Saturday, August 1, 2009 ^^

I'm so happy! ^^
My palgantong theatrical powder that I've ordered from Yuicru on has finally arrived! Yay!!
Thank you very much yuicru.. and for the wrapping, it's very nice..^^
Now, on to the review..
This is the front look.. It's small, yes.. Coz I ordered the 10g size, I need the small one, so it can be easily carried in my bag. Convenient,eh? ^^
The back.. In Japanese kanji writing.. Can't understand it.. LOL..


The sponge is so soft.. ^^
This is the powder that I've put a little in the back of my hand..
Blending.. You may think that it's heavy, but it's not! It's so soft and blendable, matches my skin really well..Me likey likey.. ^^
I have to wash my face and do my skincare ritual all over again just to test this..hehe.. When I tested it on my face, the coverage itself surprises me.. I think it's supposed to be sheer, but turns out it has a medium coverage and cover most of my redness and blemishes.. Wow!
The texture is light, and it's not scented (I sniffed it a dozen times and can't find any trace of perfume..) So, I guess it's OK for you who has sensitive skin.
I didn't wear any concealer whatsoever in this picture, otherwise I can't see the true quality of this powder. I'm liking it! ^^
In this picture, I wear:
1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer
2. Mentholatum USA Powder Lotion (as mattifier)
3. The Face Shop Quick & Clean BB Cream
4. Palgantong Theatrical Powder (Yay!) ^^
5. Maybelline Mousse Blush in Peach
6. Revlon Beyond Natural Lipstick in Nude
My face looked so brightened up, don't you think?? And it doesn't make my face oily, it has a great long last quality. ^^


So, what do you think?? Oya, please don't mind my redness and blemishes, OK?? (oh my, I'm so embarassed... >_< ) My skin is in the healing process and I'm really hoping it will get better.. Still in the process..

Will I buy this again? Of course! ^^ I'm thinking about buying the Dodo Celio Crystal Bright Powder Creator as well (it has a bit more pinkish colour compare to this), because I think Dodo's range of powder really suits my skin.

Well, here you go then, my review.. How do you all think?? Tell me more about your opinion, OK??



  1. Wow the shipping is so fast! The powder looks good on you! It sounds like a great powder since not many loose powders have coverage. Thanks for the review. <3

  2. Yeah, it only took 2 days till it got to my place. It is a great powder, hehe.. Personally tested..^^
    You're welcome!