Saturday, September 26, 2009

More giveaway!! ^^

OK!! More post about giveaway, hehe.. I'm so into giveaway right now, I think it's so much fun!! ^^ And this time it's from Sweetcheeks from Taste of Originality.. so many things to win, wow..

The giveaway details and rules: (from Sweetcheeks' blog):

Simple Rules:
1) Must be a follower
2) Must post this giveaway on your blog
3) Comment me with ONE makeup/facial product you absolutely cannot live without. PLEASE ALSO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS with this comment so I can reach you. ONE COMMENT PER PERSON. Multiple comments will disqualify you (it has to be fair).

Winners will be chosen at random.

FYI: Some of the items have been barely used. Others are brand new!
Contest ends Sept 30, 2009 at 5:00pm PCT. Winners will be notified 9/30 - 10/1. Items will be shipped 10/3.

Come on and join!! ^^

I'm currently trying the aspirin mask right now, so there'll be more update on it soon!!
Catch you later!! ^^

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Caby's first giveaway!! Spread the news!! ^^

It's more giveaway, people!! And this time is from Caby from Cabyness..
Here are the details.. (I took it from Caby's blog, hehe..)

Items up for grabs:
2 pair of Falsies
5pc Eye Shadow Palette
Lancome Hypnose Mascara
Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil
Bath and Body Works Lip Licious
2 Mimi Cosmetics Eye Shadow
White Pearl Eye Pencil
Fashion Earrings
San San Pen Liner
San San Duo Eye Shadow used as Blush

Here are the rules:

1. You must be a follower of my blog.
2. Post about my giveaway in your blog and link your post to my giveaway.
3. Leave a comment in this post saying "I want in!" and paste the url of your blog post about my giveaway.
4. Winner will be chosen randomly through
5. There is only 1 (one) winner which will be drawn on October 9, 2009.

This Giveaway is open to International bloggers and will run for two weeks. Giveaway will end on October 8, 2009 11:59PM Philippine / Asian Time..

Good Luck Everyone!!! ^^

Thursday, September 24, 2009

To the Butterfly Garden, here we come!! ^^

I'm back!!! And I just have the most fabulous vacation ever! ^^ I took so many pictures in there, but there's only 1 (One!) butterfly that I successfully captured with my camera.. I know.. just one.. but it's yellow and so cute!!! ^^ The place is located in Kemiling.. It's near the Taman Bumi Kedaton, just 4 km from there.. So many trees and green.. I just love the place.. I think my inspiration will be going smoothly if I stay in that place for writing, hehe.. The owner is one of the lecturer here in my college, different faculty of course, he's the lecturer in Biology, while I'm majoring in communication.. so this place can also be used as the research site for butterflies.. OK then, lets continue to the pictures.. so many pictures! And I just love the flowers in there..

From the entrance.. This is the front gate..
It says: Butterfly Garden Gita Persada
Yes.. Butterfly means "Kupu-kupu" in Bahasa Indonesia.. ^^
This is the road to get inside..
Just like the country side, eh?? ^^
Can you see the shape there?? It's a shape of a butterfly!! Cute! ^^
That's one huge gazebo.. woah.. ^^
Pretty flower!
Edited with Meitu Xiuxiu! ^^ Like a Balinese girl ya?? hehe.. (or maybe Hawaiian?? ^^)
It's a tree house!! Woah.. I haven't seen a tree house this big and tall for quite a long time.. well, I see them on TV, but to see this in live.. so amazing!! ^^ (maybe it's around 6-8 meters tall..)
Btw, I didn't go up there, cause I'm a little scared of height! >_<>
The tree is so perfect to strike a pose! Yup! ^^
OK, from inside the gazebo.. can you see the resemblance in there?? Well, like mother like daughter, hehe..
This is so pretty!! ^^
It's the color purple!! ^^
Wow.. so many flowers!! ^^
And it's pink!! ^^ What more a girl can ask??
This is the green house they use to put the butterfly for further observation, so they can take it there, and then release it again.. so they basically live in the wild.. but then I asked in my mind, if you set them loose, won't they run away??
Naahh.. They will keep on returning here, because there are so many flowers (aka their food..) and the surrounding area are made to conserve them.. so they feel comfy in there..
(aha! so that's why there are so many flowers inside the garden..hehe..)

OK, pose first, haha..

It's SOOO.. Hard to take this picture.. they just keep on flying around.. ^^ but they still cute, though, hehe.. When this yellow one stops flying and hanging there, I just automatically snap it! Ha! Got Ya!! Muahahaha.. ^^

My mom got one!! Quick!! Say cheese!! ^^
OK, more photos.. Too bad after this photo was taken, it flew right away.. awww... I didn't get the chance to pose with it.. Oh, well.. It's back to its natural habitat now.. ^^
This flower is amazing!! I can spend hours just to look at it.. ^^
Beside the conservation house.. the flowers are so beautiful.. It's so natural and pretty.. ^^
I just love this view.. so peaceful.. It's the kind of garden that you want for your own house.. So homey.. ^^
It's perfect for your PC wallpaper, right?? hehe.. I'm started to get the hang of this photography.. I love taking pictures! You should have seen me there, I couldn't be separated from my camera.. Shoot here, shoot there.. hehe..
Actually there are so many butterflies in there, flying around.. But I can't catch them with my camera, because they are too fast.. But hey, you got the pictures, right?? ^^
Alright then, I think that sums up the trip to butterfly garden "Taman Kupu-kupu Gita Persada"
More beauty posts after this!! I hope you all enjoy reading this post, and don't forget to comment, OK?? =)
I love reading and replying your comments.. Have a great day every1!! ^^

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So many awards! Wow! ^^

Woah! I just realized I got so many awards from my blogger friends! I really want to thank you for my dear Zoe and Cheexa.. who have been so kind and generous to me, and give me these wonderful awards.. You just made my day, and my life so beautiful!! ^^

These 3 awards are from Zoe of 13December..
Really-really thank you, Zoe! ^^
And these 5 (five!) awards are from Cheexa of Be Logical, this is so amazing! ^^ Wow.. I can't thank you enough! ^^

I will pass these awards to all my lovely readers and followers.. It's a token of my appreciation to all of you.. Just want to give y'all this bunch of awards! hehe.. ^^

Oh ya, I just want to tell you guys, about my holiday trip to Palembang, South Sumatra.. is a NO GO.. (awww.. T_T) But we made it up with 2 (two!) trips to a nearer place here in Lampung..
The first is yesterday, we went to Gisting, cold place, brrr... >_<
I'm writing the post for my mom's blog, "Bougenville Road" and you can click here if you want to know more.. Most of the photos are my mom, cause I was the photographer,hahaha.. ^^

And the second was the butterfly garden in Taman Gita Persada, we will go there this afternoon, so maybe tommorow I'll post it up! ^^
I can't wait to see those cute butterflies!
My camera is up and ready!! muahahaha... ^^

Off we go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My L'oreal Haul + NOTD! ^^

If you noticed my tweets this week, you may have know this..
I've been strucked by bloggers block! >_<
And it's no fun at all..
I online every day, of course, but every time I want to make a new post, I simply don't know what to write.. Not cool..T_T

So, in effort to bring back my inspiration..
I did many stuff:
I listened songs from my iPod.. so many songs.. not working.. =(
I went outside, to the mall, restaurant, I even ate ice cream! Still.. nothing..
I watched movies.. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.. It made me wanna buy chocolate, so I did buy some Ferrero Rocher, and Delfi chocolate bar with hazelnut.. My.. It's a guilty pleasure, hehe.. ^^ (yes, I'm a big fan of chocolate.. ^^ )

But, you know what made my inspiration back??
I think I read it somewhere, "if you don't know what to write, just keep on writing.."
It's a very good quote!^^
So, I did..
I keep on writing..
I searched online on how to write on web, and found a great site named My Writing Nook, which is a very good site for writing using web tool, so I joined it right away.. ^^
I think I wrote a full paragraph until I realized.. hey.. I still have my inspiration, right?? My fingers are dancing on the keyboard, no stress, no pressure..
I'm just enjoying my moment.. I'm still ME!!! ^^ (gosh, I'm so happy I can say that out loud..) So, here we are, in my current post, hehe.. ^^ OK then, enough introduction, unto the main course! ^^ It's my L'oreal haul! ^^

Wow, I have so many L'oreal products, I haven't noticed it before, hehe.. ^^ from left to right:

~L'oreal Gentle Makeup Remover Cleansing Milk L'oreal Gentle Makeup Remover Toner (I use it to remove my makeup, but it's almost empty, though..)

~L'oreal Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (I only use it if I wear mascara and eyeshadow..It doesn't hurt my eyes.. ^^)

~L'Oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Night Serum (my fave at this moment!)

~L'Oreal Elseve Smoth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum Leave In I use it occasionally, if I'm having a bad hair day and frizzy.. but it works!

~L'oreal Elseve Damage Care Thermo Active Milk Reinforcer Leave In Use it (almost) everyday when my hair is half-dry, really good to soften your hair!

~L'oreal UV Perfect Fluid Protector Sunscreen SPF 50 -Anti Dullness-
I'm going on vacation soon, so this is a basic need! ^^

~L'oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence It's great to whiten your skin, it even make my acne scar lessen! I'm using it everyday.. ^^

~(the front) L'oreal Hydrafresh Moisturizer
I don't really use it anymore, but I still keep it in my room..It's like a water drop to my face! ^^

From all of those above, here are the 3 items that I purchased recently:
L'oreal UV Perfect Fluid Protector Sunscreen SPF 50 -Anti Dullness-
I've been searching for a great face sunscreen for my face, usually what we have here don't go over SPF 30, but this is SPF 50, so I think I've got to try this one out! ^^It has a purple tint in it, so it will make your face look brighter.. And it's a little oily at first, but it will blend in quickly, especially in a hot weather.. I'm not getting tanned or whatsoever, but I've only used it for once this week, yeah.. Maybe after the holiday is over.. Oh! Have I told you that I'm going on to vacation with my family?? ^^ Well, we're going on for a holiday to Palembang, South Sumatra, and if we're talking about holiday, usually it means a whole day exposed in the sun, right?? So, I need a sunscreen, simple as that.. More review of this after I get back!

L'Oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Night Serum
I love this serum! I usually have no time to apply the leave in the morning, I'm all concentrating to my skincare and makeup, hehe.. But I still want my hair to look fab, so I use this when I get to sleep.. It make your hair really have volume! My hair is better after I use this serum regularly, less branching and drying.. ^^ Not to mention, it smells like honey and vanilla!

L'oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence
My face is whiter and brighter because of this! ^^ I'm thinking to buy the whole set, but I have to do some research first, hehe.. It even helps fading my blemishs..
I actually thinking about buying a scar serum for my face, something between Palmer's and Bioglo, but I think this one is doing a pretty good job,too.. It's not greasy, and so quick to absorb.. I apply this to my neck,too.. You girls better start to apply your moisturizer to your neck.. 20 years from now, and you're gonna thank me.. ^^ I think it has kinda "facelifting" effect to my neck, it's soft and soothing..
The most important fact, it doesn't make me have any breakout, thank God.. ^^

And now I'm gonna end this post with my NOTD! Been into soft colour lately, actually I wanted to do blue neon nail polish, but naaah.. It's fall season, and the weather's warmer.. hehe.. I think this kind of colour suits me best.. ^^
Maybe you see this colour a bit yellowish and beige.. But actually, in low light, it will turn to a light browny, cappuchino colour.. and if it's hit by light, it will get sparkling like really soft gold colour! ^^ My mom picked this colour.. I think mommy really know best, hehe..
The number is BR803, it's listed as one of the brown colour, eh?? But I think it's a great choise for a subtle yet still elegant nail polish..

For the next post I will show you the recent 2 beauty books I purchased. I'm still reading it, so I'll see you at the next post! ^^ Happy Weekend, everybody!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DIY Strawberry Mask + FOTD with curly hair! ^^

Hello everyone..^^
so long after not posting anything..
yes..but I do make some improvement in my blog, a twitter box, a new (huge!) header, and a new blinkie.. I love this blinkie about books, so inspiring!^^
OK, to the real post..

I recentyly tried the strawberry DIY mask from the Bubzbeauty youtube video..
and here it is the recipe:

1. Mashed the strawberries in a bowl..
I used 5 strawberries.. that should be enough..
Hmm.. yummy.. ^^

2. Then, add the yoghurt..
I used 2 spoonful for this.. turned out it's too much! >_<
Next time, I have to remember only use 1 spoonful for this mask..
3. Add honey.. 2-3 spoonful is enough..
It's like caramel, isn't it?? ^^ Yum..

4. Add the sugar.. 1-2 spoonful.. (I'm very careful with the measuring now..hehe..)
5. Mix it all up!
6. Use the cotton pad to apply it your face.. Leave it for 10-15 minutes..
When applying, massage your face with this mask..very gently..
You know, when I first put that in my face, the first reaction was.. "Yikes! It's COLD!" hahaha..
I forgot to mention that I put the yoghurt in the cooler of the fridge.. so it's like the frozen yoghurt..^^
It's soothing, though.. so soft.. =)

But the after result..after I washed it..
It's mattifying my face.. I think it's really oil controlling.. for about 2 days, my oil sebum was!
Actually, I was assuming it's gonna make my face supple, but after seeing the result.. hmmm..
maybe it's because I didn't use more honey, or didn't exfoliate much?? Maybe I'll try this for 1 more time, and then I'll report the update for all of you.. (Yes, sir!^^)

On to my FOTD..^^
This is me in my bedroom..
Yes, the wall is painted in lavender, and it has lavender curtain in it..
I love lavender! ^^
(Sorry for the bad lighting..I have changed the lamp in my room from 18 w to 23 w.. but can see sometimes my face looks darker, sometimes it's lighter >_< )

Me with super long, and sleek hair.. Been wanting to do this FOTD for a while, but I never got the chance... I'm using my Babyliss Pro Curler to make my hair curly.. Oh ya, I'm using Bourjois concealer in my makeup for this.. Huge pimple in my forehead! >_< Still trying.. hehe.. ^^ I gotta tell you, it's hard to make a photo like this, I have to be careful with the curler, cause it's hot! While holding this, I have to snap a picture of me with the camera.. and posing..
How hard is that?? hehe.. ^^



Voila! ^^ It's my FOTD! =)

You know, many people said that long and sleek hair suits me best, but sometimes I want to try something new,too.. It's kinda boring doing the same hair style everyday.. >_<
So, I'm trying this! hehe.. ^^
What do you think??
Long and sleek hair or Curly?? Tell me your opinion.. ^^

PS: Remember the blue bowl that you see in the making of the strawberry mask above? And you know what??
It's older than me! It was like, 23 years old now! That bowl was the wedding present for my mom and dad, when they got married..23 years ago! It was from Japan..
It has so many history in it.. hehe.. ^^ (not to mention it's my fave bowl,too..^^)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's ezzie's 1st giveaway! ^^

It's giveaway time! ^^
This time, Ezzie from is having a giveaway for having 50 followers!
The prize are:

This beautiful necklace.. It's so cute and feminine, right??
When you wear it, you'll feel special.. ^^ (I'll be your marketing, Ezzie..hehe..)
And this cute pink ring! ^^ Oh my, they're so gorgeous aren't they??

The giveaway rules:
1. Must be a follower of Ezzie..
2. Leave a comment in her post, what you like about her jewelry..
3. Post her giveaway in your blog! Simple, eh?? ^^
The deadline is September 28th.. almost 3 weeks from now.. so hurry up! ^^

Hope I'm the lucky one, Ezzie! hohohoho.. ^^

I got an award, yay! ^^

My 1st award, yay! ^^
Oh my.. I didn't expect this at all.. Thank you so very much, Mapple!
You know, yesterday when I checked my blog, I feel so down and all, because of the bad mood, and when I see my Cbox, Mapple from said that she's given me an award, and it's a bundle of 3 awards, woah! ^^

Mapple, you just made my day! ^^

And so, here goes the rules of these awards:
  • Accept the award; post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
  • Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for these awards.
I will pass the awards for 15 blogs.. (I'm started to sound like a host in an Oscar, right?? haha.. ), and here they are: (drumroll please!^^)

1. Ezzie from Yes, you're the first one, ezzie! Love your jewelry! ^^
2. Milk n Cookie from Love you guys both! ^^
3. Kathi from You're my inspiration! ^^
4. Crafty Liang from Love your blog, too.. ^^
5. Zoe from Love your blog, Zoe!
6. Silly Mermaid from Keep on beauty-blogging!^^
7. Recessionista from One of my first friend in blogging! ^^
8. Anastacia from Beautiful skill in make up! ^^
9. Kalmo from Thanks for your many lovely comments! ^^
10. Bianca from You go, girl! ^^
11. Tiff from Great blog, Tiff! ^^
12. Fuyumini from One of my fave blog! ^^
13. Denysia from First blogger friend I know! ^^
14.En from Love your blog, En! ^^
15. Soapaholic Great blog! ^^

Wow! Such a long list! ^^
You know, I'm new to beauty blogging myself, I can't believe that 3 months ago, I'm still in doubt to myself, "Will I ever succeed in writing (and managing) a beauty blog??" But hey, it's all paid off when it's come to this part.. ^^
I have so many friends from around the world, and I've met many people from different backgrounds, lots of new experience.. ^^ Although I can't deny I also have that writer-stuck moments.. I get so often think, "If I wrote this, will the readers love it?? Write, no.. Write, yes.. >_<"

Oh, and so many times I feel down, I feel I'm not pretty enough, blablabla... especially when I saw the other models on TV or Magazine..
BUT! I realized one thing.. when it comes to beauty blogging (and the real world, too..) it's not just about the look or the face or the appearance on the outside that makes us attracted to their blog.. It's also about their PERSONALITY, right?? Maybe I don't have a super flawless skin, so what?? We all have flaws.. Nobody's perfect.. But we like their blogs, because how they write it, it reflects their personality.. and we love their personality.. we want to be their friends..^^

And so..I really hope that this awards will be a motivation for all of you, like it has motivated me, to become more creative, more beautiful and moreee... more what ya?? Oh ya! More passionate in beauty blogging, of course.. ^^ (I've become speechless when it comes to this part.. I'm so not good at speech, hehe..)

OK then, after this I will write about Ezzie's giveaway, see you at the next post!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random Haul + Aloha to my new Pink Eyeshadow!

Hello everyone! How y'all doing this week?? I have to tell you, I feel great!
I'm healthy again..(Thank God..^^)
Actually I'm still having a lil bit of cough, but yesterday my Laoshi (teacher) told me about this great Chinese medicine for cough, so after I drink it, I feel so much better now... Thank you Laoshi! ^^
And now I'm here to share some of my random haul to all of you!
For beauty product, I only bought 2 things, yeah not too much.. One is the Bourjois Eyeshadow Trio in Les Roses..

I love the colour..

I have to tell you, eyeshadow is a new world to me..I'm used to all that face powder, foundation, but eyeshadow is kinda like Armstrong landing on the moon to me.. When it was the first time using the eyeshadow, I was like: *SCREAMING* "Houston, we have a problem!" >_<>
I washed it all out with eyemakeup remover and put my mom's eyeshadow to the corner.. And I said to myself: No, I'm not gonna look to that corner for a while..

I thought so..

But now, I decided to start all over again.. So, now I hereby say ALOHA to my new pink eyeshadow, and welcome to my Makeup "Ohana" (Ohana means family, in case you don't know, watch Lilo & Stitch..^^) I'm still practicing in using this, so be patient with me.. Soon (I hope so), I'm gonna post my FOTD with this pink eyeshadow on.. Just wait and see! muahahahaha.. ^^
Next is the Purederm Masks.I already tried Purederm mask several times before, and I'm liking it.. ^^ It's good to moisturize my face, and this time I bougt the 'Moisturizing Cucumber Pack' and 'Strawberry Yoghurt Pack'. Oh ya, talking about strawberry, I'm planning to do a beauty DIY strawberry mask sometime soon.. I already watch Bubzbeauty youtube video about this mask, and I wrote down all the ingredients, so.. maybe this weekend..^^

Now, to the non-makeup haul.. I recently purchased a great book.. "What Would Audrey Do?" by Pamela Keogh..
And if I say Audrey, yes, I do mean "the" Audrey Hepburn.. ^^ It's a ladies guide to Audrey-inspired living for the modern women.. A very interesting book, I must say.. It's like a self development guide for females, who just dying to be as fabolous as Audrey.. ^^ It's very unique.. hehe.. I'm a big fan of Audrey myself..(duh..that's why I bought this book..^^) so when I see this book, I knew I have to buy it.. Inside there are many beautiful graphics,too.. The illustration of Audrey is so movie-like.. ^^ It's so cute.. Here are the pictures..
I haven't finished reading it, I only read it in a glance by now.. so maybe next time I'll write about the beauty aspect in this book.. ^^
Last but not least, fashion! ^^ Item list: 2 new tops, 2 new necklaces, and 1 pair of earrings.. Major cuteness!! ^^
They were all imported from Korea.. and it's so sweet..especially for the earrings, I can't resist its charm.. Super cute.. ^^
For the necklace, I bought the pearl one..I haven't have a pearl necklace, my collection is all about pendant, never pearl. So I decided to buy this one..
My mom also bought this one with the flower corsage.. Full with colours, hehehe..
Here are the tops that we bought, combined with the necklace.. ^^
So, you see.. My mom's style of fashion is kinda different me.. Me, I'm a pink & white lover, and my mom is more to the colourful choices.. She loves green, purple, blue, brown.. While I'm more subtle; pastel & beige colours is my thing.. I'm Parisian, she's Italian.. More flower and pink to me, while strong siluette and simpler design suits my mom.. But because we share our wardrobes, her style is influencing mine..hehe..^^ Oh ya, we also love Korean style very much.. (must be because all of the Korean drama we watched, haha..) How about you? Do you have the same sense of style with your mom?? Or do you share your own wardrobes?? Tell me about it! ^^
OK, I think that's all for the random haul this time..
Have a great day, everyone..