Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo Tag, so much fun! ^^

So, I've been tagged by Hachii from to do this photo tag..

The rule is:
1. First of all go to your 'Pictures' folder then simply click your first album of pictures.

2. Count down your photos to your lucky 10th number. But it must be a picture that hasn’t been tampered with or named and you can’t pick one you've already posted on blogger.

3. Lastly post your wonderful picture and tell us all the amazing story that goes with it. Sounds fun! Oh and don't forget to tag 5 more people when your done!

So here it is:
In case you're wondering, hehe... this is my mom! ^^ Her pose is so funny, right?? ^^ This photo was taken in one of Jakarta's mall (I forgot the name, coz so many malls we've been through..), we were shopping around, and when we got to the food court, I came up with the idea to take some fun pictures! ^^ So, she pretended to make scary faces, but because we're laughing at that time, this photo is the result, hahaha..
She was standing in front of the food counter when I took this picture..
My mom is cool or what?? ^^ People so often mistaken my mom as my older sister because she looks so young (and she's also young at heart!^^ ), until now..really.. ^^ We really have fun together, I love my mom! =)

And now, I tag:

Jane Sim
Sara (the



  1. Thanks for commenting and thanks for the tag!! I appreciate it !! I love this tag!

    Your mom is so cute! Love the pic! Sounds like you have so much fun!!

  2. i did ur tag...check it out on my blog =) was fun...thank u for the tag



  3. aww your mom sounds really cool and fun!

  4. @ Sara: you're welcome..^^
    she's cute, isn't she?? (like me, hehehe.. ^^)
    we have the best fun ever! (and we try to do that everyday..^^)

  5. @ ezzie: it's so much fun, isn't it?? ^^ I've checked your blog.. you're welcome.. ^^

  6. @ kalmo: she is..hehe.. ^^
    #1 mom for me.. ^^

  7. Whoaaa.. your mom? I though she was probably a friend or something. She looks really cute and young! She didn't look over 25 to me.. *slaps self*