom picked this colour.. I think mommy really know best, hehe..
The number is BR803, it's listed as one of the brown colour, eh?? But I think it's a great choise for a subtle yet still elegant nail polish..

For the next post I will show you the recent 2 beauty books I purchased. I'm still reading it, so I'll see you at the next post! ^^ Happy Weekend, everybody!


  1. Wow..u do have so many L'oreal stuff, I only use their hair treatments sometimes, I so love ur nail polish color's so classy^^
    Hey..ur next post should be about food..ha ha ha

  2. @ zoe: hehe.. it looks so many, isn't it?? ^^
    Absolutely, hehe.. I think the next post is gonna be picture heavy! hehe.. ^^

  3. ceeCiLe, AfTer ReaDinG ur PosT, I ThinK I'vE goT to Try SoMe oF The StuFF u MentiOned AboVe... >.<
    s0, i'm inTeResTed @ 3 ProDucT :

    1. L'Oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Night Serum
    (i've never use hair serum @ night before, so this one's a new stuff for me, must try item) =)

    2. L'oreal Elseve Damage Care Thermo Active Milk Reinforcer Leave In
    (i reaLLy neeD this to keep my hair SmootH coz it's kinda frizzy and i dun reaLLy Like it..)

    3. L'oreal UV Perfect Fluid Protector Sunscreen SPF 50 -Anti Dullness-
    (this one is reaLLy a MusT HaVe iTem for me...)

    4. L'oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence
    (sounds very InTeResTinG, i'll definitely try this one also)

    s0, u SuccesfuLLy c0nVinCed Me to aDDed up my Shopping List

  4. @ Lina: Yes! Successfully convincing you, hehehe.. =D
    I think you mean 4 instead of 3, hehe.. but it's ok, though.. hehe..
    happy shopping2 yah.. ^^
    take care! ^^

  5. luvly haul! is the night serum easily absorb by the hair? ive always wanted to try a hair-night-serum but was always afraid it will leave some residue on my pillows..but from your review, i too want to smell like honey and having more volume hair! xoxo elle

  6. yeah, it's turned out to be 4 items, not 3 onLy....;p~~
    ya reaLLY know how to pRoMote ProDucTs....ckckck...>.<

  7. wow that is a lot of l'oreal products lol i've never tried l'oreal products before but i think i'm gonna try the L'oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence! wanna whiten and brighten my skin hehe.

    oh btw, regarding the pearl whitening MBD masks, i think you can pick it up from sasa in indonesia? my frd went back to visit her family this summer and she got a they definitely have it, but maybe not all locations?

  8. what about the hydra fresh?
    is it good or bad?
    the item that u used was for normal skin, right?

    and i also love the loreal sunscreen,it give us better protection, but bad news,
    it's non waterproof sunscreen T_T
    buat tinggal di indo,kayaknya perlu yg waterproof deh.....

  9. Great haul and thanks for the reviews! I wish this stuff was in the U.S. too!

  10. @ with love, elle: Hello there, elle! For the night serum, it's really fast-absorbed by the hair.. when you use it, it only takes like less then a minute to absorb to your hair..Real quick! ^^ I use it when I'm about to go to bed.. And it doesn't leave any residue at all!

  11. @ freshelle: hehe.. happy trying! ^^
    I checked on the net, read the beauty forum here, but turns out there's NO (arghh.. no..) sasa counter here.. >_<
    The nearest here is in Singapore, and I've asked my dear friend, Lina who's going to S'pore this weekend (yes, you, Lina! ^^) to buy something-something for me, haha.. thanks for the info ya! ^^

  12. @ La Coruna: I think it depends on your skin, it's meant for combination oily skin.. It's a like a water drop to your skin, gel to water formula..
    It's fast-absorb and make your skin supple.. ^^

    about the sunscreen, I'm having trouble with waterproof formula, cause it's drying me up.. >_<
    So I guess I better stick to this, it's like a lotion.. ^^

  13. @ kalmo: thank u for the lovely comment! ^^
    ah, you're right, it reminds me.. some of them are don't available in USA, only for Asia.. but you can still buy it online, right?? ^^

  14. @ Lina: really?? ^^ thank you for the compliment, Lina.. ^^

  15. I saw this hair night serum in aus stores and it says night-elixir instead of night-serum! everything else is the same words lol

  16. @ with love,elle: really?? hehe.. yeah, sometimes when they translate it, it gets a lil different.. but it's the same, right?? ^^

  17. The same as you, I also didn’t know what to be written in my blog. The long holiday has put my focus on the other things such as having fun the whole day ^^
    You are right; I just started to apply moisturizer on my neck some months ago. We will be beauty grandmothers with good neck 30 years later haha ..
    I am searching for Loreal Elseve shampoo with discount recently :p I got my recent shampoo by big sale on guardian. I hope I can find another one with the discount as well hahaha .. (“, )v

  18. i like being beauty :p

    mohon maaf lahir bathin sekalian ngasih tahu ada award di tempat saya tuk kamu silahkan di ambil, terimakasih :)

  19. @ mapple: hehe.. same as you,too.. ^^ I'm still in holiday right now, so.. more holiday posts to come!
    Right! Who says we can't be 70 and still pretty?? hohoho.. ^^

    you're using loreal elseve shampoo?? wow, a discount! too bad I didn't catch that, hohoho..

  20. @ cheexa: me too! ^^ that's why I made this blog, hehe..
    maaf lahir batin juga.. maafkan daku jika ada yang salah2 kata ataupun perbuatan.. hehe.. aku udah ambil awardnya and sudah diposting! ^^
    thank you very much ya! ^^