Friday, August 7, 2009

Something to think about.. ^^

You know, I think I really keen to write these days, and there's nothing better to store it rather than my fave pink notebook.. Isn't it cute or what?? ^^
So, this week I've been reading this book, A Success Story by Estee Lauder (great book.. you girls beauty lovers out there should read it, too..)
And it has goven me the inspiration to write this post..
You see, I've been a big fan of Estee Lauder since a long time ago, I even have her Pleasure Perfume! Look! ^^
This is the exotic edition from the Pleasure, it has more a bit of tropical essence in it..
The notes are fusion of Mango Passion Fruit Cocktail, Citrus Fruits and sweet Lychee with Island Bamboo flowers, Orangeblossom and Bougainvillea Vine. Sounds delicious.. ^^
Anyway, I've been writing in this notebook about my fave topic a.k.a beauty, of course.. And I want to share it with you! ^^
Page 1

You know, I've been thinking lately. About beauty and all that.
I've recently read a book, a biography of Estee Lauder herself, who wrote about her life, her process in achieving success. I learn so much from reading this book. It's such a great book and with the most enchanting words.. I adore her so much (I have her perfume, Pleasure!)
If there's one person who really knows beauty and love beauty, then it must be her.. ^^
One thing that she and I have in common is: we love fragrances (and make up, of course!) She wrote in that book, "But fragrance, I knew, was much more than a signature, it was a whole personality!"
And for the record, I do have a rich and varied perfume wardrobe (not that big, though.. I'm still a perfume collector in training.. ^^)
And there's more about Estee Lauder that I love.. Her perspective about beauty itself (that's something to think about)
I think it's right and fair if we say that beauty is the right of every woman. We all have it, and we deserved it.
But sometimes, we can't do it ourselves, we need help. Now that's where makeup is there
page 2
to help you.. ^^
I must tell you, I was so fascinated by her words in this book. I mean, not all of us were born with the face and body like supermodels. We are not in size ZERO (not me, obviously.. I'm in size 10-12).
But we should all feel beautiful.
Because beauty is the will to be beautiful (p. 213). No matter how old you are, how much you weigh.. it's all in the heart, baby.. ^^ You're gonna shine..
It sounds really easy, right? But, it does! I mean, all of you beauty bloggers out there.. No matter where you come from, what your skin tone is, your skin conditions are, we all want to be beautiful. We've spent many hours in front of our computer, typing those words, reviewing products, testing new mascara, and all that.. It's all because we have a will inside our heart to be beautiful. That's the main reason..
And the second in line, after we have found our passion, is the product. Which will help us throughout the way to achieve that.
So, that's it. My writing that's pouring out just like that.. Feels so good after I've gotten them out and put them here in this post..hehehe..
And you know I'm not gonna finish this post without showing you my brand new nail. Here are they! ^^
Me wearing The Face Shop Nail Color. It's the perfect pink shade for me, not too dark, too light.. Just like ice pink-ish shade.. I only applied one layer in my nail in this photo. I think it's perfect, but you can apply 2 layers if you want stronger color. For me, I love this color! ^^
Here is the number, PK 104, in case you're interesting.. ^^

For the next post, I'll review the Shinzui Skin Lightening Body Scrub that Denysia from has been asking about..

Have a nice weekend! ^^


  1. cute nail polish! I find that sheer colors are harder for me to apply on my nails! probably because I'm impatient!

  2. of course it's cute..this is my fave nail polish..^^
    Really? this color does have a sheer coverage..but I love it!
    for me, I'm a bit more soft-pink-kind-of-girl..^^

  3. Hi Ceecile!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following your awesome blog now too! ^^

    The way you write about the book really makes me want to go check it out from the library! I have not gotten into perfumes yet sadly, hopefully I can learn more by reading your blog! I really like the message that beauty is the will to be beautiful, very inspiring.

    That nail color is puuurfect on you btw!

  4. Hi Priscilla, thank you for following! Your blog is adorable and it's cool that you have a beauty journal. The book by Estee Lauder sounds very inspirational.. yes we all have the will to be beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. @ K.C.= you're welcome.. ^^
    Sure, I suggest that every woman out there to read it, it's a very inspirational book to read..
    I'll be glad to help, for the upcoming post I'll write about my perfume collection.. Lots of photos,of course..^^
    Thank you for your lovely comment! =)

  6. @ Miss K: you're welcome,too..
    I'm glad I can share my thoughts with all of you..
    That's the purpose I'm making this inspire.. ^^

  7. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! Yours is so cute! I have to fix mine up later. lol. :) OoOo I agree with you--BoA is soo pretty!

  8. That is such a cute journal! Keeping a journal is a MUST for me. Sometimes typing on a keyboard just isn't satisfying enough haha :]

  9. Hey, your post about Estee Lauder is really inspiring me !!

  10. @ maitai: you're welcome.. thank you to you,too.. ^^
    I'll definitely check out your new layout, hehe..
    I've known BoA since her album Love and Honesty, and I've become her fans ever since.. ^^
    Glad you like it! =)

  11. @ liang: I know.. sometimes you just want to write down what's on your mind, and I think that the old fashion way (writing with pen) is still good to me.. hehe.. ^^

  12. @ mapple: glad I can inspire you,Mapple..
    thanks for your lovely comment.. ^^

  13. just discovered your blog - really enjoy reading it because of course all the things you use seem quite exotic to me because i am british

    i <3 estee lauder too. i use tuberose gardenia