Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shinzu'i Skin Lightening Body Scrub "Sakura"

So, I've been meaning to make my review on this Shinzu'i Body Scrub I bought a while ago, and here it is!! ^^ The package is lovely, isn't it?? And it's pink, hehe.. (I love pink!^^) Shinzu'i in Japanese means "essence" or "soul".. Great choice of name.. ^^
I'm sorry for the rather-dark lighting..It's kinda gloomy outside when I took this picture.. But, it's OK lah..hehe..

It says: "It contains Herba Matsu Oil from Japan for healthy white skin" I search on the net, from the http://www.tempo.co.id/medika/arsip/092002/art-5.htm that "Herba Matsu Oil is a mushroom extract from Tricholoma matsutake, this agents lightens the skin without inhibiting the function of tyrosinase, the mechanism involves formation of a leuco-melanin which still protective against ultraviolet radiation." You can read the full content there, it's really helpful after I found that there are no dangerous chemical in it. ^^

Using it is very simple, just rub it gently to your body when you're bathing to lift all the dead cells and dirt, rinse with water, and then, Voila! ^^

This is the inside..It's white and it smells so lovely.. (Cherry Blossom..my fave..^^)
By the time I wrote this post, I've used it for 3 times and my skin feels so soft and brighter! It doesn't make your skin feel dry, it leaves my skin so smooth and clearer than ever.. Love the result! ^^

So, that's my review.. Will I buy this again?? Of course.. ^^


  1. This product seems interesting and the design on the tub is so pretty! Thanks for this review. Happy Belated Birthday, btw! :)

  2. The packaging is super cute,isn't it?? ^^ Love this product!
    Thank you for the Happy Bday.. =)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!

    This body scrub looks adorable! I wonder how sakura smells like?

  4. @ Blair: Thank you for the happy bday.. ^^
    The smell is kinda very flowery..sakura is japanese for cherry blossom.. very feminine and floral type.. I think it's a very girly smell..^^

  5. Hi Ceecile! Happy belated! Where did you get that scrub? I need some more fun products in the shower!

    Take care!

  6. @ Liang: Hi Liang! ^^ Thank you for the Happy Bday..^^
    I got it in Guardian store in my town, or like in my city, it's in any department store..
    But for you, hmmm.. maybe you could go to Ebay,
    like in this link:


    it's in cherry blossom (sakura), cucumber and chrysantemum.. ^^

  7. Dear Ceecile

    Hello , thanks for this wonderful product review , please advise , is it a Japanese product or Indonesian