Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DIY Strawberry Mask + FOTD with curly hair! ^^

Hello everyone..^^
so long after not posting anything..
yes..but I do make some improvement in my blog, a twitter box, a new (huge!) header, and a new blinkie.. I love this blinkie about books, so inspiring!^^
OK, to the real post..

I recentyly tried the strawberry DIY mask from the Bubzbeauty youtube video..
and here it is the recipe:

1. Mashed the strawberries in a bowl..
I used 5 strawberries.. that should be enough..
Hmm.. yummy.. ^^

2. Then, add the yoghurt..
I used 2 spoonful for this.. turned out it's too much! >_<
Next time, I have to remember only use 1 spoonful for this mask..
3. Add honey.. 2-3 spoonful is enough..
It's like caramel, isn't it?? ^^ Yum..

4. Add the sugar.. 1-2 spoonful.. (I'm very careful with the measuring now..hehe..)
5. Mix it all up!
6. Use the cotton pad to apply it your face.. Leave it for 10-15 minutes..
When applying, massage your face with this mask..very gently..
You know, when I first put that in my face, the first reaction was.. "Yikes! It's COLD!" hahaha..
I forgot to mention that I put the yoghurt in the cooler of the fridge.. so it's like the frozen yoghurt..^^
It's soothing, though.. so soft.. =)

But the after result..after I washed it..
It's mattifying my face.. I think it's really oil controlling.. for about 2 days, my oil sebum was supressed..wow!
Actually, I was assuming it's gonna make my face supple, but after seeing the result.. hmmm..
maybe it's because I didn't use more honey, or didn't exfoliate much?? Maybe I'll try this for 1 more time, and then I'll report the update for all of you.. (Yes, sir!^^)

On to my FOTD..^^
This is me in my bedroom..
Yes, the wall is painted in lavender, and it has lavender curtain in it..
I love lavender! ^^
(Sorry for the bad lighting..I have changed the lamp in my room from 18 w to 23 w.. but still..you can see sometimes my face looks darker, sometimes it's lighter >_< )

Me with super long, and sleek hair.. Been wanting to do this FOTD for a while, but I never got the chance... I'm using my Babyliss Pro Curler to make my hair curly.. Oh ya, I'm using Bourjois concealer in my makeup for this.. Huge pimple in my forehead! >_< Still trying.. hehe.. ^^ I gotta tell you, it's hard to make a photo like this, I have to be careful with the curler, cause it's hot! While holding this, I have to snap a picture of me with the camera.. and posing..
How hard is that?? hehe.. ^^



Voila! ^^ It's my FOTD! =)

You know, many people said that long and sleek hair suits me best, but sometimes I want to try something new,too.. It's kinda boring doing the same hair style everyday.. >_<
So, I'm trying this! hehe.. ^^
What do you think??
Long and sleek hair or Curly?? Tell me your opinion.. ^^

PS: Remember the blue bowl that you see in the making of the strawberry mask above? And you know what??
It's older than me! It was like, 23 years old now! That bowl was the wedding present for my mom and dad, when they got married..23 years ago! It was from Japan..
It has so many history in it.. hehe.. ^^ (not to mention it's my fave bowl,too..^^)


  1. Awww! It's so delishaZZZ facial mask! Lucky there you have strabwberry :P

  2. @ Anastacia: hehe.. I gotta admit.. I taste it, too..hehe.. and it's so yummy! ^^ a new recipe to try: "strawberry yoghurt smoothie"! ^^
    and it's good for your face, too.. =)

  3. this is gr8! here aussie we have lots of strawberries so im gonna try! thanks! xoxo elle

  4. @ Elle: you're welcome..hehe.. do try this mask..use lots of honey to add moisture to your skin.. happy masking! ^^

  5. Wow..this is such a great review, but we don't have strawberries here T T ...
    Pretty pictures of u, ur hair looks so cute with the curls^^

  6. I drooled at your mask. Unfortunately, that is one mask I don't think I'll be making cause I know it won't be ending up on my face.

    It looks too delicious and sounds too delicious.. damn, I'm still drooling.

  7. awh,yay thank you for following my blogg(:
    i hope i can have as many followers as you one day..but anyways, this mask looks like a good snack too ;p baha, i think i wanna try it,i'll probably just eat whats left of it while its on my face(;


  8. oh yes, honey, definitely put in honey (got healing properties ya?) the sugar work as exfoliator? it doesn't melt as its so cold, brrr tee hee, xoxo elle

  9. Thanks for the cool tutorial! My favorite DIY mask is the yogurt and honey mask, it's makes the skin so soft. Aww you're so pretty in the pictures, love the hair!

  10. @ Zoe: aww.. that's too bad..
    but you can replace it with other fruits, like apple, orange, grapes, etc.. (it sounds like a recipe for fruit salad, eh?? hehe..)
    thank you for the compliment..hehe.. I'm flying to sky right now..as we speak.. ^^

  11. @ hevn: hehe.. it IS so delicious! ^^
    I'm thinking to make a strawberry yoghurt smoothie, hehe.. but this time, more strawberry and honey added! perfect for a hot day in the summer! ^^ *drooling*

  12. @ Nicole: you're welcome! ^^
    just be patient, you'll get there.. I'm still a newbie myself, but I'm trying & willing to learn.. ^^
    hehe.. you can do that, just think it's a treat for your face and tummy, hahaha.. (I did taste it a lil bit, just a lil.. hehe..)

  13. @ Elle: that's right..hehe..^^ honey is a great for your face, no wonder the bees like it so much, hehe.. ^^
    actually you can replace sugar with oatmeal..just make sure it's crushed well.. it's a good exfoliator, too..

  14. @ Kalmo: glad you like it,hehe.. ^^
    thank you..hehe.. ^^ I'm up for trying some new hair style now.. More FOTD of me with curly hair, next! ^^

  15. i think you look pretty both ways. LOVING the curls! it's so pretty and girly!!!

  16. with or without that treatment, i think you look great dear :)

  17. @ freshelle: thank you for the lovely comment.. ^^
    do drop by again to my blog sometimes.. =)

  18. @ cheexa: thanks for the compliment, cheexa! ^^
    you're flattering me.. hehe.. thanks for visiting, do drop by again sometimes! ^^

  19. Thank you for sharing this DIY mask! I'm sure it smelled incredibly good! :D Plus, your curly hair looks lovely.

  20. @ shopnchomp: you're welcome.. ^^ not only smell good, it tastes good.. ^^ hehe..
    aww.. thank you for the compliment,dear..^^

  21. You have beautiful hair! & that mask looks yummy (=

  22. @ gaby: thank you for the compliment, gaby! ^^
    hehe.. it is very yummy, a must-try mask! ^^ hohoho..

  23. nice one..^^ i've tried this beforeee~ LOL~
    but i like oatmeal mask better..^^
    come see my page for the oatmeal mask..xD~

  24. @querra: hello there, querra! ^^ I always like to try different kinds of masks.. but I think this one is quite good.. and yummy! hehe.. ^^
    heading there right away!! ^^