Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I got an award, yay! ^^

My 1st award, yay! ^^
Oh my.. I didn't expect this at all.. Thank you so very much, Mapple!
You know, yesterday when I checked my blog, I feel so down and all, because of the bad mood, and when I see my Cbox, Mapple from http://mappleleave.blogspot.com/ said that she's given me an award, and it's a bundle of 3 awards, woah! ^^

Mapple, you just made my day! ^^

And so, here goes the rules of these awards:
  • Accept the award; post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
  • Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for these awards.
I will pass the awards for 15 blogs.. (I'm started to sound like a host in an Oscar, right?? haha.. ), and here they are: (drumroll please!^^)

1. Ezzie from http://ezziebelljewelry.blogspot.com/ Yes, you're the first one, ezzie! Love your jewelry! ^^
2. Milk n Cookie from http://milkncookiie.blogspot.com/ Love you guys both! ^^
3. Kathi from http://lotuspalace.blogspot.com/ You're my inspiration! ^^
4. Crafty Liang from http://craftyliang.blogspot.com/ Love your blog, too.. ^^
5. Zoe from http://13december.blogspot.com/ Love your blog, Zoe!
6. Silly Mermaid from http://euniceroe.blogspot.com/ Keep on beauty-blogging!^^
7. Recessionista from http://nouveaucheap.blogspot.com/ One of my first friend in blogging! ^^
8. Anastacia from http://mymakeupmania.blogspot.com/ Beautiful skill in make up! ^^
9. Kalmo from http://cambosoup.blogspot.com/ Thanks for your many lovely comments! ^^
10. Bianca from http://sephoraaddicted.blogspot.com/ You go, girl! ^^
11. Tiff from http://bighairbiggerlashes.blogspot.com/ Great blog, Tiff! ^^
12. Fuyumini from http://fuyumini.blogspot.com/ One of my fave blog! ^^
13. Denysia from http://hellodenysia.blogspot.com/ First blogger friend I know! ^^
14.En from http://whereisen.blogspot.com/ Love your blog, En! ^^
15. Soapaholic http://soapoftheday.blogspot.com/ Great blog! ^^

Wow! Such a long list! ^^
You know, I'm new to beauty blogging myself, I can't believe that 3 months ago, I'm still in doubt to myself, "Will I ever succeed in writing (and managing) a beauty blog??" But hey, it's all paid off when it's come to this part.. ^^
I have so many friends from around the world, and I've met many people from different backgrounds, lots of new experience.. ^^ Although I can't deny I also have that writer-stuck moments.. I get so often think, "If I wrote this, will the readers love it?? Write, no.. Write, yes.. >_<"

Oh, and so many times I feel down, I feel I'm not pretty enough, blablabla... especially when I saw the other models on TV or Magazine..
BUT! I realized one thing.. when it comes to beauty blogging (and the real world, too..) it's not just about the look or the face or the appearance on the outside that makes us attracted to their blog.. It's also about their PERSONALITY, right?? Maybe I don't have a super flawless skin, so what?? We all have flaws.. Nobody's perfect.. But we like their blogs, because how they write it, it reflects their personality.. and we love their personality.. we want to be their friends..^^

And so..I really hope that this awards will be a motivation for all of you, like it has motivated me, to become more creative, more beautiful and moreee... more what ya?? Oh ya! More passionate in beauty blogging, of course.. ^^ (I've become speechless when it comes to this part.. I'm so not good at speech, hehe..)

OK then, after this I will write about Ezzie's giveaway, see you at the next post!


  1. Awww! Thanq so much for this 3-in-1 awards! It so sweet of ya!
    Hope you have a nice day!

  2. @ Anastacia: you're very welcome.. ^^
    Have a nice day for you,too.. ^^

  3. Thanks so much!!!:) I really appreciate it. I've actually been given this award already a few months back, but I really really appreciate the thought! Thanks again!:) I'm loving your blog and I'm following it now.:)

  4. Thank you for the award hun! ♥ When we first started our blog, we sometimes also thought "Will people even visit this blog?", but it started out pretty good. All the bloggers here are just so nice, I'm glad we started this blog!


  5. Awww, thank you SO much, sweetie! I'm proud to know that I was one of your first beauty blogging friends. That makes me so happy and I'm so proud to see how far you've come!! xoxo

  6. Thank you for the award! You are super sweet! :) I will post it later today! :)

  7. Aww, thank you dear!! You are too kind :]

  8. Thank you for the award. You're too sweet! :)

  9. Congratulations on the award! Personality is def. what attracts me to a blog. Thank you for the wonderful award as well, it means a lot to me!

  10. hehe .. Glad that the awards have brightened your day. I was also not sure how to make continuous writing about beauty related. But I just let it flow ...

  11. Wow you got this award too hehe, congratz girl you deserve it ^_^

    About the L'egere BB Cream, the coverage is good and it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. Doesn't give me a whitish cast. But if you have sensitive skin, it's better if you sample first ^_^. Tnx again for visitin ^_^

  12. Thanks so much for the award^^ I am so happy..do drop by sometimes^^

  13. Thank you so much.

    You have a really great blog going yourself and it's only 3 months old, wow!

  14. @ Soapaholic: you're welcome! ^^ thanks for following.. ^^
    I love reading your blog.. it's very informative..especially for the acne part.. I have a serious issue with acne.. >_<
    Thanks again for the sweet comment.. ^^

  15. @ MilknCookie: you're very welcome.. ^^
    the same thing happened to me, too.. but I'm glad that I can get over it and keep on blogging! ^^

  16. @ Recessionista: you're welcome.. ^^
    I know..look how far I've become now.. hehe..
    I hope I can keep on beauty blogging... it's one thing that makes me happy.. ^^

  17. @ denysia: hehe.. you're welcome.. ^^
    I'll be checking up your post for sure! ^^

  18. @ Liang: hehe.. you're welcome, Liang.. ^^
    thanks for the sweet comment.. ^^

  19. OMG, thank you!
    I did not expect this at all...you are such a darling!
    Thank you thank you thank you

  20. @ fuyumini: you're welcome..hehe.. ^^
    xie-xie! ^^

  21. @ Kalmo: you're welcome, Kalmo.. ^^
    I'm glad it means a lot to you..=)
    thanks for the lovely comment! ^^

  22. @ Mapple: Hello mapple! hehe.. glad to see visiting my blog.. ^^
    I know.. sometimes I can get like stuck and don't know what to write, but I'm trying to be free and as cute as I can be! hehe.. ^^

  23. @ Twinsouls88: thank you for the sweet comment! ^^
    wow.. I think it really is a great product,eh??
    But it's hard to find Legere in here, so I guess I'll have to find it on ebay or foreign OS.. =)

  24. @ Zoe: You're welcome, Zoe.. I'm a regular reader of your blog, so don't worry! Love your blog, too.. ^^

  25. @ En: you're welcome, En.. ^^
    It's almost 4 months now.. hehe.. I used to think, can I stick to this? Will I get bored or maybe leaving it?? But turns out, I'm not bored or feel like quitting... I want to keep on beauty-blogging.. It's like my destiny.. I'm happy doing it, and this is what I'm supposed to do.. ^^

  26. @ Lady Rise Juliet: you're very very welcome..hehe.. ^^ don't forget to post it in your blog, ok?? ^^