Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's ezzie's 1st giveaway! ^^

It's giveaway time! ^^
This time, Ezzie from http://ezziebelljewelry.blogspot.com/ is having a giveaway for having 50 followers!
The prize are:

This beautiful necklace.. It's so cute and feminine, right??
When you wear it, you'll feel special.. ^^ (I'll be your marketing, Ezzie..hehe..)
And this cute pink ring! ^^ Oh my, they're so gorgeous aren't they??

The giveaway rules:
1. Must be a follower of Ezzie..
2. Leave a comment in her post, what you like about her jewelry..
3. Post her giveaway in your blog! Simple, eh?? ^^
The deadline is September 28th.. almost 3 weeks from now.. so hurry up! ^^

Hope I'm the lucky one, Ezzie! hohohoho.. ^^