Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tagged: 6 Things That Make Me Happy.. ^^

Wow! I've been tagged! Yay! ^^
And this time, it's about what are the 6 things that can make happy:
Well, I know exactly what they are:

1. My family
These are my dad, my bro, and my mom..
Yes, we argue.. and lots of quarrel.. But we still love each other, we have the best times in our life, and we'll always do.. ^^

2. The Beach
I've always love the beach.. and I have a wish someday to have my honeymoon on a beach.. (Dreaming is OK, right?? ^^)

3. Fragrances..
I love fragrances! My fave are cherry blossom (sakura), lavender, and vanilla musk..
It's a must-have in my bag.. ^^

4. Books!
Books and more books..
You know.. my eyes would go wild whenever I enter a bookstore.. I loveee to read (as much as I love to write..) I could spend hours in a bookstore.. and it's not just for magazines, but for "real"
books, like literature, psychology, romance novels.. non-fiction books.. I love them all! My curent wishlist for books right now is the Mireille Guiliano's book = French Women for All Seasons.. I have her 1st book, French Women Don't Get Fat The Secret of Eating for Pleasure and I love it! It's really an inspiration.. ^^
I know.. I love everything French..hehe..
5. Skincare..Beauty Product.. (you know the drill)
It's a passion, actually.. (that's why my blog's url is passionfor-beauty! duh.. ^^)
Whenever I'm near skincare and beauty product, I'm happy.. Or when I see it, I'm happy..
Obvious, right??

6. Praying
You know, I don't intend to make myself looks like a very religious person, I'm still a normal human being, I have flaws and minuses.. But, I have to admit, I love to pray, read the bible and I enjoy going to church.. I feel happy and contented when I pray..And I'm not ashamed of it.. ^^
If you have a beautiful heart, it will be seen through from the outside, right??

So, that's it, people.. The 6 things that make me happy..
What about you??

I tag:
Priscilla Verblind

PS: Thank you Fuyumini who tagged me... ^^


  1. Thank you so much for the tag! I LOVED your answers. Hum...I'm going to have think about this for a while--it's tough to decide! lol! But I will post my responses on my blog later today. Thanks again, sweetie! xo

  2. Thanks for doing the tag! I'm glad that I've learned more about you. :)

  3. @ fuyumini= you're welcome..hehe..^^ I'm glad I can share a bit about myself (that's why I love to blog!^^)

    @ recessionista= you're welcome, too.. take your time to answer,hehe.. ^^ I'm going to read your post and comment, of course! =)

  4. what a lovely family :)
    but I can't see your doggy's face hehehe .. must be hard to take his pic. Thanks a lot for the tag. Surely the skincares will be one of my "6 things that make me happy" ..

  5. @ mapple: thank you.. yeah, haha.. Peki (my dog's name) was a bit hyperactive.. ^^ He always move around..
    You're welcome.. I'll be waiting for your post! ^^v

  6. dear ceecile, pls check my reply ^^