Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today is my B-day! ^^

Yay! Today is my birthday.. ^^

And as you can see the above picture is the cake.. yes.. we only buy this 3 pieces of Blackforest cake.. because I want to keep it simple this time.. We only buy what we want to eat.. After all, my mom is diabetic, so she can't eat too much this sweet and sugary cake.. But we also buy chocolate croissant for me ( I love chocolate croissant! ^^)

There's nothing fancy, really.. just blowing the candle, make my wish (it's a secret! hehe.. ^^), and then we go to eat breakfast..

This is me and my mom.. Quite alike, huh?? My mom is Philipines-Chinese, so I guess that's where my look is come from.. ^^

My bro, Joshua! He's always excited everytime we take him to eat outside..
You know, many people say that we're not really alike, I mean, I'm a copy of my mom, with the oriental look.. and my bro is a copy of my dad, very Indonesian..totally different from me (except for the chubby cheeks, hehe.. ^^) However, we do love each other.. ^^

Since it's breakfast, my mom ordered chicken porridge..It's the Chinese style, I think.. But it's delicious! ^^

This is me and my mom, again, posing beside our car.. It's green, because my mom loves green..

And this.. this Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes is the birthday gift that The Body Shop gave to me... If you are a member of The Body Shop, all you have to do is come to The Body Shop's counter when it's the month of your bday.. They will check your ID, match it, and you'll go home with this freebies as your bday gift! ^^ I love it! I bring this in my bag everyday.. Whenever I feel hot or need a little refreshment to my sweaty face, I have this.. ^^

Also, I want to thank all my friends who've been so kind and wonderful to me.. My facebook wall is all packed full with the "happy birthday" from all of them..(I spent the rest of the day to reply all of their messages, wow! This is the best bday, ever!) and also from my blogger friends..Thank you so much, guys.. and girls.. You all are the best.. ^^

You know, even though I'm not the richest person in the world, but I feel so rich and contented.. Much more than any material things can give me.. It's because I have the love from my family and friends all there for me.. And of course.. My God Jesus Christ who is always so good (even more, wonderful! ^^) to me..

Love you all!



  1. Ahh Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a blast!


  2. aw your family is cute! happy bday and sending you kisses. ^3^

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm happy you got to spend your special day with the people you love the most. I love your outlook on life, it's very refreshing and positive. :)

  4. Happy Birthday sweetie!!!! I hope you have a wonderful 20th!

    Take care of yourself!

  5. @ sara: thank you sara.. we were having a blast..hehe.. ^^

  6. @ fuyumini: thank you fuyumini.. ^^
    we are cute, aren't we? (we all have chubby cheeks..hehe..)

  7. @ kalmo: thank you kalmo.. I feel so happy, yes.. you can see it, too, right?? ^^
    I tried to be positive all the time (well, maybe not all the time, but I tried to..^^) so I can make all people around feel positive, too.. =)

  8. @ liang: thank you liang.. I know.. I can't believe I'm in my 20th!! Wow.. Time sure does fly so fast.. ^^
    Take care.. =)

  9. Happy belated Birthday... sorry I was not online during the holiday to send you the greeting
    I hope and pray you will have a better life as a 20 years old girl \(^O^)/

  10. @ sheri amor: thank you so much.. ^^
    I'm so happy!! =)

  11. @ mapple: thank you so-so much mapple.. ^^
    it's okay, hehe.. amen..
    it's me in my 20th! ^^ and I'm so grateful for everything God has given to me..

  12. hi priscillaclara...

    hApPy BiRtHdAy from =) im sucha dork...

    and from the photo tag comment u left me...the one thing i stopped doing..cause i was searching too just like u...was..i stopped searching and soon as i did that i met my husband...and i literally felt sparks...and i still feel those same sparks all over again every single day!!! =) its so important to keep the love alive and fresh...thats when love feels so right...<3 but i fall in love with my husband all over again every single day..and when we fight it just makes us fall deeper in love...gosh i really am a dork...i hope im not boring u blabbing on and on ^^ but yes...thank u for the photo tag again...cause i loved doing it...and because it happened to be a photo of my husband and i it made me happy to write about him and what he means to me =)

    hApPiEsT oF BiRtHdAyS again!!!!



  13. thank you for the happy bday.. ^^ (I got Happy Bday from all over the world, yay! ^^) that's what it's like to fall in love.. thank you for sharing me this.. it's ok to blabbing on and on to me,hehe.. ^^ I'm quite a chatterbox myself, really.. I love to talk to people..^^
    really really thank you for your sweet comment, ezzie.. ^^